83 Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022 – Contemporary Kitchen Design

Starting this article by stating that a modern kitchen is a popular design choice these days would be a redundant statement. After all, the reason they are called modern is it is in keeping with the current time and trends.   So, what makes a kitchen “modern” these days?

According to Build, there are four components to a modern kitchen: the focus on lines, the broader array of materials, the maximization of space, and the limited use of ornaments.

To help you understand more of what modern kitchens look like, we have gathered 83 of our favorite modern kitchen design ideas for you to sift through.

Modern Marble Kitchens

Marble is a classic material to any design, so it is not surprising that they play a role in modern kitchen designs.

1. An Interplay of Marble, Wood, Brick, and Steel

An Interplay of Marble Wood Brick and Steel modern kitchen ideas

This luxurious marble kitchen is proof that marble blends effortlessly well with other elements such as wood, brick, and stainless steel. The solid dark brown tone of the wooden cabinetry provides high visual contrast between the salt and pepper scheme of the marble countertops.

The appliances perfectly complement the cabinetry hardware and the matching pullout faucet. The smooth texture of the stainless-steel range hood creates a perfect textural break to the rough-looking brick wall, in the same way, that the marble island top creates a contrasting texture to the island brickwork.


2. Marvelous Marble Island and Backsplash

Marvelous Marble Island and Backsplash modern kitchen ideas

This minimalist modern kitchen is a stunning example of how keeping it simple highlights the astounding beauty of the marble countertops and the matching backsplash.

The white flat-panel cabinetry and matching colored walls and ceilings allow the gorgeous gray streaks of the stone to stand out.


3. Black Marble

Black Marble modern kitchen ideas

You can’t help but admire the marble streaks in this Negro Marquina Stone covering the oversized kitchen island. This black marble variant is so beautiful it deserves the spotlight as the kitchen backsplash. The texture of this exquisite stone is enough to create a contrast of texture against the smooth black cabinetry.


4. White Marble

White Marble modern kitchen ideas

If black is too dark for you and you want a brighter feel to the room, this modern white kitchen with floor to wall marble features may suit your style more.  The light hues maintain the brightness of the room, while the installation of gold hardware and a brushed gold kitchen faucet brings elegance to the room.


5. Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring modern kitchen ideas

This spacious and modern open plan kitchen took on a monochromatic gray hue. We love the play on texture by the matte black cabinets and the contrasting rough finish of the metallic top cabinets.

The lightwood slab brings warmth into the room and is perfectly complemented by the see-through modern dining chairs that create the illusion of a floating table.


Modern Black and White Kitchens

Black and white palettes are simple, classic, and modern all rolled into one.

6. Luxurious Black and White

Luxurious Black and White modern kitchen ideas

This modern black and white kitchen showcases an interplay between color and texture. There is a compelling contrast of the white laminate top cabinets against the rough black bottom installations.

We also love the seamless integration of modern appliances within the floor-to-ceiling black cabinet features – the perfect spot for a built-in fridge.


7. Panoramic Black Kitchen with a Hint of Wood

Panoramic Black Kitchen with a Hint of Wood modern kitchen ideas

Another way of giving a twist to a black color scheme for your kitchen is by aiming for a modern industrial feel. Start with concrete flooring, followed by keeping cabinets and countertop covered in black to maintain the crispness of the space.

Enhance the warmth emanating from the wooden backsplash by installing undercabinet lights. Finish the look with an oversized stainless-steel tubular light fixture for the perfect conversation piece.


8. A Modern Take on White

A Modern Take on White modern kitchen ideas

Another way of doing black and white is by painting the wall black and your cabinets white. Stay within the modern theme by using contemporary lip pull handles for your cabinets.

If you can customize your kitchen island, maximize its space by building custom shelves to showcase your white chinaware and thrown in some depth by making adding an extension that doubles as your dining table.


