45 Kitchen Storage Ideas – Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

We’ve heard it time and time again – the kitchen is the busiest place in the home. Prepping, cooking, washing, and cleaning – the kitchen never falls short of activities. With a lot going on, it’s easy for the kitchen to turn into a space of chaos.

Don’t let your beautiful kitchen fall into the trap of becoming disorganized. Use creative storage solutions to declutter your kitchen and make this busy space more enjoyable and functional.

To help you envision a more organized kitchen space, here’s our list of 45 kitchen storage ideas you may want to try.


1. Open Shelves

Open Shelves kitchen storage ideas

Open shelves are among the easiest ways to create more storage space for your kitchen. There are no doors nor partitions that limit your storage capacity, allowing you to store a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Some homeowners avoid open shelving for fear that it displays their clutter, but this beautiful country-style kitchen proves this notion wrong.

Strategically placed pastel-colored kitchen utensils and other items enhance the aesthetics of the space dramatically. The mix of different types of open shelving adds depth and drama and makes everything easily accessible.


2. A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything kitchen storage ideas

This Scandinavian kitchen also incorporates open shelving on its top cabinetry, but with a more structured, everything-in-its-place custom design.

From the dedicated wine slots through to the custom plate slots and wine glass racks – everything indeed has its proper place. There’s no room for clutter in this well-organized kitchen space.


3. Bookcase Divider

Bookcase Divider kitchen storage ideas

If you have limited kitchen cabinetry, make use of bookshelves as your extra storage space. The bookshelf used in this kitchen creates a division between the kitchen and the rest of the house. Having an open bookshelf like this works well in giving this space an airier, brighter feel.


4. Backsplash Shelves

Backsplash Shelves kitchen storage ideas

An underutilized storage space in the kitchen is the backsplash area. This space usually gets adorned with beautiful patterns or striking colors to create contrast or a focal point.

But the backsplash area has so much space if you play your creative cards right. The wood panels used for shelving over this kitchen’s mosaic backsplash created more storage, yet remained cohesive with the overall theme of the space.


5. Super-Functional Backsplash

Super-Functional Backsplash kitchen storage ideas

This kitchen exhibits another take on maximizing the backsplash space. Having a step-like feature on your backsplash creates extra storage space. The usual things you reach out for when cooking is so accessible – the spices and chopping boards – this backsplash feature makes absolute sense.

Another area to maximize is the space surrounding the range hood. Instead of bare walls, add in some open shelving – they used it as a decorative space in this kitchen, but it can easily convert into a functional storage space if needed.


6. Hanging Racks on Backsplash

Hanging Racks on Backsplash kitchen storage ideas

If shelves are not an option, you can install a hanging wall rack on your kitchen backsplash. They’re inexpensive and easy-to-install. You only need a rod and a few hooks, and you can start hanging your kitchen utensils, spices, kitchen shears, chopping boards, and so much more!


7. Edge of Backsplash Shelving

Edge of Backsplash Shelving kitchen storage ideas

If you want to maintain the sleek look of your backsplash, you can add an open corner shelf instead. The wooden corner shelves don’t disrupt the pristine look of this modern, crisp white kitchen while serving as an accessible storage space for cereal bowls and coffee mugs.


8. Kitchen Island Storage Solution

Kitchen Island Storage Solution kitchen storage ideas

This traditional kitchen exemplifies the multifunctionality of a kitchen island. It incorporates wine storage units and bookshelves into its kitchen island foundation, along with a couple of cabinets on the side. If you’re planning on something similar, ensure that you match the existing kitchen’s cabinetry material and color for cohesiveness.


9. Functional Modern Kitchen Island

Functional Modern Kitchen Island kitchen storage ideas

If you have a modern kitchen space, you may not like the idea of paneled cabinet doors with hardware, like the traditional kitchen shown earlier. But this modern kitchen island may change your mind.  Simply use slab cabinet doors with push to open features to achieve that sleek, modern look without compromising functionality.


10. Pull Out Cabinets for Narrow Spaces

Pull Out Cabinets for Narrow Spaces kitchen storage ideas

Narrow partitions in kitchen cabinetry can still transform into an ample storage space if done right. An excellent example is the narrow pull-out cabinet in this modern kitchen used to hold a mix of spices, sauces, or kitchen utensils. Having the pull-out feature allows easy access and visibility. It saves you the trouble of rummaging inside cabinets to look for what you need.


