45 Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas

Your kitchen countertop can make or break your kitchen – functionally and aesthetically.

A low-quality kitchen countertop can cost you more in terms of having to replace it frequently. It may also add up to your expenses by ruining your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and utensils.

On the other hand, an uncoordinated countertop, can turn even the most stunning kitchen into an absolute eyesore.

If you’re building or remodeling your kitchen, ensure that you pick a countertop design appropriate to your needs and style. Here are 45 of our favorite kitchen countertop design ideas to get you started.



1. Patterned Quartz

Patterned Quartz kitchen countertop design ideas

Quartz in itself is a rigid material, which makes it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, especially if you do tons of cooking and prepping.

This quartz countertop has a beautiful, almost three-dimensional pattern, making it the perfect choice for giving a compelling texture contrast against the solid black cabinetry.


2. Burgundy Quartz

Burgundy Quartz kitchen countertop design ideas

If you have a modern kitchen with primarily black, white, grey and stainless steel hues, use your countertop to add a bit of color. The burgundy quartz material used in this modern space makes this kitchen more appealing to the eyes.

Complement the burgundy’s earthiness by incorporating some wood accents, such as the kitchen knife set block and the wooden canister housing the kitchen utensils.


3. Torquay Quartz

Torquay Quartz kitchen countertop design ideas

Enhance the elegance of a crisp white kitchen through the use of Torquay quartz countertop. Torquay is a type of quartz that is bright, clean, simple, yet exudes a hint of elegance.

Go all in and use the same refined material for your backsplash, too. Bring a bit of life color by adorning your countertop with vibrant orchids and attractive pots and vases, such as those used in this kitchen.


4. White Quartz

White Quartz kitchen countertop design ideas

The use of white quartz countertops in the kitchen countertops brings together the modern, white-black-stainless steel theme of this kitchen. Using the same material for the kitchen island’s countertop highlights the ceramic induction cooktop beautifully, creating a stark and much-needed contrast.


5. Glossy Black Quartz

Glossy Black Quartz kitchen countertop design ideas

This kitchen is pretty similar to the previous one we just showed, but this one adopted an all-black glossy quartz countertop, camouflaging the ceramic induction cooktop.

In severely monochromatic modern spaces like these, creatively use your fruit bowl to showcase colorful fruits fora touch of animation.


6. Modern Gray

Modern Gray kitchen countertop design ideas

For modern gray kitchens, such as this, maintain the neutral color palette by pairing the dark gray slab cabinets with glossy white quartz featuring a lot of gray streaks and patterns. Illuminate the countertop further by using glass pendant lighting fixtures.




7. Hickory

Hickory kitchen countertop design ideas

Hickory is known as the strongest and original American hardwood. It’s very durable, so it’s an obvious choice for countertops.

This kitchen used Hickory countertops to add warmth to this relatively cool modern kitchen. The smooth finish worked great in reflecting the natural light coming in, making the space seem more spacious.


8. Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine kitchen countertop design ideas

If dark woods don’t appeal to you, use a bright type of wood to complement your bright white space, and create a compelling contrast at the same time.

The yellow pine wood countertop in this kitchen gave the perfect stunning break from the immaculate floor to ceiling white space. The wood texture is also a great texture contrast from the ceramic induction cooktop under the stainless steel range hood.


9. Raw Wood Slab

Raw Wood Slab kitchen countertop design ideas

A raw wood slab is an excellent choice if you want to create a functional yet striking kitchen countertop. This beautiful natural wood slab paired with the white cabinetry is sure to be a conversation piece each time you have visitors around.

Install your kitchen sink undermount to amplify this beauty and choose matte and subtle tones for your kitchen faucet, so it doesn’t end up stealing the wood’s spotlight.


10. Butcher Block Countertop

Butcher Block Countertop kitchen countertop design ideas

Although this kitchen is still unfinished, you can already see how the butcher block countertop added the aesthetic element to the black and white cabinetry of this kitchen.

The wood created the perfect background to the farmhouse style kitchen sink, pulling together all the features of a country-style kitchen.


11. Wooden Neutralizer

Wooden Neutralizer kitchen countertop design ideas

Wood almost always works well with any color or pattern, from traditional to modern kitchen designs. A wood countertop was the perfect material to to neutralize the vibrant colors while maintaining the earthy vibe evoked by this pastel coral-themed kitchen space.




12. Copper-Looking Granite

Copper-Looking Granite kitchen countertop design ideas

Granite is one of the kitchen countertop materials that last. It’s exceptionally durable, and it can even withstand even the sharpest knives. They’re also known to add value to your home, so if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen to sell your home, granite is your best friend.