9. Minimalistic Black and White

Minimalistic Black and White modern kitchen ideas

If you prefer black cabinets, reverse the colors and do black cabinets on white walls. The floor-to-ceiling black cabinetry works exceptionally well in this space owing to the abundant natural light coming in from the oversized windows.

Install horizontal cabinetry, such as the ones below the stove, to create a balance between the horizontal and vertical lines and go for an eye-catching backsplash to create a focal point to a monochromatic space. The use of free-hanging kitchen utensil sets creates both a practical and decorative purpose.


10. Long Island

Long Island modern kitchen ideas

This immaculately white kitchen created the illusion of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry by installing the cabinets within the walls.

The gray wall and black tile floors provide color contrast while the textures are balanced by the stainless-steel lighting fixtures and double kitchen sink features situated on the spacious kitchen island.


11. Smooth and Stainless

Smooth and Stainless modern kitchen ideas

Achieve a shining, shimmering kitchen by going for frameless cabinets with a smooth gloss finish.

The use of various cabinet doors on the white cabinets and the laminated stripe wood provides the right balance of horizontal and vertical lines. White tile floors complete the pristine look of this chic minimalistic space.


12. White, Gray, and Steel

White Gray and Steel modern kitchen ideas

If the appliances in this kitchen aren’t modern enough for you, we don’t know what else will. We love the sleek, smooth design throughout this monochrome kitchen from the smooth glossy finish of the white cabinets to the tempered glass finish of the angle range hood.


13. Sophisticatedly Simple

Sophisticatedly Simple modern kitchen ideas

Now, this is perhaps one of the few modern kitchen ideas that is strictly black and white, in the literal sense.

The concealed cabinet fixtures and sharp corners used in this space is very typical of a modern kitchen design and the strategic placement of white and black elements that sophistication is achieved through simplicity.


14. Color the Curtains

Color the Curtains modern kitchen ideas

We love the play on textures and patterns in this modern space, especially the asymmetrical tiled backsplash and patterned soffit.

Accents bring character and life to the area – from the red salt and pepper shaker next to the all-black kitchen knife set to the yellow curtains and matching placemat, and the calming color of green indoor plants sitting on the window sill.


15. Modern Black Minimalist

Modern Black Minimalist modern kitchen ideas

This modern kitchen best suited for apartment-style dwellings features flat panel cabinets with chic black cabinets in a smooth finish. Paneled appliances maintain the seamless feel and artwork that adorns the room are all in keeping with the black and white theme.


Modern Wood Kitchens

Wood is more often associated with traditional designs, but these modern kitchen ideas will prove that notion wrong.

16. A Modern Kitchen in a 60s Ranch Style Home

A Modern Kitchen in a 60s Ranch Style Home modern kitchen ideas

The modern features in this kitchen include the flat-surfaced dark wooden cabinets with flush fitting lip pulls, the sharp corners from almost every element including the marble countertops, and of course, the see-through bar stools that evoke an artistic flair.


17. No Such Thing as Too Much Wood

No Such Thing as Too Much Wood modern kitchen ideas

This gorgeous kitchen played with different wood textures and nailed it. The dark hardwood floors enabled the lightwood cabinetry to pop up, and the Caesarstone enclosing the panoramic kitchen countertop creates that texture contrast and gives a cool vibe that perfectly balances the warmth from all the wood in the room.


18. Lines, Lines, and More Lines

Lines, Lines, and More Lines modern kitchen ideas

This two-toned kitchen is all about edges and angled corners – from the floor to the ceiling, you see either horizontal or vertical lines and angled corners, which are all distinct features of a modern kitchen space.


19. Dark Wood on Crisp White

Dark Wood on Crisp White modern kitchen ideas

Achieve a modern farmhouse feel by having dark wood fixtures against a crisp white wall. Stainless steel appliances and a pair of industrial pendant lights create the cool chic vibe while a mixture of dark wood cabinets and lightwood flooring gives out a warm, welcoming ambiance.


