52 Popular Kitchen Bar Ideas

What modern-day kitchen is complete without a bar? A kitchen bar provides the perfect space for quiet cups of coffee in the morning, a place to set up your laptop on the days you work remotely and the perfect setting for conversations with friends or family.

If you’ve been looking to add a bar into your kitchen’s design scheme, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll be sharing more than fifty kitchen bar ideas that you’re all but guaranteed to fall in love with.


1. Living in Luxury

Living in Luxury kitchen bar ideas

If your preconception of kitchen bar ideas includes loads of leather and cigarette-burned wood, allow this first design to banish that notion from your mind. Everything about this space is dripping with sheer luxury.

The feathered chandeliers light the quartz bar below and clear plastic bar stools with gold legs give this space an edgier feel. We cannot stop looking at this breathtaking design.


2. Industrial Inspired Kitchen Bar

Industrial Inspired Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

As you can see from looking at this space, kitchen bar ideas work exceptionally well with an industrial design aesthetic. This gray kitchen bar has the appearance of floating which lends a whimsical feel to this industrial room.

Simple steel framed bar stools are used to draw even more attention to this statement design piece. The exposed lighting, face brick and color palate all work in this kitchen bar’s favor.


3. Oozing Elegance

Oozing Elegance kitchen bar ideas

This next kitchen bar is a stylish combination of practical meets pretty. Not only is a kitchen faucet and garbage disposal included in its design but its bright blue coloration provides a stunning pop of color that elevates this kitchen.

Its wraparound design also means that you can keep that unsightly kitchen trash can out of the way. The candle-stick chandelier couldn’t highlight it any better.


4. Marvelous Marble

Marvelous Marble kitchen bar ideas

We love a good marble bar, don’t you? The sleek stainless steel, ash flooring and gray brickwork found in this modern kitchen are perfectly complemented by this marble bar.

To add even more appeal to this kitchen bar are low-hanging pendant lights and plush bar stools. The ash wood flooring ties the entire room together.


5. Farmhouse Charm

Farmhouse Charm kitchen bar ideas

This modern farmhouse style loft wouldn’t be what it is without the addition of this simple bar.

While the face brick walls and abundance of greenery aid this space in its quest for achieving farmhouse style, the white paneled bar with simple green bar stools sends it well on its way. We adore this for its simplicity.


6. A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color kitchen bar ideas

This colorful kitchen features multiple tones of blue while the bright orange light fixtures take this kitchen to a whole new level.

Because the kitchen is so loud the bar itself is quiet with white countertops and duck egg blue panels. Overall, this kitchen bar provides a beautifully quite space in an admittedly busy kitchen.


7. Contemporary Country

Contemporary Country kitchen bar ideas

Distressed bar stools, intricate lighting and an abundance of white surfaces all work cohesively in this contemporary country kitchen.

The kitchen island, complete with kitchen sink and garbage disposal, makes the perfect bar. There is also plenty of built-in storage space and loads of room to display your essential kitchen accessories.


8. The Future is Here

The Future is Here kitchen bar ideas

Kitchen bar ideas are inherently modern, but none are as modern as this futuristic design. The incredibly unique lighting, mirrored bar and modern bar stools all help this kitchen bar design to transcend trends & become something truly special.

If it’s a little too shiny for your taste, consider softening the look with a colorful kitchen towel or pots of fresh herbs.


9. Diner Inspired Modern Kitchen Bar

Diner Inspired Modern Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

What better place to source your kitchen bar ideas and inspiration from than from a diner? The simplicity of this narrow bar with plain bar stools is understated yet modern and will work extremely well in smaller kitchens.

The traditional diner tile flooring, black feature wall and hanging light fixtures with exposed wiring help this kitchen to achieve a truly modern design scheme.


10.  Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Bar

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

We love how the different textures all work together as one in this modern farmhouse kitchen bar’s design. The hardwood flooring, cabinetry, range hood and soft color palate all compliment the marble kitchen bar.

We love how a fresh splash of green, wire and clear plastic bar stools all make this bar even more visually interesting.


