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Wallpaper may not be as popular now as it was before, but make no mistake, it remains the go-to material when it comes to incorporating exquisite patterns or accents into the wall of any room.

The great thing with wallpapers is there is a wide array of designs and textures to choose from, compared to the limited design ranges of paint and tiles.

Whether you’ve already decided on wallpaper or are merely considering having wallpapers in your kitchen, you’re most certainly here looking for kitchen wallpaper ideas.

So, without further ado, here are 31 kitchen wallpaper ideas to give you that push you need to spruce up your kitchen.

1. Black and White Forest Wallpaper

Black and White Forest Wallpaper kitchen wallpaper ideas

This modern kitchen and living room maintained the black and white theme of the space by using a monochromatic wallpaper with a forest-feel design.

This pattern works perfectly in a relatively small place like this, as it creates the illusion that there is more “beyond the trees,” essentially creating the feeling of added space.


2. Create a Feature Wall

Create a Feature Wall kitchen wallpaper ideas

A brilliant kitchen wallpaper idea is the use of wallpaper to create a feature wall. Choose a wall that you want as the focal point of your kitchen, and apply wallpaper that best reflects your character.

Be bold and creative with your choice; don’t worry if it doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen features. After all, this is the point of a feature wall – to draw attention.


3. Timber Finish Feature Wall

Timber Finish Feature Wall kitchen wallpaper ideas

Feature walls don’t always have to be loud and bold – as long as the focal point draws your attention towards them and away from the other kitchen elements, they are considered a feature wall.

An example is this timber-look wallpaper. It immediately draws your attention, and also invites warm vibes into this cool modern space.


4. Counter-to-Ceiling

Counter-to-Ceiling kitchen wallpaper ideas

This flowery counter-to-ceiling wallpaper gives just the right amount of color and life to this traditional kitchen. We also love how the top and bottom ends of the wallpaper differ.

The attention to detail in the wallpaper design is perfect and very much in keeping with a traditional kitchen.


5. Wall to Bar

Wall to Bar kitchen wallpaper ideas

Forget about the feature wall. Create a feature space! This attention-grabbing dark monochromatic wallpaper not only covered the entire wall, but extends into the kitchen bar, too!

It worked it’s magic – stealing the show and allowing the white features of the kitchen to stand out, making it appear more spacious than it is.


6. Feature Wall Your Favorite Place

Feature Wall Your Favorite Place kitchen wallpaper ideas

Did you know you can design personalized wallpapers? It may be a bit more expensive than your usual roll of standard patterns, but if it allows you to inject your character into it literally, it may be worth it.

Use the ability to personalize wallpapers by creating feature walls that feature your favorite places – like this bustling city under a night sky featured in this modern kitchen space.


7. Chalkboard Feature Wall

Chalkboard Feature Wall kitchen wallpaper ideas

Another brilliant kitchen wallpaper idea is the use of chalkboard wallpaper. The great thing with a feature chalkboard wall is that you can change what you “feature” any time.


8. Accent Your Wall

Accent Your Wall kitchen wallpaper ideas

This vibrant modern kitchen uses a mix of materials, finishes, and colors, which makes it all the more visually appealing.  For some reason, there is a gap between the beige walls, but the textured wine red wallpaper quickly converted this into an accented wall feature.


9. Red Dandelion Wallpaper

Red Dandelion Wallpaper kitchen wallpaper ideas

Red is a luscious color – which is why it is excellent to use as an accent color in the kitchen – much like the mini-backsplash in this kitchen.

Instead of having extremely white or bold solid red walls, find a middle ground and go for a wallpaper pattern in red and white. The red dandelions over a white background create a visually-appealing, a warm, flowy feel.


10. Wooden Backsplash and Cabinetry

Wooden Backsplash and Cabinetry kitchen wallpaper ideas

Notice the upper half of the top cabinets? They aren’t real wood. Instead, they’ve been installed wood-toned wallpaper. Another thing wallpapered in this kitchen is the backsplash.