20. Beige Meets Wood

Beige Meets Wood modern kitchen ideas

The beige top cabinets and striped wood bottom cupboards work exceptionally well in this kitchen. The color combination exudes such a warm and inviting feel. We also love the attention to detail – have you noticed the curtain frills that complement the beige, white, and black scheme of the room?


21. Wood for Days

Wood for Days modern kitchen ideas

Wooden cabinets are known to be beautiful, classic, and timeless pieces, which is probably why the designer went for an all-out wood finish on this particular kitchen design.

Choosing to do away with cabinet hardware and having modern appliances integrated with the cabinetry gives the contemporary flair to the room. Texture variations are achieved by the stainless-steel faucet, smooth ceramic induction cooktop, and wooden lining on the overhead range hood.


22. Wooden Walls and Doors

Wooden Walls and Doors modern kitchen ideas

This spacious modern kitchen used a combination of natural and artificial lighting to highlight the beautiful wooden elements. The chill vibe of the modern chrome appliances balances the warm farmhouse feel, which is also the same effect achieved by the black pendant lights and matching ceramic cooktop.

The unique point for this kitchen has to be the multilevel center island, which reminds you of a teppanyaki dining experience.


23. Modern Rustic, Rustic Modern

Modern Rustic Rustic Modern modern kitchen ideas

This kitchen has both a rustic and modern feel to it.  The modern appliances and sleek cabinetry meet the rustic country vibe of the kitchen island and accompanying bar stools. You also have to love the contrast created by the cool subway tiles and the warmth of the timber flooring.


24. Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Multifunctional Kitchen Island modern kitchen ideas

The focal point of this tasteful kitchen must be the multi-purpose wooden kitchen island. The long stainless-steel bar pulls go really well with the stainless-steel range hood pendant lights; you would almost think it is a decorative piece rather than cabinet hardware.


25. Glossy Wood

Glossy Wood modern kitchen ideas

This kitchen is another shining example of how well wood and white complement each other. Literally shiny with the glossy wooden finish complimenting the smooth and shiny surface of the white cabinetry.


26. Mixing Dark Wood and Light Wood

Mixing Dark Wood and Light Wood modern kitchen ideas

If you want to use a mix of light and dark wood on your kitchen, go for dark flooring and light cabinetry. Dark floors help ground a room with high ceilings and tall walls by helping you draw your attention downwards.

On the other hand, lighter finishes, such as the light wood and white center island, contribute to making the space appear more open.


27. Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring modern kitchen ideas

This modern Scandinavian inspired kitchen offers a play on depth and texture with its white brick walls and parquet floors.

The white cabinets with wooden countertops contrast the wooden center island with a white Caesarstone top. The exposed beams and black pendant lights give an added industrial vibe in this otherwise warm space.


28. Granite, Wood, and Stainless Steel

Granite, Wood, and Stainless Steel modern kitchen ideas

When considering modern kitchen ideas, but want to retain the traditional layout of your space, considering modernizing not only the appliances but also the cabinetry.

In this kitchen, the patterned cabinet doors usually seen on conventional kitchens have been replaced by flat panel cabinet doors with simple bar handles. The stainless-steel backsplash not only complements the appliances but also enhances the modern vibe.


29. Let’s Go to the Beach

Let's Go to the Beach modern kitchen ideas

For modern kitchen ideas that evoke a coastal feel, try the design adopted in this kitchen. The combination of the neutral blue-toned cabinets, beige tile floors, lightwood feature wall, and decorative tropical plants all make you feel as if you were in a beach house.

Throw in some contemporary appliances to maintain the modern element.


30. Black and Wood

Black and Wood modern kitchen ideas

The glossy finish of this beautifully streaked wood suits the glossy finish of the built-in fridge and overhead cabinets. A sleek black granite countertop maintains the black accents of the room, and the white floor and walls are the perfect touches to lighten up the room.

Dark themed cabinetry goes well with places that have large windows that allow natural light to flow in.