11. Charming Country Kitchen Bar

Charming Country Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

This kitchen bar idea is just so charming, we can’t stop staring at it. The wooden bar’s wheeled design means that you can maneuver this around your kitchen as you please, which is hugely convenient.

The whitewashed wood found in the bar and its stools is present throughout the entire kitchen while beech wood provides a splash of color & warmth.


12.  Small and Stylish

Small and Stylish kitchen bar ideas

Kitchen bar ideas can be easily applied to smaller spaces and apartments like this. The kitchen bar seen here is simple but the chrome pendant lights and beautiful bar chairs act like accessories for it.

The color palate of this small yet incredibly stylish space is white, chocolate brown, beech and a splash of sunshine yellow.


13.  Executive Bar Area

Executive Bar Area kitchen bar ideas

We love this kitchen bar design for its simple design that holds executive appeal. The white tiling and a white island counter perfectly compliment the dark cherry wood.

Stainless steel elements are found all throughout this design from the kitchen faucet to the bar stools and from the sleek appliances to the drop lights.


14.  Simply Scandinavian

Simply Scandinavian kitchen bar ideas

If the kitchen bar ideas we’ve shared with you so far are a little too busy for your liking, get a load of this stunning simply Scandinavian design. The soothing color palate of stone, sand and white makes this space one of true relaxation.

The bar is sleek white marble and includes a kitchen sink with a water filter and space for a dish rack. The simple lighting is perfect for a space like this.


15.  The Bold and The Beautiful

The Bold and The Beautiful kitchen bar ideas

What a stunningly bold space! If you don’t like the color red, don’t disregard this idea just yet as you can pick whichever color you’d like. The white bar top, countertops, accents and skirting help break up the solidity of the red.

Remember to keep all of your accessories in one color from the bar stools to the kitchen trash can and you’ll love the bold results.


16.  Continental Kitchen Bar

Continental Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

Is this continental kitchen bar not just dreamy? We love how the dark wood ergonomic bar chairs are cohesive with the design of the rest of the wood in the room while the marble bar top gives the space a premium air.

The usage of yellow tones is undoubtably clever and compliments the room beautifully. We wholeheartedly approve!


17.  A Charming Cranny for One

A Charming Cranny for One kitchen bar ideas

Don’t think that kitchen bar ideas only apply to people with big families who need an abundance of seating options as this charming space proves otherwise. Its simple design is downright beautiful.

Oak wood is used to provide much-needed relief from the stark white finish of this space. Black accents and a stainless steel kitchen faucet are the perfect finishing touches.


18.  Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated

Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated kitchen bar ideas

This kitchen bar design will work incredibly well for those who have a streamlined or masculine design scheme. All the linear angles, sharp lines, clean detailing and dark colors work together well.

If it’s a little too monochromatic for your liking, add a splash of color by means of a kitchen towel or kitchen knife set or even a simple bread bin as seen in this design.


19.  The Bachelor Bar

The Bachelor Bar kitchen bar ideas

If you’re looking for kitchen bar ideas to implement in your bachelor flat or studio apartment, look no further than this. Suede chocolate brown walls, a range hood and drop lighting all make this small space seem bigger than it is.

The bar is made from a dark ashy wood as are the matching bar stools. To maximize every inch of space, use the space under the bar to store your kitchen trash can as seen here.


20.  Cool, Calm and Contemporary

Cool, Calm and Contemporary kitchen bar ideas

This beautiful space is just wonderful. The usage of soft grays, blues and whites that help this space to achieve an atmosphere of cool, calm and contemporary.

The various wooden tones throughout the space solidify this. A simple fruit bowl is used as decoration here but don’t be afraid to introduce other pops of color throughout the space.


21.  Two-tone Marble Magic

Two-tone Marble Magic kitchen bar ideas

Marble is often used in kitchen bar ideas and for good reason: it looks stunning AND has temperature controlling properties. This sleek space has taken an interesting approach for its range hood and we love the elements of cubism that echo throughout this design.

