30 Famous Kitchen Ceiling Ideas – Design & Images

Your kitchen is the ever pulsating life force of your home. It is where friends and family gather for a good home-cooked meal, where laughter and jolly memories are shared, Thanksgiving turkeys admired, and your culinary skills sharpened and affirmed.

Accumulated periods of activity can leave your kitchen ceiling looking unsavory. Unfortunately, you can’t rip it off and toss it into the garbage disposal.

The good news is, there are a number of sturdy and luxurious kitchen ceiling ideas that are both exquisite and easy to maintain. You might consider going for;

1. Ceiling Planks

Ceiling Planks kitchen ceiling ideas

People tend to gravitate towards the use of wood in interior decorations. Its use ranges from key areas like the floor, walls, ceiling, and more recently, glazed wooden kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks.

You can consider picking a fainter wood tone for the ceiling planks that would contrast wonderfully with the range hood and the kitchen cabinets.

Polished wood used to cover a regular ceiling type can give an ultramodern outlook to the kitchen, influenced by surrounding areas. Plugging your kitchen utensil set into a wooden kitchen knife set makes for highlights and fine details to buff up the ceiling planks.

2. Tin Coverage Ceilings

Tin Coverage Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

These were originally found in Victorian homes and abodes with aesthetics from the late 19th century. Nowadays, they have been made even more upscale and modern.

Tin ceilings are extremely easy to clean. They can be dusted off, and on major cleaning days, grab a mild dishwashing soap, some warm water, and a kitchen towel to wipe off the surface. Easy maintenance, check!

3. Tiles

Tiles kitchen ceiling ideas

Tiles fall into the spectrum of more conventional kitchen ceiling ideas. Tiles possess the inherent ability to be modified, and their seamless way of going with virtually any décor makes them easy to pick if you’re completely indecisive about which kitchen ceiling idea to go for. Tiles can also be easily wiped with a wet kitchen towel.

The entirety of the kitchen island comprising the kitchen sink, kitchen faucets, water filters, range hood, etc. can be made to look tastefully designed through the use of tiles. They give a fancy backdrop to the kitchen island and its proximal surroundings.

4. Drywall Ceiling

Drywall Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

Drywall ceilings, albeit considered plain and in wide use, are still a go-to for the ultimate kitchen ceiling idea. A variety of styles can be made with it. For example, a circular spiral with lights between and a pendant bulb in the middle to give your kitchen a certain glow and emit the warmth peculiar to kitchens.

The disadvantage lies in its susceptibility to mold and the fact that an ugly gash could be made on it with a simple kitchen shear or a kitchen knife sharpener. However, the odds are low.

5. Glass Ceilings

Glass Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

Glass ceilings are a stunning option for a kitchen. The translucency might offer you clarity and a certain inspiration while plowing through those recipes. The natural lights filtering through the roof helps amplify the colors of the décor in the kitchen as well as the flowers around.

Glass ceilings go quite well with the sleekness of induction cooktops. In all that beauty, light, and luminescence, it would be incredulous to think that a kitchen trash can or garbage disposal could be right around the corner of the kitchen.

To avoid the effects of ultraviolet rays that come with the beautiful harmless-looking stream of sunlight, you may want to consider using tinted, frosted, or stained glass windows. In addition, ventilation should be considered.

A range hood offers its own mechanical cooling system; however, provisions for open-air ventilation should be made.

6. False Ceilings

False Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

False ceilings are widely used and are said to have been in existence in Japan for over 700 years, where they were used for artistic purposes. PVC, POPs, gypsum, thermocool, etc. are examples of materials used in the construction of false ceilings. They are basically used to cover up an already existing ceiling.

PVCs are water-resistant, more malleable for decorative lights and accessories, possess a greater propensity to make kitchens cooler, and more durable.

You could have a quality induction cooktop, a good range hood, or a kitchen trash can filled with sand to combat the eventuality of a fire hazard. But with fire-resistant false ceilings, you are guaranteed of quadrupled safety measures.

7. Sloped Kitchen Ceiling

Sloped Kitchen Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

Sloped ceilings hold an architectural appeal that is difficult to find with any other type. They are paired with exquisite recess lightings capable of illuminating areas with a 45° slope. They are also helpful in concentrating lights on specific parts such as the epicenter of the kitchen which includes the area of the cooker.

kitchen utensil set, kitchen knife set, sink, etc. Kitchens with sloped ceilings on one side can inculcate glass panels in the slope to give a refreshing and uncommon attic style vibe to the kitchen.

8. The Groin Vault Ceiling

The Groin Vault Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

If you are searching for a jaw dropping, spectacular, wow-inducing kitchen ceiling idea, the groin vault ceiling should be given top priority. However, they are used in very expensive homes and demands you reach further into your pockets. But aren’t those intricate, complex designs just wonderful to look at?

You may fear that every detail in your kitchen down to the water filters, kitchen shear and kitchen knife sharpeners must be luxurious. However, groin vaulted ceilings can still be suitable for your minimalist taste.

9. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

Coffered ceilings appear in the form of sunken panels in different shapes or patterns such as squares, hexagons, triangles, etc.

Coffered ceilings in the kitchen give the appearance of more space, absorb sounds, and are known to add to a home’s resale price as they are historic by nature. Ceiling tiles and wallpapers can be added to the indentation in the panels if you are to be exacting about their appearance.

10. Shed Ceiling

Shed Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

The shed ceiling is recommended if you crave extra ceiling height. However, it is for houses that would have no second floor above the ceiling. Shed ceilings angle upward in a slight tangent. Recess and pendant lights complement white shed ceilings to give your kitchen an additional quality of neatness.