31. Narrow Plank Wood Floors

Narrow Plank Wood Floors modern kitchen ideas

This modern kitchen leaned towards the simple, sleek side when it comes to its furnishings flat-panel cabinets, slim rectangular tables, and a mix of black and white chairs.

Narrow plank timber floors are work really well in adding texture to rooms with simple decor such as this. The sheer white curtains provide a balance of movement, texture, and softness.


32. Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed Wooden Beams modern kitchen ideas

This kitchen reminds us of chocolates – making it even more appealing. The vertical line design of the wooden backsplash and feature kitchen island balances the horizontal lines created by the exposed wooden beams.

The framed doorless cabinet frame on the edge of the island creates an ingenious space for decorative elements, such as the beautiful indoor plant used in this tasteful kitchen.


33. Wooden Waterfall

Wooden Waterfall modern kitchen ideas

We love the variation of textures in this kitchen. The cool modern widescreen TV is beautifully framed by the warm wooden feature, which is then further framed by a rough concrete-like finish.

On the other side of this cozy room is the softness from the beige handleless cabinetry balanced by the sharp feel coming off the stainless-steel appliances and free-hanging range hood.


34. Wooden Panels

Wooden Panels modern kitchen ideas

If you don’t feel like going for an all-out wood look, but still want to add a touch of wood for that warm and comfy feel, try to go for wood finished accents on some of your kitchen cabinetry, such as what they did in this white themed space.

Apart from the cabinet features, the varied lighting fixtures contributed to the modern feel of this kitchen.


35. A Slab of Wood

A Slab of Wood modern kitchen ideas

Another ingenious way of adding a touch of warmth and comfort to your modern kitchen is by adding a slab of wood as an extension to your kitchen island, like the one in this modern kitchen within a luxury apartment.


Backsplashes That Work Well with Modern Kitchens

Backsplashes are versatile. They can be extremely decorative or very modern.

36. Asymmetric Multicolored Brick Pattern Backsplash

Asymmetric Multicolored Brick Pattern Backsplash modern kitchen ideas

When it comes to backsplashes, having a modern flair is achieved by creating a mosaic of tiles that have varying sizes, width, and colors.

To maintain a cohesive space, make sure that the color palette you choose for these tiles match the overall theme of your kitchen. A pop of color and warmth is achieved by opting for a wooden kitchen shear and kitchen knife block set.


37. Counter to Ceiling Tile Backsplash

Counter to Ceiling Tile Backsplash modern kitchen ideas

Straight lines are a feature of modern kitchens, so try and go for a symmetrical tile backsplash. This sky-blue backsplash is the perfect touch to balancing the dark tone of the wood cabinetry. It also has just enough brightness to highlight the modern chrome range hood.


38. Colorful Small Square Tiles

Colorful Small Square Tiles modern kitchen ideas

Maintain the symmetry of straight lines and sharp corners even with your backsplash to keep in line with the elements of a modern kitchen.

The backsplash used in this kitchen has a simple color palette that complements the rest of the kitchen, but just enough variation and gloss to achieve a jewel-like appearance to it, which is perfect for completing the luxurious feel of this modern space.


39. Dark Accent Backsplash

Dark Accent Backsplash modern kitchen ideas

Modern kitchen cabinetry involves frameless, handless features, and if you want your backsplash to be on the same page as your cabinets, go for a similar feel to your backsplash.

The wooden backsplash used in this kitchen has a dark enough tone to create drama and depth while highlighting the immaculately white cabinetry.


40. A Mosaic in the Middle of Subway Tiles

A Mosaic in the Middle of Subway Tiles modern kitchen ideas

If you keep your backsplashes aligned with the use of sharp corners and horizontal lines, a bit of pattern on your backsplash won’t do your modern kitchen harm.

Just take a look at the beautiful mosaic of the square and rectangular tiles above this ceramic induction cooktop. It’s sleek and basic, yet still gives your eyes a lasting impact.


Modern Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Having a small space should not limit you from going modern. Have a look at these kitchens for some tips and tricks.