The usage of white to counteract the black marble bar is genius! And that open shelving just seals the deal for us.


22.  African Inspired Kitchen Bar

African Inspired Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

It’s not very often you see African elements incorporated into modern kitchen designs never mind kitchen bar ideas and after seeing this we can’t imagine why!

The space has a powerful, earthy feel about it that is reiterated through the usage of clay reds and sandy tones. The bar itself is marble and features an induction cooktop as well as plenty of built-in storage space.


23.  Old School Elegance

Old School Elegance kitchen bar ideas

There is something so elegant about a classic, somewhat old school, kitchen bar. This marble bar top includes a built-in kitchen sink with a garbage disposal system.

The usage of cherry wood on the body of the bar as well as on the legs of the bar stools help this bar look even more elegant. Simple lighting is used to highlight the bar rather than detract attention away from it.


24.  Classically Coastal

Classically Coastal kitchen bar ideas

This space is all about stone, sand and other neutral tones. We love the simplicity of this design. From the bar’s simple kitchen faucet to the spa-like atmosphere of R&R that is evoked.

The simple lighting elegantly displays the bar beneath it and the white cabinetry allows all the other colors to sing. And those bar stools? They are a thing of beauty!


25.  Modern and Minimalist

Modern and Minimalist kitchen bar ideas

Taking cue from Scandinavian design elements, this kitchen bar design is modern and minimalist. The extended beech countertop acts as a bar corner and we love the connected design.

The bright green bar chairs are used to offset the starkness and borderline clinical feel of the excessive usage of white.


26.  A Nod to Provincial Style

A Nod to Provincial Style kitchen bar ideas

That’s it! We’ve fallen in love yet again. This classic design ticks so many of our boxes. The kitchen bar is the heart of the room with a double kitchen sink with built-in water filter right in the center, an induction cooktop on the side and beautiful drop lights.

We love the neutral color palate, use of angles and uncomplicated yet astounding design impact this space delivers.


27.  Classic Yet Casual Bar Design

Classic Yet Casual Bar Design kitchen bar ideas

We love the classic design of this dark wood bar in its entirety. Its stepped design ensures you have enough space to work while the bar top can be used by others.

A magnetic kitchen shear is included for added convenience. The color palate of white, black and dark wood works together in harmony.


28.  Rustic Cabin Style Kitchen Bar

Rustic Cabin Style Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

If you’re looking for rustic kitchen bar ideas you may have just discovered the perfect option. This bar is comprised of stone, wood and marble & the results of this trio of materials is breathtaking.

Simple solid wood bar stools, cabinetry and exposed beam ceilings help this space to achieve an extremely woody, cabin-like rustic atmosphere.


29.  A Shapely Space

A Shapely Space kitchen bar ideas

Isn’t this space simply gorgeous? Brown and beige never looked so good. The usage of different shapes in this space make it understatedly remarkable. The rectangular shape of the bar is echoed through LED-lit glass cabinetry, the induction cooktop and appliances.

Circular shapes are found in the plain iron cast bar stools and echoed through the room via the glass holders, disco ball lighting and curved kitchen faucet.


30.  Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern kitchen bar ideas

If you’re looking for kitchen bar ideas that incorporate the mid century design aesthetic, you’ve just found it in this open plan design. This bar is long and narrow & is constructed from beech wood & white marble.

It perfectly matches the rest of the interior. Black metal bar stools tie in seamlessly with the black oven hob and the blue elements found in the dining area are mesmerizing.


31.  Amazing Aqua

Amazing Aqua kitchen bar ideas

This is one of our favorite kitchen bar ideas by far. Everything about this bar is inviting. A white marble counter is placed atop the ash timber bar and blue & beech bar stools bring out each color.

Blue is clearly the main color used in this design and the various aqua elements work beautifully with the white & ash. Tiling and pendant lighting couldn’t finish this stunning space off any better.


32.  Minimalistic Magic

Minimalistic Magic kitchen bar ideas

A harmonious palate of black and white is all this kitchen needs to be striking. A simple white marble bar top is supported by black wood cabinetry and black leather & stainless steel bar stools are cohesive with this design.