We love how a lighter tone was used, highlighting the sleek black contemporary kitchen faucet and the functional and ornamental hanging rack featuring a kitchen utensil set.


11. Wallpaper Only Panels

Wallpaper Only Panels kitchen wallpaper ideas

You don’t need to stick wallpaper on the entire cabinetry.  Having it on the door panel is more than enough to achieve the look you are after, just like the wood finish wallpaper used on the front panels of the cabinets around the range hood.

The rest of the cabinetry was maintained white to blend seamlessly with the similarly white walls.


12. Concrete Cabinets

Concrete Cabinets kitchen wallpaper ideas

Kitchen wallpapers can also come in concrete finishes like the wallpapers applied in this kitchen’s bottom cabinets. The cold and rough feel of concrete provides a compelling contrast to the smooth and warm tones of the wooden countertop and tile flooring.


13. Cover the Glass Doors

Cover the Glass Doors kitchen wallpaper ideas

When we think of cabinet wallpapers, we usually think of covering the external door panels, or the inner side of the cabinet. This kitchen gives a whole new spin to cabinet wallpapering. It applied elegantly designed wallpaper to the back of the glass door panel – creating a closed panel look.

This kitchen wallpaper idea is an inexpensive method for remodeling your glass door cabinets without having to take them down nor paint over them. Brilliant, isn’t it?


14. Backsplash and Under Cabinet

Backsplash and Under Cabinet kitchen wallpaper ideas

Another kitchen wallpaper idea is to choose a design that matches your flooring and use it as your backsplash – like this modern kitchen. The telling sign that the backsplash is a wallpaper?

First, it extends through to the bottom panels of the top cabinets, and if you look closely – you will see that it is a single sheet as opposed to the flooring composed of the integration of multiple narrow panels.


15. Bring in the Flowers

Bring in the Flowers kitchen wallpaper ideas

Bring your kitchen alive by installing wallpapers that bring the outdoors inside. The stern sharp edges and lines of this stylish modern kitchen are softened by the beautiful flowered wallpaper that also brought life to the space.


16. Plaid Wallpaper on Window Cornice Box

Plaid Wallpaper on Window Cornice Box kitchen wallpaper ideas

Here’s another uncommon kitchen wallpaper idea: use wallpaper instead of curtains. This neutral-toned room has added life and depth thanks to the plaid wallpaper wrapped around the window box cornices.

The warm colors making up the plaid patterns also creates a compelling contrast against the stainless-steel range hood.


17. Earth Tones on a Traditional Kitchen

Earth Tones on a Traditional Kitchen kitchen wallpaper ideas

This kitchen is another example of how wallpaper details add distinctive accents to a room. The colors of the wallpaper on this window cornice box complete the earth theme of this traditional kitchen.


18. Wallpaper Awkward Spaces

Wallpaper Awkward Spaces kitchen wallpaper ideas

The vertical stripes behind the fridge is another example of how wallpaper can easily convert an otherwise unnoticed and dull space into something attractive.

Also, we can’t help but notice the exquisite design of the wooden block encasing the kitchen knife set – definitely a great conversation piece!


19. Marble-Like Center Island

Marble-Like Center Island kitchen wallpaper ideas

No one would argue against the sophistication of marble. It exudes a certain kind of elegance, but rightly so – marble can be extremely pricey.

If you want a more affordable way of incorporating the beauty of marble, try going for faux marble wallpaper, similar to the one on this small kitchen island.

On a side note, you have got to admire the smart use of space in this kitchen – with a corner kitchen sink and corner cabinetry just above the stylish kitchen faucet.


20. Textured Plain Gray

Textured Plain Gray kitchen wallpaper ideas

In a modern minimalist space like this kitchen, a bit of texture would work well to provide contrast to the smooth ceramic induction cooktop and glossy white Caesarstone benchtop.

But this can become somewhat challenging to achieve with paint unless you implore highly specialized techniques. This tedious task is the reason why wallpaper works best when it comes to attaining textures such as this.


21. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns kitchen wallpaper ideas

Add drama to a modern kitchen space by using patterned wallpapers instead of solid wall paints. If you want to achieve the look in this kitchen, use wallpapers with monochromatic colors, and stick to geometric patterns.