41. Paint it White

Paint it White modern kitchen ideas

If you have a small kitchen space, you have to embrace white. White is known to illuminate any area, making it appear larger. Be consistent and use white on your cabinets, walls, ceilings, and yes, even your kitchen faucet.

Having white from floor to ceiling leaves no boundaries nor edges, creating that seamless finish, which is an element of a modern kitchen.


42. Plank Flooring Goes a Long Way

Plank Flooring Goes a Long Way modern kitchen ideas

Standard apartments have limited kitchen space. If this sounds like your kitchen, a general trick used by many designers to create the appearance of a more spacious room is the use of boards that run parallel to the longest part of the space.

If you decide to go for hardwood floors like this kitchen, go for wide planks as this will make your area feel more open and less busy.


43. Glossy Surfaces

Glossy Surfaces modern kitchen ideas

They say mirrors make a kitchen look more prominent because of the reflection it creates. If mirrors put you off, you can still achieve the same effect by considering the use of other materials. This kitchen used just the right combination of reflective surfaces to make the space appear bigger.

First, we have the top black cabinets with a glossy surface, followed by the smooth finish on the ceilings and backsplash, and completed by the shiny stainless-steel appliances and cabinet hardware.


44. Accent it Large

Accent it Large modern kitchen ideas

A lot of modern features come into play in this kitchen to make it appear larger than it actually is, from the glossy black backsplash to the equally bright floor to ceiling cabinetry.

In small spaces such as this, don’t be afraid to go all-in with fixtures and accents – the overhead wine glass rack gives this tiny kitchen colossal character. The see-through features of the wine glasses and the panoramic window also create the illusion of a bigger space.


45. Minimalism Maximises Your Small Space

Minimalism Maximises Your Small Space modern kitchen ideas

The great thing with modern kitchen features is that they allow for the integration of appliances in your cabinetry, which is really useful in maximizing small kitchen spaces.

This stylish white kitchen is an example of that – having a coffee maker and oven inbuilt with the cabinets saves a lot of countertop space. You can even have concealed garbage disposal units inside your bottom cabinets to clear your floor off the unsightly kitchen trash can.


Go Low or Go No on the Hardware

Little to no hardware is a distinct feature of modern kitchen cabinets.

46. Flushed Pull Handles

Flushed Pull Handles modern kitchen ideas

For modern kitchen designs usually incorporate simple hardware, and sometimes, no hardware at all. This kitchen features beautiful striped wood flat panel cabinet doors without any handles on them.

For doors that require hardware, such as the integrated fridge on this kitchen, go for flush door pulls. Choose a finish that matches your kitchen’s appliances to maintain a cohesive modern space.


47. Handleless Kitchens

Handleless Kitchens modern kitchen ideas

Handleless cabinetry is usually the way to go if you want a soeek and streamlined modern kitchen design. Doing away with hardware made the seamless floor to ceiling features of this cabinet stand out.

Darker toned cabinets such as this work really well in higher-level apartments or other spaces with floor to ceiling windows that allow an enormous amount of natural light to come in.


48. Edge Pulls

Edge Pulls modern kitchen ideas

For a modern minimalist look, consider installing edge pulls for your cabinet hardware. Edge pulls serve a highly versatile function and is available in varied sizes and finishes to match your cabinets’ theme.

Edge pulls worked really well in this kitchen as it served its practical purpose while being subtle enough to allow the glossy modern appliances to pop out against the cabinets.


49. Bar Pulls

Bar Pulls modern kitchen ideas

Bar pulls are a common addition to modern kitchen spaces. This is because they work exceptionally well with the modern shaker and flat panel doors. This kitchen used spacious matte white cabinets, so it is only fitting to use long bar pulls to give a contrasting texture and color.

This kitchen features stunning pendant lights, but the versatile appeal of bar pulls allows them to work just as well with any type of lighting.


50. Square Knobs

Square Knobs modern kitchen ideas

If you are looking for a modern kitchen design idea but want to incorporate a traditional flair into it, you can do so by opting for knobs for your kitchen cabinets.