11. Floor to Ceiling Pull Out

Floor to Ceiling Pull Out kitchen storage ideas

Pull out cabinets aren’t limited to bottom cabinetry and certainly not for narrow spaces. You can incorporate the pull out feature in any size or height, like this pastel green cabinetry in this modern kitchen. Maintain your body’s ergonomics by storing items used frequently within your reach. Use the bottom and topmost shelves to hold the stuff you use less often.


12. Ultra-Narrow Storage

Ultra-Narrow Storage kitchen storage ideas

Most contemporary kitchens now have ovens and stovetops seamlessly integrated into their cabinetry. Traditional kitchens have stand-alone ranges, which can sometimes leave a gap between them and the cabinets.

If this sounds like your kitchen, the ingenious narrow storage idea used in this kitchen may be useful. These slim compartments can easily hold spices, small kitchen utensils, or even neatly rolled up kitchen towels or potholders.


13. Rotating Corner Cupboard

Rotating Corner Cupboard kitchen storage ideas

Corner spaces are always the most awkward spaces to utilize in any room. It gets more challenging when positioned in the kitchen cabinetry. Try the corner cupboard used in this modern kitchen instead of having a corner cabinet door that opens into an awkward corner space.

The doorless feature is excellent for visibility. The rotating function allows easy access – no more having to bring out everything just to find that mixing bowl tucked away in the very far corner!


14. Corner Pull Out Shelves

Corner Pull Out Shelves kitchen storage ideas

If you don’t like an open bottom cabinet, try this alternative corner storage solution instead. Thanks to the pull out feature, you still have easy access to and better visibility, but it tucks away in the corner neatly with a door to conceal it when not in use.


15. Corner Drawers

Corner Drawers kitchen storage ideas

Another solution to the corner kitchen storage problem is the use of butterfly kitchen drawers. These angled storage spaces can store anything from pots to trays. Because they pull out, you have easy visibility and access to whatever is in them.


16. Over Sink Dish Rack

Over Sink Dish Rack kitchen storage ideas

Make dishwashing a breeze by installing a dish rack atop your kitchen sink and kitchen faucet fixtures. The hinges holding the door of this dish rack cabinet was strategically placed so that it opens upwards, causing no restriction to the use of the inset microwave on the sides.


17. Under Sink Smart Storage Solution

Under Sink Smart Storage Solution kitchen storage ideas

Most households struggle with maximizing the space under their kitchen sink. But this kitchen exhibits a brilliant idea of creating storage while working around the space constraints set by the pipes underneath the kitchen sink.

It’s the perfect location to store your dishwashing and cleaning materials. We love this cabinet so much, and we believe it should be a staple in every kitchen!


18. Pull Out Garbage Disposal Unit

Pull Out Garbage Disposal Unit kitchen storage ideas

Nothing destroys the aesthetics of a kitchen more than a kitchen trash can placed in an awkward spot in your kitchen. Other than being unsightly, it also unnecessarily takes up space in the kitchen.

To solve this problem, try installing pull out garbage disposal units in your kitchen cabinetry. This kitchen used three bins to separate the different recyclable materials, but you can use two compartments on yours – one for recyclables and one for general waste.


19. Pull Out Shelves Within Cabinets

Pull Out Shelves Within Cabinets kitchen storage ideas

If you have existing cabinetry but want to maximize the space even further, consider installing pull-out kitchen shelves. They’re great to subdivide tall cabinets to double or triple the storage space, similar to what is achieved by the pull out drawers seen in this cabinet.


20. Compartment Within Compartments

Compartment Within Compartments kitchen storage ideas

Besides your cabinets, you can also amplify your kitchen drawers’ capacity by adding additional compartments. This kitchen drawer shows us exactly how.

The base layer is great for holding large items. The top section fits smaller, less bulky items, such as baking trays, slim kitchen scales, pot holders, or kitchen towels.


21. Kitchen Cabinet Soffit

Kitchen Cabinet Soffit kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen soffits are the space between your ceiling and your cabinetry. Instead of leaving this empty, convert it into a bookshelf. You can also display some decorative art pieces alongside the books to add life to this otherwise dull space in the kitchen.


22. Utilize Your Cabinet Doors

Utilize Your Cabinet Doors kitchen storage ideas

Install storage racks and compartments onto your cabinet doors to hold slim kitchen accessories. This kitchen storage idea works best under your kitchen sink. You can use it to keep your dishwashing sponges, kitchen wipes, and dishwashing liquids.


23. Look Under Your Oven

Look Under Your Oven kitchen storage ideas

If you look under your oven, you will find that there is enough space to fit one slim drawer (if you haven’t installed one already). This space is an ideal space to keep your potholders or baking trays within your reach whenever your baking.


