27 Retro Kitchen Ideas – Designs & Pictures

One of the more exciting interior styles from the past is the retro design. The retro design is characterized by zests of color and fluid lines with a mix of the old styles primarily from the 1960s.

The bold and almost psychedelic shapes and hues may be influenced by young people who want to convey love and freedom through art.

You can introduce energy and enthusiasm as well into your home through these retro kitchen ideas. Look through the list for inspiring retro design styles to take your typical kitchen up a notch.

1. 50’s kitchen

50's kitchen retro kitchen ideas

A retro kitchen idea from the ’50s is primarily using the hues red, white, and black. The triad colors were popular during the said era and were derived from folktales and rituals.

When we see black and white checkered patterned floors and red glossy tile finishes, we often reminisce about the old pizza parlors and shops. Bring in this fun color scheme into your interiors and have a photo-worthy space.


2. Pink Pastel

Pink Pastel retro kitchen ideas

Pastel colors were a great hit in the 1950s and were abundantly used in all the rooms that have dark accents. The soft palette was popular in pink, mint green, turquoise, and pale yellow.

Give your kitchen that feminine touch by painting it hues of pink. For a compelling statement, have all your kitchen essentials in the same charming color. From your kitchen cabinetry to your kitchen towel, the delicate color can spruce up your interior effortlessly.


3. Moving with Red

Moving with Red retro kitchen ideas

Like any lively color, red is a favored hue in kitchens and dining areas during the era periods, and have been making waves in modern interiors as well. You can have red cabinets and furniture with a glossy finish to make the color stand out more.

Don’t forget to upgrade your kitchen ceiling as well. A curved ceiling treatment with beautiful lighting will give a beautiful contrast to the straight edges as well as provide a focal point on your retro-inspired kitchen.


4. Curvylicious

Curvylicious retro kitchen ideas

One of the best retro kitchen ideas is using curved elements. Organic shapes were famously used in the past, especially in furniture.

You can enjoy the same effect on your modern kitchen by adding curved features into your interior space. The curves can also balance the attention and soften up the straight forms as well.


5. Artsy Backsplash

Artsy Backsplash retro kitchen ideas

Retro interiors convey fun and carefree atmospheres with exploding colors and forms. You can have the same psychedelic effect by using unusual and abstract patterns into your kitchen interior. Your backsplash is a great place to start installing artsy abstracts or have them in different colors.


6. Yellow and Silver

Yellow and Silver retro kitchen ideas

A hip and youthful look for your cooking area is this disco-inspired kitchen interior. Like the 70’s and 80″ s when bright party themes were popular, metallic silver, gold, and neon colors were notoriously used.

Choose yellow as your base color tone to warm up the interior while having the metallic silver as accents. Add more through the retro signature medium-sized checkered yellow and gray tiling feature. To top off your disco kitchen, use curved counters and stool seats.


7. Bubble Gum Color

Bubble Gum Color retro kitchen ideas

Another fun color for your retro kitchen is using turquoise or the bubble gum blue. The popular hue was often used in kitchens and bathrooms during the day.

This color scheme is a sure hit for kids and will go along better with white or black accents. Turquoise also goes well with textured wood or beige-colored furniture and cabinetry.

Don’t forget to match your kitchen utensil set and equipment. A bubble gum-colored fridge, mugs, bowls, kitchen shear, or kitchen towel are not hard to find.


8. Oriental Feel

Oriental Feel retro kitchen ideas

Retro interiors were also inspired by oriental prints, colors, and forms. The free-spirited era was a time for discovery of the east where traveling to these oriental areas have brought back pieces of interesting arts and crafts.

Inject the eastern influence into your modern kitchen by adding uniquely patterned tiling to the walls or choose wallpaper patterns instead. You can also start collecting beautiful china to go with the blue mosaic tiling.


9. Mint Green

Mint Green retro kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for a relaxing color, use mint green instead. The shade works well with pastel accents as well as black and red colors. Mint green can lighten up your kitchen area and is easy on the eyes.