11. Decorative Metal Panels

Decorative Metal Panels kitchen ceiling ideas

Decorative metal panels can be installed right above your kitchen island or any focal spot in your kitchen such as the dining area. These are called a kitchen ascent cloud, which implies a shift in design at that particular point.

Installing it above your kitchen island would mean that the dimensions for the metal panels would be the same as the counter to give a uniform, aesthetic appeal. Lacquered steel and plywood with pendant lights or chandeliers are a great fit for these beauties.

12. Wood Ceiling With Visible Beams

Wood Ceiling With Visible Beams kitchen ceiling ideas

This type of ceilings are mostly made of polished wood with rows of beams smoothened off to give fine linear patterns. They can also be modified as a shed style ceiling or any other choice design.

13. Wood And Drywall In Two Tiers

Wood And Drywall In Two Tiers kitchen ceiling ideas

Yes, you can make an absolute masterpiece with a combination of two key materials to give a creative appeal to your kitchen. A section of the kitchen most likely to pick up grime can be allotted an easy to maintain material such as wood.

14. Cove Ceiling

Cove Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

A cove style ceiling, reminiscent of middle eastern architecture, utilizes curved edges instead of the regular sharp endings used in ceilings. It can give a cozy feeling and can be modified to contain multiple decorative accessories.

15. Tray Ceiling

Tray Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

Tray ceilings are a complete delight. The layered edges tailored to fit in a continuous line of lighting are ideal for the well-lit kitchen. They are largely preferred for areas like the living room but can also serve as an eclectic kitchen ceiling idea.

16. Dome Ceiling

Dome Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

Dome ceilings can make a plain-looking kitchen quite extraordinary. It gives the impression of more standing space. It also goes quite well with a ceiling fan in the middle to aid ventilation.

17. Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding kitchen ceiling ideas

Crown molded ceilings with built-in LED lights are a smart choice now. Most give a lovely finish to the ceiling from the top of the cabinets. If a room is small and the ceilings moderately low, a two to four-inch width is suitable for it.

18. High Gloss Painted Ceiling

High Gloss Painted Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

This adds an extra pop to your ceiling and kitchen environs. Its ability to reflect lights and amplify the spark and gloss of your kitchen island or other kitchen accessories make it a cool kitchen ceiling idea. It is also stain-resistant.

19. Artistic Statement Ceilings

Artistic Statement Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

These types of ceilings in the kitchen are a rarity and would certainly make eyes turn up! Flower patterns or anything simply eclectic with white walls and complementing cabinets would make a wild, artsy statement.

20. Pop Colours

Pop Colours kitchen ceiling ideas

Your plain kitchen styles or drywall can be painted with lovely pop colors to make it look fun and beautiful. Pop colors for your ceiling create a feeling of warmth and cohesiveness in the kitchen.

21. Sky Vistas

sky Vistas kitchen ceiling ideas

We can have the feeling of being outdoors whilst staying in the comfort of your kitchen. Isn’t that amazing? Sky vistas are mostly colored in different shades of blue. Matching this to a darker toned cupboard would cement a cool, calming effect.

22. Skylight Windowed Ceiling

Skylight Windowed Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

If you want to enjoy the feeling of natural lights without having to resort to glass windows, being so costly, installing a window in the center of the kitchen can be a good alternative.

23. Unfinished Wooden Ceiling

Unfinished Wooden Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

These are affordable, and they give the rustic farmhouse aura. Unfinished wood painted a neutral color to match your countertop or kitchen appliances such as the range hood or kitchen utensil set are a brilliant choice.

24. Elegant Ceiling

Elegant Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

These are simplistic, spacious, minimalistic kitchen ceiling ideas. They may sometimes involve using a ceiling the same color as the walls to give a continuous finish.

25. Modern Textured Ceilings

Modern Textured Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

The popcorn texture ceiling is certainly the most popular. There exist a variety of others. In the right hands, all you need is a lovely texture ceiling and light fixtures only, to create a stunning effect.

26. 3-Dimensional Ceiling Designs

3-Dimensional Ceiling Designs kitchen ceiling ideas

False ceilings such as POP can be modified to create stunning 3D details on your kitchen ceiling. Combine this with the right accessories and stunning kitchen utensil set to complete a rare and beautiful look of your kitchen.

27. Murals And Wallpapers On Ceiling

Murals And Wallpapers On Ceiling kitchen ceiling ideas

Use fun murals and wallpapers to create an artistic touch in your kitchen. It gives you the flexibility to actually use what you want to see, and it is easy to pull off. Some wallpapers can be installed through appropriate DIY techniques, but more complex ones require the skills of a professional.

28. Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

Suspended ceilings are like an extra layer of ceiling over the original. They are wonderful because a different material can be used to differentiate between the two layers and allow one to use materials that complement each other.

29. Floating Bulkhead Ceilings

Floating Bulkhead Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

These are advisable for spacious rooms with ample amounts of heights. Bulkhead ceilings give a solid refined look to your kitchens and are architectural. On the downside, they may be permanent, depending on the type of materials used.

30. Plasterboard Ceilings

Plasterboard Ceilings kitchen ceiling ideas

Plasterboard ceilings can be regular or moisture-resistant. The materials for these are affordable and easily sourced. Installation fees are also cost-effective. Fix up your plasterboard, finish up with a plaster, and voila, you’re ready to go.


Your kitchen is the epicenter and soul of your home, and it deserves to be tastefully designed and attached with a special reverence not available to other parts of the house.

In this article, we have provided different kitchen ceiling ideas so you can choose one that matches your style. Where do you look after an exhilarating cooking exercise or in an expression of gratitude before or after a meal? That’s right. Upwards!

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