Knob handles give off an old-world vibe, and this kitchen incorporated that with a modern twist by using shiny square knobs on their flat panel grey kitchen cabinets.


Modern Kitchen Cabinet Trends

A lot of modern kitchen design ideas start with the cabinets. Here are some to get you started.

51. Flat Front Cabinets

Flat Front Cabinets modern kitchen ideas

Flat-front cabinets are a mainstay of modern kitchens. This kitchen features two different flat panel cabinetry.The top cabinets which probably have a push latch installed within it, so all you have to do is push the door, and it springs open.

These wood grain cabinets are then contrasted by the bottom matt white cabinets that have recessed pulls on top, allowing you to open them with ease.


52. Flat Panel Marble and Wood

Flat Panel Marble and Wood modern kitchen ideas

This stunning kitchen shows another excellent example of the various features of flat panel cabinets. We love the contrasting textures of the streaky wood floating cabinets against the equally streaked marble cabinetry and smooth tiled walls and floors.

Everything about this kitchen screams modern posh from the hi-tech appliances to corners and straight lines of the center island, even with the metallic, interestingly-shaped pendant lights.


53. Glossy White Cabinets

Glossy White Cabinets modern kitchen ideasDon’t you just love the fresh, chic vibe of this white-on-wood modern kitchen? Having glossy cabinets have a significant effect on any size room – the glossy surface reflects light to make small spaces look bigger.

In this already roomy kitchen, the glossy cabinets create an even more spacious feel, which is also enhanced by the added illumination coming from the large windows and the brightness emanated by the white narrow panel floors.


54. Veneer Cabinets

Veneer Cabinets modern kitchen ideas

If you want to modernize your cabinets yet keep their existing layout, replacing the surfaces with veneer sheets are the way to go. There is a wide array of modern finishes to choose from when it comes to veneer.

This kitchen went for wood veneers, with a grainy pattern that is subtle enough to stay within the modern design realm. Go for simple long bar pulls to neutralize the grainy pattern while complementing the chrome features of the modern appliances.


55. Lacquered Cabinets

Lacquered Cabinets modern kitchen ideas

We love the color contrast in this modern kitchen space – the red color is already an outstanding feature, but having a lacquered finish to the cabinets makes it even more appealing. It makes the red brighter, fresher, and crisper.

The shiny lacquer finish also integrates well with the modern stainless-steel appliances and kitchen utensil set creatively set atop a stainless-steel backsplash. Brilliant modern is precisely what this kitchen is all about.


56. Steel Cabinets

Steel Cabinets modern kitchen ideas

If stainless steel cabinetry doesn’t say modern – we don’t know what else will. Shiny stainless-steel cabinets are usually seen in commercial kitchen spaces, so going for a matte finish on the stainless-steel cabinet panels of this kitchen worked really well to achieve a homey feel.

A dark cement floor adds to the modern industrial vibe, which is perfectly balanced by the floating white lights and lemon-yellow walls.


Open Shelving

Take a look at what open shelves contribute to your modern kitchen, from kitchen storage solutions to aesthetic appeal.

57. High and Low Open Shelves

High and Low Open Shelves modern kitchen ideas

The advantage of open shelving is it allows you to use your kitchenware as decorative pieces creatively. The top open shelves are the perfect place to showcase rarely used exquisite china.

At the same time, the bottom shelving is excellent for displaying beautiful kitchen utensil sets, glasses, and other kitchenware that you require easy access to.


58. From Dinner to Décor

From Dinner to Décor modern kitchen ideas

The floating open shelving in this kitchen is the perfect practical storage solution for dishes. In essence, it’s close to the sink for easy storage after washing and drying, and its also situated atop the dining bar for easy access when it’s time to eat.

A variation of industrial pendant lights hanging above cement flooring gives this kitchen an industrial feel, and the wooden features balance that off with a warm vibe.