The exposed bulb lighting fixtures add a slightly industrial appeal to this area. If it’s too bare for you, include pops of color through a kitchen towel or colorful bowl of fruit.


33.  Understated Elegance

Understated Elegance kitchen bar ideas

This modern kitchen bar design is as understatedly elegant as kitchen bar ideas come. Sleek beech panel cupboards provide the ultimate backdrop to this space while the long bar steals the show.

We love the raised beech edge and the slight step that leads down to the working area is equipped with a kitchen faucet and ample workspace. The palate of beech, white and gray is beautiful.


34. Retro Kitchen Bar

Retro Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

We’re living for this retro kitchen bar design. It’s cute, it’s fun and it’s fresh. A bright navy blue is used on the underside of the bar as well as all surrounding cabinetry.

Dark hardwood floors are brought out by the usage of stark white while the detailed tile backsplash draws the eye in even more. The planter lighting is the perfect finishing touch.


35. Fabulous Feature Kitchen Bar

Fabulous Feature Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

If you’re really looking for kitchen bar ideas that pack a punch, check out this next kitchen bar. This bar is further away from the kitchen itself but that doesn’t make it less awesome in any way.

Adding character to a white space, this bar features wood paneling in multiple hues of gray. Simple wrought iron bar stools only add to the attractiveness of this design.


36.  Lapping Up Luxury

Lapping Up Luxury kitchen bar ideas

This kitchen bar is more pretty than it is practical as there’s no space for your legs when seated around it, but a little customization goes a long way.

This space is synonymous with luxury and this is reflected in every element of the design scheme from the extravagant chandelier to the black & white cabinetry.


37. A Neat Nook

A Neat Nook kitchen bar ideas

One word comes to mind often when looking at kitchen bar ideas and that is: neat. This design is especially neat and those who love order will appreciate it immensely.

The usage of space is incredible, instead of a jutting out bar or centered kitchen island, this bar merely occupies the extended countertop. The white paneling, dark wood and neutral tiling further the neat feel.


38. Cozy and Contemporary

Cozy and Contemporary kitchen bar ideas

Just look at the clean lines in this contemporary space. We love how this space, which is all angles, manages to feel comfortable and cozy at the same time.

The simple bar is made from a dark cherry wood which is echoed by the angular bar stools. The usage of soft grays and white contrasts against the design of the bar beautifully.


39.  Gorgeously Geometric

Gorgeously Geometric kitchen bar ideas

If you’re looking to create a truly mesmerizing space that the eye can’t get enough of, check out this stunning kitchen bar. Spherical pendant lighting and industrial-esque spotlights highlight this bar even further.

If you can’t get enough of this bar, don’t worry because the black mirror finish on the cabinetry always reflects it back at you.


40. The Supreme Kitchen Bar

The Supreme Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

Do you want your kitchen bar to be the focal point of your entire kitchen? This oversized kitchen bar may be exactly what you’re after. Dark toned wood, granite countertops and stainless steel as far as the eye can see make this one of the best kitchen bar ideas we’ve seen to date.

The bar is long and enough to seat your family while still leaving enough room to display your favorite kitchen knife set.


41.  Refurbished Dining Room Table Bar

Refurbished Dining Room Table Bar kitchen bar ideas

In today’s day and age reducing, reusing & recycling is all the rage. That’s why this dazzling refurbished dining room table kitchen bar design ended up on our list. The table has been seamlessly transformed into a bar that is awe-inspiring.

The black detailing found on the legs of the bar, the bar stools, the pendant lighting and even the skirting is flawless. We also love the stainless steel bottom which allows you to attach a magnetic kitchen shear to it. Perfection!


42. Minimalistic Kitchen Bar

Minimalistic Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

This minimalistic kitchen bar is all kinds of wonderful. It is made entirely from solid beech wood—some of which is painted white while the rest remains bare. It features built-in storage space.

The handle-free design of the rest of the kitchen furthers the minimalistic feel while streamlined shelfing and a long hanging pole ensures that this minimal design remains practical.