Create the authentic retro look further by adopting the checkered black and white flooring. Have a mini version of the checkered design in your kitchen towels and curtains as well. To finish your look, use warm lighting downlights in your kitchen area.


10. Freshly Organic

Freshly Organic retro kitchen ideas
Image: thespruce

A central theme during the era days is the hippie and nature-loving vibe. This is why organic materials have started to populate most interiors. The fresh, almost Bohemian look, uses mainly white interiors and organic accents and furniture.

Potted plants popularly adorn interiors, and reclaimed wood was a favorite furniture material. This fresh kitchen interior is perfect for the suburban living where you let in the outdoor elements into your personal space.


11. Open Shelving

Open Shelving retro kitchen ideas

Ditch kitchen cabinets and use open shelving instead. The open-access storage is highly practical not only in retro-inspired cooking areas but is seen as a favorable option even for modern and contemporary styles.

To incorporate the retro-chic shelving better, choose reclaimed wood instead. The unevenness of the plank and graining plus the exposed knots of the lumber gives that authentic look of organic materials.  You can display beautiful hand-painted bowls, colorful mugs, and showcase trinkets in apothecary jars.


12. Range Hood Inserts

Range Hood Inserts retro kitchen ideas

A retro-looking range hood in your kitchen can easily capture the feel of the era. The range hood insert was a popular feature for retro and vintage kitchens.

Unlike the utilitarian version today, this traditional range hood is designed along with your kitchen cabinets. Because the cover seamlessly hides the range hood, it creates a cohesive look with the kitchen cabinets.


13. Checkered Curtains and Valance

Checkered Curtains and Valance retro kitchen ideas

Retro interior designs seem to have a love affair with the checkered pattern. They have been extensively used in many retro kitchen ideas. The checkered pattern is seen in floors, backsplashes, kitchen towels, and curtains.

Window treatments in the kitchen wrap up the cooking space’s homey feel. In retro kitchens, the checkered has become a distinctive feature. A simple table cloth pattern on your curtains


14. Vintage Appliances

Vintage Appliances retro kitchen ideas

The sturdy and curvy built of vintage appliances in your kitchen is a sure hit when you want that retro look. Vintage instruments are beautiful sentimental pieces that can add character to your cooking space. A retro appliance is a sure beauty and can create a conversational piece for your cooking space.


15. Geometric Patterns and Hints of Blue

Geometric Patterns and Hints of Blue retro kitchen ideas

Pleated and geometric patterned curtains were among the popular window treatments in the past eras. Together with subtle marine or pastel blue hues, they make a beautiful accent for the white Scandinavian-inspired kitchen interior.

The hickory cabinets add the soft touch of color into this space. If you want a cool and carefree kitchen, this interior is an excellent option to consider.


16. Upholstered Seats

Upholstered Seats retro kitchen ideas

A popular type of dining and kitchen chairs during the retro era was that of the upholstered chairs or seats.

The padded chairs have a curved form without armrests and are typically structured using metal materials. These distinctive-looking seats remain popular today and have since evolved into a wide variety of designs and materials.


17. Pink and Sky Blue

Pink and Sky Blue retro kitchen ideas

Like many retro kitchen ideas, this kitchen interior color combination uses pastel colors pink and blue. The cooking area utilizes pink as the main color, which perfectly complements the sky blue colored freezer and apothecary jars.

You can also add hints of wooden kitchen utensils to inject organic materials as well. This beautiful combination creates a soft, relaxed, and welcoming look, an appealing kitchen for the young ones.


18. Vintage Apron Sink

Vintage Apron Sink retro kitchen ideas

One of the most notable late ’90s kitchen features is the apron sink, which is seen in most southern kitchens. This can add a fresh look into your retro-inspired kitchen space if you’re tired of the typical modern sink.


19. Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal Tiles retro kitchen ideas

For a dimensional backsplash tiling, hexagonal tiles are the perfect way to go. The patterned tiles go pretty well with modern interiors. They come in different hues as or single colors, so you are free to pick whatever suits your design style.


20. Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting retro kitchen ideas

Exposed ducting, use of black metals, exposed metal beams, and other industrial elements is a trend that the modern design has embraced remarkably. The industrial movement during the 90’s era has inspired interiors with more utilitarian use of interior and architecture, most specifically furniture.

If you’re looking for a more gender-neutral kitchen, then an industrial interior is a good option. The use of metal chairs and massive pendant lighting is reminiscent of the old warehouse and industrial factories during the era.


21. Old Wood

Old Wood retro kitchen ideas

There’s nothing better to showcase your generous kitchen space than by using wood materials. During the day, the extensive use of wood paneling was a new favored interior treatment in homes. This timeless material can be a beautiful alternative to the seamless finishes of today.

Bringing back the wood material means a larger selection to choose from. From the traditional solid wood to veneer wood materials, there’s a style to fit your preference.

This vintage kitchen showcases different wood applications. The classic shiplap joint paneling on its flooring while the typical late 90’s plank paneling adorns the ceiling.


22. Vintage Faucet

Vintage Faucet retro kitchen ideas

A vintage kitchen faucet is a great way to create an exciting kitchen interior. Vintage fixtures are usually made from brass or stainless steel, though rustic-style kitchen faucets can come in black colors.

The charming item can go easily with any kitchen theme. Build your interior design around your vintage faucet. Match your black kitchen faucets with vintage kitchen racks and brackets.


23. Flowers and Ferns

Flowers and Ferns retro kitchen ideas

Add freshness to your kitchen interiors with the vintage flower and fern patterns. The flower patterns will always be a part of interior motifs, as seen during the ’70s and ’80s were busy flower patterns were extensively used.

For an overall effect, have the flower-patterned tiles on both your kitchen backsplash and flooring. Retro kitchens mostly used unusual repetitive geometric patterns of plants and ferns.

Although there are no color constraints in the adornment, blue, red, and peach were popular choices for the kitchen and dining areas.


24. Industrial Monochrome

Industrial Monochrome retro kitchen ideas

If you want a simple yet not too refined interior, choose to have industrially inspired design elements. Exposed beams and metal are usual features with monochromatic color themes. An introduction of glass and metal combinations were also a classic during the classic period.

A hint of wood can soften the manly interior and gives a good contrast with the metal and glass seamless texture. Don’t forget to showcase the low hanging pendant lights finished with white, gray, or black hues.


25. 1970’s Stripes and Pastel

1970's Stripes and Pastel retro kitchen ideas

Stripes were another distinctive feature of the disco era. Vertical lines on your walls will definitely give your kitchen that late 90’s vibe. Select pastel colors and pair it with white to provide a sharp contrast.


26. Art Deco

Art Deco retro kitchen ideas

Art-deco inspired furniture is not your usual kitchen interior. Nevertheless, the exquisite decorative elements are worth creating as they will give you a unique and talked-about kitchen interior. Showcase craftsmanship through an art deco-inspired kitchen.

The interior style comes with bold geometric forms with metal, colored glass, and linoleum materials were mainly used. The artistic sense of the theme is a luxurious and modern choice for your kitchen space.


27. Wallpaper Rich

Wallpaper Rich retro kitchen ideas

The widespread use of wallpaper patterns was a typical feature of past interior styles. The vibrant prints give a homier feel to a kitchen space. Add similar tile patterns on your flooring as well. Leaf and plant patterns work well with more classic kitchen interiors. For a more contemporary look, select geometric themes instead.



Taking pieces of history into our kitchen interiors adds value and character to your cooking and dining space. With the bountiful retro kitchen ideas available, there is something that will surely inspire any kitchen space today. What is your favorite retro inspiration? Let us know in the comments below.

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