This style adds drama and texture while maintaining the sleek features of modern minimalistic styles.


22. Decorate the Gap Between the Soffit and the Cabinets

Decorate the Gap Between the Soffit and the Cabinets kitchen wallpaper ideas

The awkward space between the kitchen soffit and top cabinets successfully turns into a beautiful focal space with the addition of wallpaper. Go for wavy patterns, such as this, to soften the features of this vastly modern space.


23. A Mix of Neutral Tones on Textured Wallpaper

A Mix of Neutral Tones on Textured Wallpaper kitchen wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper easily achieves the various color hues and texture involved in this kitchen wall, making it a more affordable, easier-to-create choice. Also, the seamless integration of the ceramic induction cooktop with the granite countertop is so perfect, it deserves mention.


24. Coral and Rose Gold on Marble

Coral and Rose Gold on Marble kitchen wallpaper ideas

If you love rose gold, you will fall head over heels for this kitchen, with rose-gold kitchen faucet fixtures, and decorative accents.

But this list is about kitchen wallpaper ideas, so let’s talk about the wallpaper. The soft white and gray marbled wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for this stunning coral-themed kitchen.


25. Hexagonal Gray

Hexagonal Gray kitchen wallpaper ideas

Add texture and highlight a monotoned kitchen space by using floor to ceiling geometric wallpaper on your walls. This textured, hexagonal, gray wallpaper serves as the perfect backdrop for this all-white kitchen.

Subtle natural accents, like the green indoor plants and bamboo chopping boards and kitchen utensil sets, make the ideal additions of life and color, complementing both the gray and white hues.


26. Strawberries in Squares

Strawberries in Squares kitchen wallpaper ideas

This vintage-inspired dining nook adjacent to the kitchen used a combination of geometric shapes and strawberry patterns, to create an appealing and vibrant backdrop to this predominantly white and Fuschia-colored kitchen.


27. The Loud and Bold Colors of Nature

The Loud and Bold Colors of Nature kitchen wallpaper ideas

This very colorful wallpaper of peacocks and flowers against a black background makes a vibrant, bold statement.


28. Green, Green Grass

Green, Green Grass kitchen wallpaper ideas

What better way to bring color and life to a crisp white space than by installing wallpaper with images of closed up grass? A zoomed-in version of bringing the outdoors in!

Just imagine yourself sitting by the kitchen island staring at this wall – it’s invigorating and refreshing, right?


29. Gray and White Stripes

Gray and White Stripes kitchen wallpaper ideas

Using a horizontally-striped wallpaper creates the illusion of a more extensive space, which makes it perfect for use in small kitchen spaces like this one.

We love the use of matte textured wallpaper, which provides a compelling contrast against the smooth, shiny finish of the modern appliances, including the ceramic induction cooktop and the glossy range hood cabinetry.  It’s also admirable how perfect positioning of the stripes has allowed the kitchen faucet to stand out.


30. Glossy Backsplash

Glossy Backsplash kitchen wallpaper ideas

The design used in this kitchen backsplash is again impossible to achieve if it was another material other than wallpaper. The clear glass panels placed on top of the wallpaper prevents damage and stays cohesive with the shiny and glossy features of this modern kitchen.


31. Panoramic Scenery

Panoramic Scenery kitchen wallpaper ideas

Another pattern that is unachievable through tiles nor paint is detailed panoramic photos, such as the brightly-lit iconic bridge featured on the backsplash of this modern kitchen. Again, glass panels are set atop to give added protection and gloss. Using scenic photos converts your backsplash into a focal point, which makes for a great conversational piece whenever you have people over.



Kitchen wallpapers are great for adding a bold flair to the kitchen.

If you have a kitchen wallpaper idea that you are wanting to be executed, but are unsure of how to install wallpaper, head on to this link, which shows you a few video clips on how to DIY your wallpaper applications.

But before you click away, tell us about your favorite kitchen wallpaper idea in the comments section below.


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