31 Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Do you want to lighten, brighten and style your kitchen? The most ideal way to achieve this is by covering your windows with elegant and classy kitchen curtains.

Kitchen curtains are fashioned in various colors, prints and patterns to suit any type of kitchen décor. If you’re struggling to find the right style of curtains for your kitchen, don’t lose hope because we have you covered.

We are giving you our top kitchen curtain ideas for every style of kitchen whether you have a rustic chic or contemporary space. Keep reading because you may find kitchen curtain ideas you love.


1. Café Curtains to Allow More Light In

Café Curtains to Allow More Light In kitchen curtain ideas

Café drapes are short curtains that line the top or bottom of your kitchen windows. They hook across your kitchen window on a string so that it’s easy to open and close them.

The café curtain allows more light into your space and it’s ideal to hang them on a window that’s above your kitchen sink.

This is because long draping curtains can tangle around your kitchen faucet so it’s better to have shorter shades that won’t annoy you while you’re using the kitchen sink.


2. Coffee Tops

Coffee Tops kitchen curtain ideas

Have you seen how amazing indoor awnings look? These are called coffee tops. Create a cafe-style kitchen by adding coffee tops to frame your windows. For a classic style, opt for red and white striped coffee tops.


3. Thick Fabric Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Thick Fabric Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Thicker curtain fabrics allow you to retain heat in a kitchen when its cold outside. They also add more privacy because no one will be able to see through the fabric when walking past your windows.

Select curtains made from woven cotton, canvas or nylon because these fabrics are the thickest and the most durable.


4. Rustic Burlap Sacks

Rustic Burlap Sacks ideas

Kitchen curtains aren’t only made from soft fabrics. You can use any type of material to cover your windows. How about a rustic effect with burlap sacks? Using sack material can work in rustic chic or country-decorated kitchens.


5. Add Tranquility with Duck Egg Blue

Add Tranquility with Duck Egg Blue ideas

Our kitchen curtain ideas help you find the best drapes to create a certain environment. Blue is associated with tranquility and airiness.

It also pairs well with neutral tones such as grey or white. Include duck egg blue curtains in your kitchen to add a peaceful ambiance to your space.


6. A Royal Look with Blues and Purple

A Royal Look with Blues and Purple ideas

Navy blue and dark purple will complement a kitchen that has golden or brown interior décor. You can create a royal aesthetic with these kitchen curtain ideas. Curtains of these colors must be made with a plush fabric such as velvet or suede to further that royal feeling.


7. All White Kitchen Curtains

All White Kitchen Curtains ideas

White is a neutral tone that makes any space look pure and spacious. Add white curtains and white lace to cover or frame your windows. The white drapes will illuminate your kitchen.

Make sure you keep your kitchen knife sharpener and other utensils away from your white curtains to prevent the drapes from getting dirty or damaged.


8. Sheer Curtains to Brighten Up Your Space

Sheer Curtains to Brighten Up Your Space kitchen curtain ideas

A sheer curtain is made from fabric that allows more light into your kitchen. Sheer curtains are airy so they are suitable to use in houses located in hotter regions. It’s advised that you keep your kitchen knife set away from your sheer curtains because the fabric is extremely delicate.

If a serrated utensil from your kitchen knife set hooks onto the sheer curtain it will damage it. So take extra care with your curtains when there are sharp items nearby.


9. Rainbow Colored Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Rainbow Colored Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Add some happiness to your kitchen with bright yellow or orange curtains. Rainbow-colored curtains turn your entire kitchen a different shade when you close them. Make sure you have white walls so the colors can reflect on to them when the sun shines through your windows.


10. Light and Soft Fabrics for Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Light and Soft Fabrics for Kitchen Curtain Ideas

If your home is located in a hot climate you may want to install curtains in your kitchen made from soft fabrics in light shades.

As mentioned before, you must keep sharp utensils such as your kitchen shear and your kitchen utensil set away from curtains made with soft fabrics.