24. Use Sleek Storage Containers

Use Sleek Storage Containers kitchen storage ideas

Lack of space is not always the reason for disorder in the kitchen. Sometimes, its in the actual contents of the kitchen, most especially the pantry. To keep this area of your kitchen organized, get yourself storage containers.

Choose containers with slim or stackable features so that you can maximizing the existing space in your cabinets. This solution makes it easier for you to see everything inside, saving you from having to buy things you already have but couldn’t find.


25. Free Your Mugs and Plates

Free Your Mugs and Plates kitchen storage ideas

If you have a cozy kitchen space, install open shelves on your wall to hold items you frequently use, such as your mugs and plates.

Shelving doesn’t have to be dull and follow a monotonous pattern. You can mix your colors up to add life to your kitchen wall and line the shelves in different directions to give the eyes a bit of a play.


Storage Ideas for Common Kitchen Items

The following section shows our collection of kitchen storage ideas for items commonly found in kitchens, such as kitchen towels, kitchen knife sets, wine, pots and pans, and spices.


26. Dedicated Chopping Boards

Dedicated Chopping Boards kitchen storage ideas

Using a different chopping for each food item is an excellent way of preventing cross-contamination. This pull-out chopping board drawers allow you to store your chopping boards neatly and access them easily.

The wood-engraved labeling makes it easier for you to distinguish between your boards. It also creates an interesting decorative element into your cabinetry.


Wine and Wine Gla sses


27. Wine and Glass Rack Combo

Wine and Glass Rack Combo kitchen storage ideas

Convert one of your top cabinet spaces into a functional and visually-appealing wine rack. You can even add an under cabinet wine glass holder to further maximize the space.

Because wine glasses are transparent, this kitchen storage idea works well with any kitchen theme. Just be mindful of matching the wine rack to the existing cabinetry color to maintain cohesiveness.


28. Wine From Head to Toe

Wine From Head to Toe kitchen storage ideas

If you’re an avid wine collector, this wall wine rack idea might appeal more to you than the standard wine racks. The zigzag patterns work perfectly in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. It also makes a great conversation piece and a focal point when you have friends over for dinner.


29. Sneak in the Wine Glasses

Sneak in the Wine Glasses kitchen storage ideas

While we’re on the topic of wines, look at this brilliant kitchen storage idea of sneaking in wine glasses atop your dish and mug cabinets.

Undercabinet stemware holders are inexpensive to make, and they can easily slot into your existing cabinetry. You can even do it yourself – check out these YouTube video tutorials for inspiration.


Herbs and Spices


30. Pull Out Drawer

Pull Out Drawer kitchen storage ideas

Earlier on this list, we showed you a pull-out cabinet that provides ample storage space for spices and kitchen utensils. This kitchen storage idea is another pull-out spice storage solution, but instead of the spices sitting upright, you lay them down neatly inside the compartments on your kitchen drawers.


31. Lined Up on the Shelf

Lined Up on the Shelf kitchen storage ideas

If you want a more accessible storage solution for your spices, you may want to try lining up your kitchen spices on an open shelf on one of your kitchen walls.

Position this above your stove or induction cooktop for easy access when cooking. You can also buy beautifully designed spice containers to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.


32. Hanging Spices

Hanging Spices kitchen storage ideas

If you think hanging rocks are only for knives or kitchen utensils, this kitchen will show you that it can also hold your spices. It may not fit all of your spices, but it has enough space to store the ones most commonly used in any of your dishes.


33. Magnetic Spices

Magnetic Spices kitchen storage ideas

If you have stainless steel walls, backsplash, or appliances and don’t want any new installations, this magnetic spice solution may be your pick. They’re easy to store and easy to access.

Simply buy these metallic spice tins and transfer your spices onto them. The containers have a transparent lid, so it’s easy for you to identify which one’s the pepper and which is the salt.


Kitchen Towels


34. Hanging Above the Kitchen Sink

Hanging Above the Kitchen Sink kitchen storage ideas

If you use kitchen towels a lot, it can be a mission having to go back and forth to your kitchen towel cabinet for fresh ones. This kitchen towel hanging rack positioned above the kitchen sink is the solution to this.

It’s accessible and practical – you can use it to hold dry ones and hang wet ones just above the sink for it to dry without creating a no-mess.

Other smart storage solutions in this kitchen space include shelving adjacent to the hanging rack to hold frequently used kitchenware. If you’re going for this kitchen storage idea, pick kitchen towels that work well with your kitchen’s theme – the same goes with kitchenware.