The copper-colored granite used in this kitchen countertop provided the perfect background to highlight the beautiful matte black kitchen faucet and matching top mount kitchen sink. It also managed to add color and life to the kitchen, yet still maintained the stern and modern look of this primarily black space.


13. Exotic Granite

Exotic Granite kitchen countertop design ideas

A luxurious kitchen deserves exquisite countertop material, such as the exotic granite countertop covering the surfaces of this kitchen.

The various-colored streaks and veins in this benchtop achieve a 3D-ish effect, making the kitchen appear alive. You also have to love the patterned tile backsplash, adopting colors similar to the streaks of the countertop.


14. Elegant Black

Elegant Black kitchen countertop design ideas

If you have a beautiful crystal chandelier fixture like this kitchen, choose a dark-colored countertop to make your lighting fixture your focal point.

The black granite creates the perfect break to the otherwise light-toned elements in this kitchen. It also draws your eyes upwards to the gorgeous crystal chandelier. It pulls together all the details in this kitchen, allowing its luxury to stand out.


15. Grainy Granite

Grainy Granite kitchen countertop design ideas

To keep within the modern design elements, use a sleek black granite countertop. The shiny material complements the glossy white cabinetry and reflective stainless steel range hood. Choose a grainy pattern to add depth as well as keep the smooth ceramic induction cooktop distinct.


16. Galaxy Granite

Galaxy Granite kitchen countertop design ideas

Granite countertops are excellent features to bring color into an otherwise monotonous kitchen space. This modern kitchen paired its flat-panel cabinetry beautifully with the galaxy granite countertops.

Galaxy granites are known for their dark blue and gray swirls, which created the stark texture contrast in this kitchen while remaining in the white spectrum.


17. Nero Mist

Nero Mist kitchen countertop design ideas

Nero mist is a type of black granite featuring speckles of white. This elegant type of granite countertop gave the perfect background to the white farmhouse style kitchen sink.

The countertop provided the perfect functional and aesthetic addition, bringing together all the elements of this elegant yet modern black and white kitchen.




18. Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue kitchen countertop design ideas

It’s not compulsory to have your countertop a different color from your cabinets. If you decide to the same color tones for your cabinetry and countertop, ensure that you at least pick contrasting textures.

An example is the glossy smooth blue cabinets in this modern kitchen adorned with a grainy blue laminate countertop. Maintain the cool blue feel of the room with accents such as blue stemmed wine glasses, potholders, kitchen towels, and more.


19. Simply Gray

Simply Gray kitchen countertop design ideas

If your kitchen cabinetry is screaming with colors, tone it down by using a neutral-toned countertop.  In this kitchen, white would be too bright and black too dark, making gray the perfect choice. It perfectly calms down the vibrant yellow and patterned wood cabinetry.


20. Dark Gray on Dark Purple

Dark Gray on Dark Purple kitchen countertop design ideas

To tone down colorful kitchen cabinetry, using a neutral-colored kitchen countertop. The dark purple cabinets on this modern kitchen space pairs perfectly with the textured dark gray laminate. Choose a matte finish, especially if you already have a lot of reflective or glossy accents.

In this kitchen, for example, the subtle dark gray countertop worked perfectly to neutralize the illumination from the shimmering golden range hood, kitchen faucet, and cabinet hardware.




21. Jet Black Caesarstone

Jet Black Caesarstone kitchen countertop design ideas

The jet matte finish of the black Caesarstone contrasts the smooth make of the top-mount kitchen sink and kitchen faucet fixture. However, both still exude dark and cold vibes. Soften this up with colorful, “natural” accents, such as these woven wood baskets that are great containers for indoor plants or colorful fruits.


22. Subtle Smooth White

Subtle Smooth White kitchen countertop design ideas

A space full of patterns, such as this kitchen’s mix of parquet and checkered flooring, give the eyes a rest by choosing simple yet sleek cabinetry and countertops. You can also have it two-toned, like this kitchen, which used white Caesarstone on one side and wood surface on the kitchen island’s side.




23. White Danby

White Danby kitchen countertop design ideas

Moutain white Danby is a type of classic, smooth white marble, featuring grey hues with a mix of black and grey veining. It adds the right amount of elegance to any kitchen.

The mountain white Danby used in this cozy-looking kitchen brings together the mix of textures and tones from the roughness of the brick backsplash to the smooth stainless steel kitchen faucet, and the sturdy yet warm tones of the wooden kitchen utensils and cabinetry.