If you have nowhere to put these sharp objects but you still want delicate curtains, opt for café drapes to prevent them from getting damaged by utensils.


11. Sandy Beige Kitchen Curtains

Sandy Beige Kitchen Curtains ideas

Sandy beige is an earthy tone that works especially well in kitchens that have wooden cabinets and marble flooring. This color curtain pairs well with other earthy tones such as brown and green.

If you live in a colder climate adding beige curtains to your kitchen windows can create a warm atmosphere.


12. Velvet Gold for a Chic Vibe

Velvet Gold for a Chic Vibe kitchen curtain ideas

Gold is an elegant color found in many sophisticated homes. Velvet is a luxurious fabric also integrated into classy home décor.

If you have marble countertops and pendant ceiling lights velvet gold curtains will complement the architecture of your kitchen. The gold curtains will also pair well with windows that have wooden frames and brass handles.


13. Scallops Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Scallops Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Scallops kitchen curtains are similar to valances but they are longer and only cover the top half of your window.

They come in various designs but the most popular scallops curtains are made from white lace. These curtains are short so you can store items such as your kitchen knife sharpener near them.


14. Color Blocking Kitchen Curtains

Color Blocking Kitchen Curtains ideas

Color blocking consists of pairing various bright shades together. This look works particularly well in both modern and retro styled homes. To achieve color blocking in your kitchen add two curtains of different colors to the same railing. You’ll love the results!


15. A Country Aesthetic with Patterns

A Country Aesthetic with Patterns ideas

Do you want some country styled kitchen curtain ideas? We have the style for you. Country kitchen interior décor is the easiest to achieve. All you need are red and white curtains with polka dots or checked patterns on them.

Utilize a kitchen towel and table cloth in the same color & patterns as your kitchen curtains to keep your decor unified.


16. Hot Pink Kitchen Curtains

Hot Pink Kitchen Curtain ideas

Some people love bright colors, especially in kitchens. If you’re one of those people then you’ll love hot pink kitchen curtains. Pink kitchen drapes look lovely in silk or any sheer fabric.

One aspect to remember is that frilly kitchen curtains simply wouldn’t look ideal in hot pink. Streamlined cuts work well with bright shades. Add a hot pink kitchen towel, table cloth and wall hangers to match your kitchen curtains.


17. Beach Prints on Curtain Rolls

Beach Prints on Curtain Rolls kitchen curtain ideas

Beach prints include checked or striped patterns in white and blue colors. These prints are typically found on coastal curtain rolls. If you want to add these patterns to your kitchen ensure you don’t have other accents around your kitchen that will clash with your curtains.

Accessories or items such as your kitchen shear or a kitchen scale will look organized if they’re in a solid color but in the same shade as the darkest tone on your curtains.

So if you have a blue and white print on your curtains buy a kitchen utensil set that has the same blue tone found on your curtains.


18. Crimson Curtains

Crimson Curtains kitchen curtain ideas

In color, psychology red induces the feeling of hunger and excitement. These are exactly the types of feelings you want to evoke in your kitchen.

Use crimson in your kitchen instead of a lighter red. Add red accents around your space to match your curtains such as a red kitchen scale and a red kitchen utensil set.


19. Shimmering Curtains

Shimmering Curtains kitchen curtain ideas

If you have a kitchen that gets a lot of sunlight then we have some amazing kitchen curtain ideas that will be suitable for your space. Add drapes that are made with shimmering fabrics. When the sunlight hits them it will bathe your kitchen in a stunning sparkly light.

Another way you can use shimmering curtains is to hide certain items such as the kitchen trash can. Place your kitchen trash can in a compartment in your kitchen and use a decorative shimmering curtain to conceal it.


20. Bamboo Shaded Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Bamboo Shaded Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Bamboo is the perfect material to use in tropical styled homes and they go well inside coastal themed kitchens. There are many bamboo kitchen shade styles to pick from that come in light and dark woody tones.

Bamboo shaded curtains are safer to use on windows around a garbage disposal. This is because long fabric drapes can hook into a garbage disposal which can destroy the mechanism.