59. Open Shelves for More Space

Open Shelves for More Space modern kitchen ideas

In small kitchen spaces, using open shelving for the top cabinets open up the space and makes the room feel less enclosed. Another ingenious feature in this kitchen is the use of transparent glass against the teal wall for an instant glossy backsplash.

Glass is easier to clean, and the lustrous finish bounces off the abundant natural light coming from the opposite window, making the room brighter and appear more substantial.


60. Mix Your Cabinets

Mix Your Cabinets modern kitchen ideas

The versatility of cabinet choices in this modern kitchen is remarkable. Closed cabinets are used for the bottom cabinets, glass top display cases, and an extended floor to ceiling open shelving allowing you to explore your creativity.


61. Ditch the Cabinets Altogether

Ditch the Cabinets Altogether modern kitchen ideas

Create more space by using only open shelves for your top cabinet space. The slim waterfall island also helps elongate the room and having your industrial pendant lights white instead of the typical black ones, adds to the brightness of this cozy space.


62. Creatively Practical

Creatively Practical modern kitchen ideas

Make things easier by installing open shelving for dishes atop your sink or dishwasher. Use the same practical thinking by installing wall hanging racks for the rest of your kitchen utensils, but keep it modern by using industrial-like materials such as stainless steel.


63. A Mix of Open and Closed Shelving

A Mix of Open and Closed Shelving modern kitchen ideas

There’s really not much need to for space maximization in a large kitchen such as this – but having open shelving actually creates a great space to display art.

The beautiful curves from the various pieces presented in this cabinet creates a lovely subtle contrast to the linear and angled features of this modern kitchen.


64. Floor to Ceiling Open Shelving

Floor to Ceiling Open Shelving modern kitchen ideas

Achieve a crisp, minimalist feel to your modern kitchen by creating a floor to ceiling open shelving set against you wall frames – like the one created in this luxurious gray and wood kitchen.


Modern Colors

These modern kitchens will debunk the myth that modern kitchens shouldn’t have color.

65. Bright Red Kitchen

Bright Red Kitchen modern kitchen ideas

Spruce up your modern kitchen by injecting a vivid red tint to it. The shiny shade of red used in this cabinetry makes the perfect contrast to the overhead white cabinets, and the chrome recess pull hardware is the ideal accent to finish off the sleek modern energy.


66. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow modern kitchen ideas

Modern kitchen spaces can sometimes be extremely cold and dull. To avoid this, go for a bright color like yellow. Yellow is known to be an optimistic and happy color, which is perfect for injecting a sense of comfort and joy in the heart of the home.


67. Unconventional Coral

Unconventional Coral modern kitchen ideas

If you want a more feminine touch to your kitchen, consider using coral hues. The modern industrial lighting fixtures and white cabinetry in this kitchen are given a playful, bright contrast by painting the walls a fresh coral shade.


68. Lemon and Walnut

Lemon and Walnut modern kitchen ideas

Except for the curved pan of the kitchen scale, the walnut cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wall mounted radiator, and large tile floors in this kitchen are all about lines, which gives off an extremely stern tone.

Add a friendly feel to your kitchen by having your backsplash painted in a warm lemon shade, with a glossy finish for that modern touch.


69. White and Air Force Blue

White and Air Force Blue modern kitchen ideas

If you want to cool down the feel to a room receiving a lot of brightness, go for blue tones. This modern Scandinavian kitchen incorporated air force blue hues into the kitchen to tone down the immense amount of natural light coming in from the two large bay windows.


70. A Touch of Orange

A Touch of Orange modern kitchen ideas

Orange exudes a warm and enthusiastic energy. Having this kitchen’s backsplash painted a bright orange tone neutralized the monochromatic white hues and also draws the attention to the exquisite mirror, an unusual yet tasteful antique touch to a modern space.


71. Navy Blue and Gray

Navy Blue and Gray modern kitchen ideas

Because blue is associated with the sky and sea, open up small kitchen spaces by having some blue color in it. The navy-blue shade used in this modern minimalist kitchen creates a dramatic contrast against the elegant accents of marble countertops and gold cabinet bases.