35. Kitchen Towel Rack and Shelf Combo

Kitchen Towel Rack and Shelf Combo kitchen storage ideas

This kitchen towel storage idea is similar to the first one but uses narrower shelving atop the rack, instead of adjacent to it. Also, instead of kitchenware, more kitchen towels are placed on the shelf. This space-saving solution will look great above your kitchen countertop.


Pots and Pans


36. Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging Pots and Pans kitchen storage ideas

This method of hanging is a spin on the hanging pots and pons usually seen atop kitchen benches. Use the extra shelving above the racks to showcase pieces of art, or if you’re too tight for space, make it open shelving storage instead.


37. One on Top of the Other

One on Top of the Other kitchen storage ideas

This kitchen storage idea shows a very affordable way of creating more storage space in your existing kitchen cabinets. All you need to buy are some wire pantry racks and fit these into your cabinets. The shelves come in different shapes and sizes, including one that slots perfectly into the corner.


38. Rack Up Your Lids

Rack Up Your Lids kitchen storage ideas

Finding a lid that fits for your pots and pans can be a mission if you have a cluttered kitchen. Try this brilliant lid storage solution, so you never have to spend ages again looking for that matching lid.

Simply purchase dish racks and start lining your lids on it before tucking them away in your cabinets. This kitchen storage idea also works perfectly for your baking trays and chopping boards.


Kitchen Utensils

39. On the Countertop

On the Countertop kitchen storage ideas

Instead of having a chaotic drawer full of kitchen utensils, try displaying them on top of your kitchen countertop. Choose a container that complements your kitchen theme, and place the kitchen utensils that you frequently use in it.

you don’t need to have a uniform make and color of kitchen utensils. This modern kitchen, for example, displays a combination of wood, Teflon, silicone, and stainless steel kitchen utensils that complement the kitchen’s modern yet earthy theme.


40. Utensil Rack

Utensil Rack kitchen storage ideas

Another alternative is hanging them on a nice rack against your kitchen’s backsplash. You want to do this, especially if you have an exquisite set of kitchen utensils, like the bronze set showcased in this kitchen.


41. The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit kitchen storage ideas

If you prefer to have everything stored away neatly in a drawer, this custom-fit kitchen utensil drawer might be for you. The only thing with this storage idea is if you love to cook or bake and have a ton of kitchen utensils, you may end up using occupying more space just to ensure that each item perfectly slots into a mold.

Kitchen Knife Sets


42. Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic Knife Rack kitchen storage ideas

Magnetic knife racks are a great way to free some space on your countertops but still have your knives readily available. Magnetic frames don’t exclusively hold kitchen knife sets. You can also use them to hold kitchen shears, kitchen knife sharpener, or any other kitchen utensil that attaches to magnets.

The racks don’t always come in bare magnetic strips. There is a range of designs to fit your kitchen’s theme. Just like the wooden finish of this magnetic kitchen knife set rack that perfectly complements the wooden countertops.


43. Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic Knife Block kitchen storage ideas

If you don’t like having something on your backsplash, this magnetic kitchen knife block might appeal more to you. This storage solution for your kitchen knife sets and kitchen knife sharpener is a countertop block that holds your knives magnetically. It’s functional and decorative – one that will surely pique the interest of visitors who see them.


44. Fitted Knife Drawer

Fitted Knife Drawer kitchen storage ideas

If you don’t want your knives out in the open, but don’t want them cluttered in your kitchen drawer, there is also a smart kitchen storage idea for that. Install fitted knife drawers, similar to this one.

They keep your kitchen knife sets from piling on top of each other while protecting each blade’s sharpness.  Use the extra space to store other kitchen utensils, and your kitchen knife sharpeners.



45. Save the Best for Last

Save the Best for Last kitchen storage ideas

We’ve intentionally saved this kitchen for last – not because it’s the worst, but because it combines almost all of the kitchen storage ideas we’ve covered in this list.

Open shelves, hanging racks, kitchen island cabinets, countertop holders, magnetic knife set rack (look near the window) – this kitchen ticked a lot on our list!

One thing unique to this kitchen that hasn’t already covered above is the use of the range hood cover as a storage space. Did you notice that? Sure, they used it as a space for decors, but it’s also an idea to keep in mind – that space can be an excellent location for spices too, don’t you think?

This kitchen truly epitomizes kitchen storage maximization, making it our favorite on this list. What was yours? What was yours? Would you share it with us in the comments below?

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