Use bamboo kitchen shades to prevent accidents from happening around garbage disposals.


21. Box Pleat Valance

Box Pleat Valance kitchen curtain ideas

There are other valance kitchen curtain ideas you might love such as the box pleat style. The box pleat valance is an excellent way to add a splash of color to your kitchen because they come in a variety of shades.

Valance curtains can also be used to cover other parts of your kitchen. Perhaps use a box pleat valance to frame your range hood when it’s not in use. It will add a unique style to your kitchen and your range hood that not many people have.


22. Chiffon Lace Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Chiffon Lace Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Chiffon is a soft airy fabric that’s typically used to make dresses. But this fabric also works well for kitchen curtains. They come in various colors that you will love.

Make sure you keep your kitchen knife sharpener and other utensils away from your chiffon curtains. Sharp kitchen items will snag the fabric and damage the curtains.


23. Roman Shaded Curtains

Roman Shaded Curtains ideas

Roman shaded curtains stack up into horizontal pleats when they’re pulled up. Typically these kitchen curtains are made with hard materials such as wood or plastic. But you can get roman shaded curtains made from fabric too.

The Roman shaded curtain can be integrated on windows above your kitchen faucet and water filter because the length can be adjusted with the pull of a string.

So you can have the curtain sit slightly above your water filter and kitchen faucet so that it doesn’t hit against these fixtures.


24. Ceiling to Floor Kitchen Curtains

Ceiling to Floor Kitchen Curtains ideas

Do you have high rise ceilings with large kitchen windows? Then you’re going to need longer curtains to cover your windows.

Ceiling to floor curtains have a streamlined design because they have straight lines and they come in a solid color. Select a neutral-toned curtain such as white or beige for large kitchen windows.


25. Floral Lace Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Floral Lace Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Some people may think that floral lace curtains are dated but they are classy drapes that will stand the test of time. Many modern homes still have floral lace drapes in the kitchen. So add them to your kitchen windows for a classic look.


26. Plastic Kitchen Curtains

Plastic Kitchen Curtains ideas

Have you ever seen plastic curtains? It may sound like a strange curtain idea but they can look beautiful inside contemporary styled homes. This is especially true for kitchens that have minimalistic décor and features.


27. Combining Blinds and Curtains

Combining Blinds and Curtains ideas

If you want to switch up the styles in your kitchen you can combine drapes with blinds. Open the curtains and pull the blinds down to change the style of your window drapes.

If you’re bored of this look, roll the blinds up and tie your curtains with lace or ribbons to frame your windows.


28. Balloon Valances for a Vintage Aesthetic

Balloon Valances for a Vintage Aesthetic ideas

Balloon valances are typically used to add decoration at the top of a window. So this kitchen curtain is suitable to include around windows that are near induction cooktops.

Curtains that are high up on a window won’t be a risk around stoves or induction cooktops because they won’t be near the heat when you’re cooking food.  


29. Frilly Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Frilly Kitchen Curtain Ideas

You don’t always need curtains that close. There are kitchen curtain ideas that are simply designed to frame windows. Frilly lace is popular in country styled and rustic chic kitchens. Ribbons and bows are used on these types of curtains to add decoration.


30. Lined Pom Pom Curtains

Lined Pom Pom Curtains kitchen curtain ideas

Lined pom curtains are probably the quirkiest design we have on our list of kitchen curtain ideas. Large or small fluffy pom poms are added to the lining of curtains to add unique decorations to your kitchen windows. Unique? Check! Slightly kitsch? Check!


31. Tea Towel Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Tea Towel Kitchen Curtain Ideas

If you don’t have curtains in your kitchen there’s a way you can make them yourself. If you have a kitchen towel simply sew a seam into it and thread a cord through it so you can attach it to the bottom or the top of your kitchen window.



Did you find a style you liked in our list of kitchen curtain ideas? Let us know which style you liked the most by leaving us a comment below. We are always happy to hear opinions and ideas on our topics from our readers.

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