24. Rojo Levantina

Rojo Levantina kitchen countertop design ideas

Rojo Levantine is a type of smooth red marble with white veins. Use this type of marble to pull together an elegant kitchen with maple cabinetry. The elegance of this large traditional kitchen is further highlighted by the beautiful reverse pendant light with subtle crystal accents.


25. Flash Night Marble

Flash Night Marble kitchen countertop design ideas

Flash night is a type of black marble that has occasional white veins. It worked well in this modern kitchen, providing a compelling contrast from the sleek white cabinetry and the grayish rough concrete backsplash.

Give life to monochromatic spaces like this by adding in some subtle accents of small indoor plants and showcasing your wooden kitchen utensils and chopping boards.


26. Statuary Marble

Statuary Marble kitchen countertop design ideas

Marble doesn’t always have to go on monotone kitchens. Take this vibrant kitchen, for example,  who used statuary marble as its countertop finish. Statuary marble is a type of white marble that has a semi-translucent reflective look with gray veins.

The playful patterns created by the grey veins on this white marble complements the playful pastel-colored vibe in this space. The white marble also perfectly contrasts the smooth black finish of the ceramic induction cooktop.


Solid Surface


27. Integrated Dark Red

Integrated Dark Red kitchen countertop design ideas

Other than a mix of black, white, and gray, industrial kitchens can also have color. This gorgeous dark red solid surface countertop with an integrated kitchen sink is a testament to this.

Having the cabinetry the same color and texture also is an excellent way of making this kitchen island the room’s focal point. Use accents to complete the industrial feel, such as the matte black modern kitchen faucet fixture.


28. White Elegance

White Elegance kitchen countertop design ideas

Marble floors, designer walls, mosaic backsplash, brass kitchen faucet fixtures, and gold pendant lighting – this kitchen is radiating with elegant patterns.

The smooth and simplistic white solid surface countertop on this enormous kitchen island creates the perfect toned down focal point to give your eyes a break from the wide array of luxurious accents in this space.


29. Tiny White 

Tiny White kitchen countertop design ideas

For smaller kitchens, create the illusion of a bigger space by using bright colored countertops. The dark black bottom cabinets draw your eyes up to the white solid surface countertop that instantly magnifies the limited space, thanks to its brilliant reflective feature.

Use a similar white tone for your kitchen faucet fixtures to maintain a cohesive crisp space.


30. Panoramic Black

Panoramic Black kitchen countertop design ideas

If you’re after a modern and masculine kitchen vibe, use matte black cabinetry with hardware-less features. Pair it with an equally dark matte black countertop and a black undermount kitchen sink.

Add brightness and illumination through the use of stainless steel kitchen faucet and undercabinet lighting fixtures. Finally, inject a subtle touch of warmth and life by incorporating a wooden backsplash and similar accents such as bamboo kitchen utensils and chopping boards.




31. Rough Concrete Finish

Rough Concrete Finish kitchen countertop design ideas

A rough concrete countertop like this one would look great in industrial or modern kitchen design. Maintain cohesiveness by installing a kitchen faucet that brings an equally industrial feel. Using concrete such as this can also allow you to integrate your kitchen sink to achieve a seamless transition.


32. Smooth Concrete Slab

Smooth Concrete Slab kitchen countertop design ideas

This kitchen displays another take on the use of concrete as the kitchen island countertop material. This kitchen already has a rough ceiling finish, so the smooth, thick slab of concrete for the countertop is an excellent idea to complete this kitchen’s industrial elements.


Stainless Steel


33. Steel on Red

Steel on Red kitchen countertop design ideas

Ever wonder why stainless-steel covers most of the commercial kitchens, including their kitchen countertops? It probably has something to do with stainless steel being non-porous. That means liquids and other substances won’t be able to go past it.

This feature is excellent for maintaining the integrity of your cabinets. The quality also keeps your surfaces hygienic and free from any bacteria. Hence, the clear choice for commercial-grade countertops.

Stainless steel is also durable and extremely resistant. This type of countertop surface can withstand heat, water, and as we said, any other substance. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning nasty stains or burning your benchtop when you accidentally lay down a pot fresh off the stove.

The reflective feature of this material also makes it the perfect choice for making your kitchen look spacious. Its sleek and crisp look integrates perfectly into modern kitchen interiors, like this stainless steel countertop over the glossy red cabinetry.


34. Steel and Wood

Steel and Wood kitchen countertop design ideas

Combine the coolness of stainless steel and the warmth of wood to create a modern, yet homey kitchen feel. Beautiful wood slab cabinetry paired excellently with the sleek and shiny, thick stainless steel countertop in this cozy kitchen.