43. Elegantly Industrial

Elegantly Industrial kitchen bar ideas

This stunning space encompasses a whole bunch of different design aesthetics and the result of this is a truly unique kitchen bar. The bar itself is constructed with concrete and iron while the stools are made from steel.

The cabinetry is sleek, sophisticated and feels almost French in its design. Exposed plumbing and geometrical light fixtures finish this space off wonderfully.


44. Contemporary Chess Board Kitchen Bar

Contemporary Chess Board Kitchen Barkitchen bar ideas

This simple black and white design screams contemporary. The two-toned bar is set off by utilitarian black metal bar stools, pendant lights and black cabinetry. Oversized stainless steel appliances give this space a unique feel and add another dimension to the overall design.


45. Refined and Relaxed

Refined and Relaxed kitchen bar ideas

Off all the kitchen bar ideas you’ve seen today, this one is one of our ultimate favorites. The muted color palate of white and ash is fantastic.

Big black bar chairs made with leather and stainless steel provide a touch of harshness to this soft space’s design. The chandelier lighting and oversized kitchen sink refine the room & add an extra layer of design interest.


46. Pale Perfection

Pale Perfection kitchen bar ideas

This contemporary kitchen bar proves you don’t need to be colorful to make a splash. The bar is entirely white as is the surrounding cabinetry. But the palest blue backsplash, oak flooring and bar stools inject this space with a much-needed dose of muted color.


47.  Wonderfully White

Wonderfully White kitchen bar ideas

If you’re all about clean bright whites and sharp lines, you’ll love this kitchen bar idea. It’s cool, clean and ultra-modern.

Introduce character and color into the scheme by placing your vintage kitchen scale atop the white marble counter or by displaying your favorite kitchen utensil set on the open shelving.


48. Understated Upscale Kitchen Bar

Understated Upscale Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

The bar in this design serves as a center piece, without detracting attention from the incredible tile backsplash. Unique wire frame chairs, bubble ball hanging lights and a combination of whites, dark wooden tones & the sheen of stainless steel appliances make this space a remarkable one.

A simple kitchen sink is centered right in the white marble bar top and it looks simply fabulous.


49. Beach House Kitchen Bar

Beach House Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

Does this image not evoke feelings of hot summer days, cool salty breezes and sand-covered toes? The sleek marble bar is used to provide a little edge to a room that would otherwise be entirely too soft.

A simple stainless steel kitchen faucet, bar stools, appliances and lighting provides this room with a harshness while the usage of whites, blues & grays ensure the room remains light & breezy.


50. Contemporary Country Kitchen Bar

Contemporary Country Kitchen Bar kitchen bar ideas

You can tell just by looking at this kitchen bar that many memories will made in this space and many laughs will be had. It has such a bright, inviting feel to it that is hard to replicate.

The solid wood bar is the focal point of the room and the woven bar stools with solid legs are the perfect finishing touch. Just behind the bar is an extended workshop where you can house your kitchen knife sharpener and other essential accessories.


51. Soft Yet Stunning

Soft Yet Stunning kitchen bar ideas

This kitchen bar is nothing short of beautiful. The honeycomb backsplash is accentuated by the gray and white wood bar while pendant lighting fixtures frame the entire area effortlessly.

The gentle colors used in this design create an air of softness that brighter colors wouldn’t be able to achieve. The utilitarian bar stools can be swapped out with something a little plusher.


52. Orange You Glad You Visited This Site

Orange You Glad You Visited This Site kitchen bar ideas

We had to end off our kitchen bar ideas with this vibrant design. We love the seamless, handle-less aspect of this design and how the brilliant usage of orange cabinetry and bar stools is like a breath of fresh air to this dark room.

You can take the orange appeal even further if you’d like with an orange kitchen trash can and accessorize the countertops with things like an orange kitchen knife sharpener.



What do you think of the kitchen bar ideas we’ve shared with you today? Have you found your perfect design or does the quest continue? Either way, let us know in the comments section down below.

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