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Are you fed up with having a neutral-colored kitchen which you feel lacks warmth and character? In your next kitchen make-over, try to introduce a vibrant hue into your space to add some pizazz.

What better color is there to do this with than red? This attention-grabbing shade is bold and packed full of personality, reminding us of passion, love, and spicy food. It has also been shown to increase appetite which is ideal for your kitchen. Whether you want a subtle introduction of color or full glossy red cabinets, a deep maroon shade, or an orangey-red hue, there are plenty of ways to incorporate red into your kitchen. Here are our top 30 red kitchen ideas.

1. Red Walls and White Cabinets

Red Walls and White Cabinets red kitchen ideas

A simple way to incorporate red into your kitchen is to paint your walls red. This works great if you already have neutral-toned kitchen cabinets and countertops as they tie in well with most colors, and it is an easy and safe option – if you do not like it you can paint back over!

This designer has chosen a white kitchen with red walls which is pleasing, but if you want a more country feel choose a wine color paint and cream cabinets.


2. Red Gloss Cabinets

Red Gloss Cabinets red kitchen ideas

If you are feeling bold and brave, opt for an all-over red kitchen. This sleek contemporary kitchen oozes a modern vibe as the gloss cherry red cabinets are sleek and streamlined.


3. Red Lower Cabinets

Red Lower Cabinets red kitchen ideas

If going all red is not for you, try having the lower set of your kitchen cabinets painted red, but leave the upper cabinets light and fresh. This is an especially useful technique in smaller spaces as the color is not too overpowering and leaving higher cabinets lighter gives the illusion of open space.


4. Small Red Tiled Backsplash

Small Red Tiled Backsplash red kitchen ideas

Another bold option is to used red tiles in different shades to create a mosaic-effect backsplash. As this kitchen has red lower cabinets and white upper cabinets, the designer has chosen small red and white tiles for the backsplash. This creates a gradient effect between the two colors ensuring they blend seamlessly together.


5. Red Crockery and Accessories

Red Crockery and Accessories red kitchen ideas

For a really subtle touch of red, introduce red accents through crockery and accessories. This is an instant way to inject personality without overwhelming the space with color and is a simple fix for those of you not wanting to do a complete kitchen remodel.


6. Matte Red Accents

Matte Red Accents red kitchen ideas

We have looked at hi-gloss red kitchens, but what about matte red? Matte red is an excellent choice if you want a more natural and softer finish. This designer has used a deep red tone to accent specific cabinets, and the handleless design still gives the kitchen a sleek look without the need for shine.


7. Red Kitchen Island

Red Kitchen Island red kitchen ideas

A red kitchen island creates a dramatic and eye-catching centerpiece for any room. Be sure to pair the red with whites, greys, and creams to help blend the island in with the rest of your kitchen while still appearing striking.


8. Paneled Red Cabinets

Paneled Red Cabinets red kitchen ideas

You can add texture to your kitchen by using panels on the cabinets. This is an excellent choice if you are looking to have cabinets more then one color, as this designer has chosen to do.

The white band along the red cupboards runs parallel to the cabinet panels and nicely breaks up the strong red.


9. Red and Wooden Kitchen

Red and Wooden Kitchen red kitchen ideas

For a more comforting and homely atmosphere, pair a deep red with wooden cabinets and countertops. This is inviting, warming, and not too overpowering for smaller spaces. Oak is a good choice of wood as the light shade contrasts the deep hue.


10. Deep Red Kitchen

Deep Red Kitchen red kitchen ideas

Using a dark and deep shade of red creates a completely different vibe than bright vibrant shade. Select a rich color for a softer, sophisticated atmosphere, keeping the floor and walls light so the space still feels bright and airy.


11. Red Wood Kitchen

Red Wood Kitchen red kitchen ideas

Take a more unique approach when designing your red kitchen and try using a red-colored wood to introduce the color into your space. You can choose to use a red-toned varnish to paint over your cupboards or a mahogany wood for your cabinetry.


12. Red Stools

Red Stools red kitchen ideas

Red stools are a great way to add that color pop while requiring minimal effort. This can inject personality and can help stop an all-white kitchen from looking washed out.

These stools are matched with light fittings in precisely the same shade of red, tying the kitchen together whilst giving an effortless vibe.


13. Red Countertop

Red Countertop red kitchen ideas

It does not have to be your walls or cabinetry which is red; why not have a statement countertop? This can introduce color and excitement and has the perfect balance between bold and subtle.

Be sure to tie the countertops in with the rest of your kitchen. This designer has run a red band around the base of the cabinets and used a daring red ceiling to do this.

If you are wanting something more specific, you can read our article: 45 kitchen countertop design ideas.


14. Upper Red Cabinets

Upper Red Cabinets red kitchen ideas

We have talked about having your lower cabinets red, but this works with the upper cabinets too. If you are going for this design, ensure the lower cupboards are darker than the red shade you select so that the kitchen remains balanced and does not feel top-heavy.

This designer has paired gloss red cabinets with black which generates a masculine environment.


15. Solid Red Backsplash

Solid Red Backsplash red kitchen ideas

A solid red backsplash immediately draws attention to the center of the kitchen and breaks up stretches of plain color. This minimalistic kitchen with sleek white cupboards and minimal handles and accessories is brought to life with the addition of red.