35. Two-Toned, Mixed Material

Two-Toned, Mixed Material kitchen countertop design ideas

You don’t always have to line your countertops with the same material throughout your entire kitchen. Take this modern minimalist kitchen, for example, which used a mix of wood and glossy white Caesarstone countertops.

Notice also how they strategically did the dual-toning so that it creates contrasting colors to that across. This kitchen exhibits how minimalist can be incredibly stunning.


36. Two-in-One

Two-in-One kitchen countertop design ideas

This art deco kitchen presents another kitchen countertop design idea using two different materials and colors. The thick wood slab that runs around the counter space creates a beautiful bar countertop for dining and drinks.

The thinner yet smoother gray Caesarstone material is the perfect surface for food prepping and cooking. The kitchen knife set block may look like a small detail, yet it draws together both materials and complements the two-toned benchtops.


37. Twice the Luxury

Twice the Luxury kitchen countertop design ideas

Another take on the dual kitchen countertop design idea is this kitchen’s use of two types of luxurious-looking countertop materials. A large white quartz countertop with gorgeous marbling was used on the kitchen island countertop.

At the same time, a lustrous black dark granite material covered the rest of the kitchen’s work surfaces. Having the kitchen sink undermount was an excellent idea to highlight the beauty of the quartz further.


38. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile kitchen countertop design ideas

If you want to remodel your kitchen countertop but are saving down on costs, consider installing ceramic tile countertops. This type of material leans towards the less expensive spectrum when it comes to countertop materials.

It’s also one of those materials that are easy to install yourself. Like any tile, however, the grout between the tiles can be very high maintenance. So although you save on the initial cost and labor, in the long run, keeping it in pristine condition may end up costing you more money (and time).


39. Countertop Chopping Board

Countertop Chopping Board kitchen countertop design ideas

The crisp white countertop used in this kitchen beautifully transitions into the top-mount farmhouse style kitchen sink. However, this seamless feature creates a monotonous white space. Break the monotony by adding subtle yet functional accents, such as this wooden countertop chopping board.


40. Three-Dimensional

Three-Dimensional kitchen countertop design ideas

Breaking the monotony of this glossy white kitchen space is the polished black island countertop with an integrated induction cooktop and undermount kitchen sink.

The appeal of this countertop comes from its 3-D effect. Thanks to the semi-visible stainless steel fixture underneath, it’s as if this gigantic black countertop was floating over the kitchen island.


41. Waterfall Edge Kitchen Island

Waterfall Edge Kitchen Island kitchen countertop design ideas

Another kitchen countertop design idea is to enhance your kitchen island is to have its countertop installed into a waterfall edge style. This countertop design is great for modern or minimalist kitchen styles when you want to achieve a seamless transition from floor to counter.

This solid stone smooth white countertop shines brightly in the middle of this beautiful kitchen. Its shiny finish complements the reflective surfaces of the stainless steel kitchen faucet and modern kitchen appliances and hardware.


42. Color Coordinate

Color Coordinate kitchen countertop design ideas

If you have a kitchen with an incredibly modern look, maintain this vibe by color coordinating your countertops to your kitchen cabinets. Do the same with your kitchen accessories and fixtures, such as the black kitchen knife set and black kitchen sink and faucet used in this very black and cooking space.


43. Bring Life to Your Countertops

Bring Life to Your Countertops kitchen countertop design ideas

Bring life and color to your already stunning countertop by adding organic decorative accents. These include the colorful indoor plants and fruits used in this kitchen.

Brightness was enhanced by the natural coming in and reflecting on the reflective white solid stone countertop paired with dark kitchen cabinets.


44. Maximize Your Countertop Space

Maximize Your Countertop Space kitchen countertop design ideas

If you don’t have a kitchen island, but you bake a lot tend to prepare elaborate dishes, clear the clutter from your kitchen countertop as much as you can.

The hanging racks on this kitchen’s backsplash is a brilliant way of keeping your kitchen utensils accessible while freeing up your countertop space.


45. Layer for an Instant Kitchen Bar

Layer for an Instant Kitchen Bar kitchen countertop design ideas

Layer your kitchen island countertop as a smart space adding solution. In this modern kitchen, the homeowner added another layer of glossy black granite to its island countertop, creating more workspace around the kitchen sink. Add a couple of barstools to create a mini-bar where you and your family can share stories and laughter as you prepare dinner while they sip on their favorite drinks.


There are hundreds of kitchen countertop design ideas out there, and our list can go on and on. But we’ll stop at 45 and let you choose your favorite. Which one was it? Let us know by commenting below.

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