72. Olive Green and Taupe

Olive Green and Taupe modern kitchen ideas

A modern kitchen does not have to be lifeless. Much like this kitchen incorporating olive green and taupe colors.

When going for vibrant dual-tone colors like these in your kitchen, keep your cabinetry sleek and simple – like the shaker doors and chrome pulls used in this space. The floating and standalone open cabinets are great for adding depth and storage space.


73. Dark Mauve on Beige and White

Dark Mauve on Beige and White modern kitchen ideas

Mauve exudes elegance and mystery, which is why deep mauve is the perfect choice for cabinet and backsplash finish to this luxurious kitchen. The combination of beige, white, mauve, and subtle grey tones creates a tasteful visual impact on this sophisticated modern kitchen.


74. Shiny Beige

Shiny Beige modern kitchen ideas

Beige is believed to evoke a conservative yet calming sense, which is why it is perfect for modern kitchens. A glossy finish to this beige cabinetry provides the right amount of textural contrast to the cold stainless-steel range hood and dark-toned tile floors.


Modern Kitchen Appliances

Sometimes it’s as simple as having modern appliances to create a modern kitchen.

75. Glossy White

Glossy White modern kitchen ideas

If you don’t have enough space in your cabinets for your kitchen appliances, create cohesiveness by matching your appliances with the kitchen theme – like these glossy white cabinets with matching white coffee makers, toaster, and angled range hood.


76. Shiny Reds

Shiny Reds modern kitchen ideas

If one side of the kitchen is looking empty and lacks color, try adding in some colorful appliances that you use on a fairly regular basis, like these shiny red espresso machine and stand mixer set against this bare kitchen countertop.


77. But first, coffee

But first coffee modern kitchen ideas

If you can’t fully match your kitchen appliances’ colors, create a play of hues instead.  The gray used in this wall cabinet is perfect for achieving cohesion with the black-colored oven and espresso machines and the chrome finish of the fridge.


78. The Wall of Appliances

The Wall of Appliances modern kitchen ideas

If you plan on having built-in appliances, keep the rest of your space aligned with the texture and colors of these.

We love the black framing around these wall cabinets, which match the modern appliances beautifully. Adding in an eye-catching stainless-steel lighting fixture perfectly complements the integrated double door fridge.


79. Angled Range Hood

Angled Range Hood modern kitchen ideas

If we did not know any better, we would have thought that was a television set hanging above the induction cooktop. It’s actually an angled range hood, which is fast becoming a trend in modern kitchens these days.

If you want to learn more about angled range hoods, there are a lot of explainers, DIY, and review clips on YouTube, which you can view here.


80. Hide the Dishes

Hide the Dishes modern kitchen ideas

We are in love with the perfect integration of a dishwasher in this wall, it would be a crime not to include it on our list. The steel framing around the cabinet doors converted simple white cabinets into exquisite fixtures.


81. Stunning Chef’s Kitchen

Stunning Chef's Kitchen modern kitchen ideas

Our favorite appliance in this modern chef’s kitchen is definitely the wine fridge – because who doesn’t love wine? We are left absolutely stunned by this kitchen; we will leave it to you to dissect all its modern features.


82. Stainless Steel on Black

Stainless Steel on Black modern kitchen ideas

Add depth and texture in your modern space by choosing for appliances that both complement and contrast the overall theme of your kitchen. You can’t find a better accent to this extremely black kitchen other than contemporary stainless-steel appliances.


83. Steel on Cherry Wood

Steel on Cherry Wood modern kitchen ideas

If you have an exquisite traditional kitchen, you can still spruce it up by upgrading to modern appliances set against your traditional wood cabinetry.

Yay, you made it this far! We know that it was quite a long read, but we wanted to be thorough and cover a wide range of modern kitchen design ideas.

Have you found one that defines your style? Feel free to share the modern kitchen idea that best describes you in the comment section below.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

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