16. Red Ombre Walls

Red Ombre Walls red kitchen ideas

This unique kitchen design is sure to catch peoples’ attention. The designer has created an ombre gradient from the dark countertops up to the white ceiling. T

his has been done by using lots of tiny tiles in multiple shades, from the deepest red up to pinks and white tones. As the countertop is black whilst the ceiling is white this makes a seamless transition and ties the whole space together.


17. Orange-Red Kitchen

Orange-Red Kitchen red kitchen ideas

When you think of red, do not constrain yourself to only imagining a typical tomato hue. You can delve into more orange shades for a warm environment. This designer has gone for an all-orange kitchen bar with the white range hood, but orange tones can be introduced as boldly or subtly as you wish.


18. Red Accent Shelving

Red Accent Shelving red kitchen ideas

Open shelving is becoming more common in kitchens to open up the space and also act as a convenient space to store herbs, recipe books, or showcase plants and accessories. Try using red accent shelving for a delicate color injection to add some vibrancy.


19. Red Feature Rug

Red Feature Rug red kitchen ideas

An easy way to add color without the need for a kitchen renovation is to choose a rug. This patterned rug is a great addition to subtly bring red into the room. The softness of the rug texture beautifully contrasts the angular and smooth cabinets and brings a softness to the space.


20. Red Appliances

Red Appliances red kitchen ideas

Choosing to install red appliances is another option. This wooden cabin-style kitchen is inviting and warming, and the retro-style fridge is a statement feature.

The blue wall to the right compliments the opposing red hue and makes a harmonious collision of color. You could also choose to have other red appliances, such as kettles, toasters, or even a red rangehood or induction hob.


21. Red Brick Wall

Red Brick Wall red kitchen ideas

For a more natural injection of red, opt for a red brick wall. This works great is rustic homes with wooden countertops and natural cream or grey color schemes. The bricks introduce texture and a flair of character.


22. Red with Gold Highlights

Red with Gold Highlights red kitchen ideas

You will often see red paired with chrome or silver fixings, but why not use gold to accent your kitchen? This oozes sophistication and conjures images of royalty. The designer has used gold cabinet handles, light fixings, and a kitchen faucet.

Deeper and darker shades of matt red work most successfully with gold, whereas silver fixings can also work paired with brighter red tones.


23. Mahogany Red Kitchen

Mahogany Red Kitchen red kitchen ideas

Mahogany is a beautiful and rich colored wood. The use of this in your kitchen introduces warming red tones while still channeling the feeling of nature. Multiple kinds of wood can also be woven together for a truly spectacular space, like in this design.


24. Pink-Red Kitchen

Pink-Red Kitchen red kitchen ideas

Some people will argue pink is a color of its own, but in fact, it is just a weaker shade of red. Pink is a naturally feminine color and much softer and more delicate than harsh red tones. This designer has used a simplistic and minimalist design, so the introduction of color does not overwhelm the space.


25. Dark Wooden Frame with Red Drawers

Dark Wooden Frame with Red Drawers red kitchen ideas

Try having red drawers and cabinets inside a different colored framework for a less intense color addition. This designer has paired a deep red shade with warm dark wood to radiate elegance and sophistication.


26. Red Kitchen Dresser

Red Kitchen Dresser red kitchen ideas

To save having to rip out your entire kitchen, why not add a red kitchen dresser? This works particularly well in a vintage kitchen by creating a mismatched yet pleasant feel.

You can use the dresser to display feature crockery or accessories for an instantaneous shot of personality. The blue painted cabinets in this design create a beautiful contrast.


27. Patterned Red Wallpaper

Patterned Red Wallpaper red kitchen ideas

When creating a statement kitchen, try using both colors and patterns. This wallpaper with a subtle red floral pattern paired with a red and white kitchen is a great example. You can choose a wallpaper that reflects your personality, be that floral prints for a feminine feel or striking stripes for a masculine hit.


28. Combined Colour Kitchen

Combined Colour Kitchen red kitchen ideas

We have seen a few examples of red and blue kitchen combinations, and actually, it is hugely successful. Red and blue are opposite shades, with red being warming and blue a cool tone. The contrast between the two gives a dynamic and complex design that is beautiful when carried out correctly.


29. Red Checkered Tablecloth

Red Checkered Tablecloth red kitchen ideas

A great simplistic way to add red colors and textures into your home is by using a red tablecloth.

A red and white gingham cloth reminds us all of picnics and happy days spent eating alfresco, so bring these memories and feelings of comfort to your kitchen by throwing a checkered tablecloth over your table. This is also a fantastic way to soften harsh and heavy kitchens.


30. Red Accent Shelving

Red Accent Shelving red kitchen ideas

This designer has used tomato red shelving in a monochrome kitchen, which creates a fantastic dramatic contrast. It almost looks as if the image is taken in black and white, and the red items left in color. You can make red accent shelving as harsh or as subtle as you like, depending on the tone used and how it pairs with the existing kitchen.



Hopefully, these red kitchen designs have given you some inspiration for your next renovation. Remember these key things to take into consideration when playing with such a vibrant color:

Spend time selecting the right shade: warmer orangey tones are fresh and exciting, while cooler plumy tones exude elegance

Decide how bold of a statement you want: a subtle addition of red accessories or appliances is more delicate than whole red kitchen interiors

Decide on a material for your kitchen: combining red with wood or bricks brings a rustic vibe, while sleek metals and surfaces are contemporary in style.

Choose a shiny or matte finish: hi-gloss kitchens are modern and bright, whereas matte shades work better combined with multiple textures

What are your opinions on this bold color being incorporated into your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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