30+ Beautiful Monochrome Kitchen Ideas – Design & Pictures

There is not a more classic combination than back and white. A monochrome kitchen is not only minimalistic but also timeless and versatile. The contrast between black and white can produce visually stunning spaces and highlight key areas.

Both colors also work on a variety of surfaces and together with different textures, meaning there are infinite possibilities for creating a monochrome kitchen interior.

Whether gloss or matte surfaces, marble, or dark-stained wood countertops, there is sure to be a black and white combination that is perfect for your home.

Here are our top black and white kitchen designs to offer some monochrome kitchen inspiration ahead of your next renovation.

1. White Kitchen with Black Countertop

White Kitchen with Black Countertop monochrome kitchen ideas

A nearly all-white kitchen with the addition of a black countertop is a beautiful and simplistic starter point if you are wanting a monochrome space.

The contrast is not too drastic and due to the majority of the kitchen being white, the space still feels open and bright. In this kitchen, the designer elegantly tied the dark worksurface to the rest of the kitchen by using black cabinet handles.


2. Black Rangehood and Windows

Black Rangehood and Windows monochrome kitchen ideas

Building on the previous kitchen idea, this designer has added further black detailing in the form of a black rangehood and windows.

This helps further incorporate black into the predominantly white space. The dark rangehood against the white walls provides a beautiful contrast.


3. Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-Tone Cabinets monochrome kitchen ideas

Another idea is to use two-tone kitchen cabinets; the bottom line of cupboards is black along with a dark work surface and the upper cabinets are white.

Again providing an enjoyable contrast adding more depth to space without the dark shades making the kitchen feel small or claustrophobic.


4. Patterned Backsplash

Patterned Backsplash monochrome kitchen ideas

As black and white are simple colors, monochrome kitchens are a great place to play around with bold patterns which could be too severe in other colors.

This kitchen uses a gorgeous black floral pattern on the backsplash. Floral patterns are a great way to add softness to what could be a harsh and contrasting space and allow a feminine environment to surface.


5. Black Cabinets White Walls

Black Cabinets White Wallsmonochrome kitchen ideas

If you are wanting a predominantly black kitchen, try keeping the walls and ceiling white and the floor a pale wood. The black cabinets will stand out against the white surroundings.

In this kitchen, the cabinets are all handleless which is a great way to create a sleek and contemporary look. The white stripe around the edges of the cabinets is a fabulous statement feature.


6. Black and White Marble

Black and White Marble monochrome kitchen ideas

Black, white, and grey tones are naturally found in marble and so this makes for a glorious countertop material in monochrome kitchens. In this kitchen, the shiny organic worktops are highlighted further by their contrast with the matte black cabinets.

Marble is also a versatile and timeless material that is sure to not go out of fashion. These materials create a refreshing and uncluttered modern feel.


7. Black and White Backsplash

Black and White Backsplash monochrome kitchen ideas

As black and white transition to one another through various shades of grey, creating a tiled backsplash with several shades is a lovely addition to any kitchen.

Tiles do not have to be regular and square. This kitchen works with thin rectangular tiles to produce a detailed and intricate design that is pleasing on the eye.


8. Half and Half

Half and Half monochrome kitchen ideas

Having a kitchen half black and half white makes for a truly striking space. The design works well in this kitchen as although there is a huge contrast between the left and right of the kitchen, there is minimal detailing.

The kitchen boasts no cabinet handles, minimal accessories, and only sleek matte textures. Therefore, the contrast works and is visually stimulating as opposed to overwhelming.


9. White with Black Breakfast Bar

White with Black Breakfast Bar monochrome kitchen ideas

This sleek and modern kitchen effortlessly combines black and white through the addition of a black breakfast bar. The dark panel above the cabinets ties in the black surface of the breakfast bar in a delicate way.


10. Black and White with Wood

Black and White with Wood monochrome kitchen ideas

Classic wooden countertops and surfaces tie in beautifully with monochrome kitchens and soften the contrast between the two colors. Rather than feeling made-made and industrial, the wooden elements inject a more natural, warm, and homely feel.

This kitchen has taken a more unique approach to introduce wood into the kitchen. Instead of using a wooden worktop, the designer has used wood for the cabinet fronts and kept the remainder of the kitchen black or white.


11. Checkered Backsplash

Checkered Backsplash monochrome kitchen ideas

A timeless and classic black and white design is, of course, checkered tiles. This pattern has been a winning combination for thousands of years and creates a striking and bold design.

Instead of going for the usual checkered floor, this design can be brought into the kitchen in many places. This kitchen has the pattern on the backsplash which creates a great feature and draws attention.


12. Matte Black with White Floor

Matte Black with White Floor monochrome kitchen ideas

We have already looked at a matte black kitchen, but this pairing with a white tiled floor is minimalistic yet modern.

The white tiles keep the space feeling fresh and open while the black cabinets are sleek and contemporary. The wooden panel in this kitchen also softens the space making the contrast gentler.


13. Black Kitchen Table

Black Kitchen Table monochrome kitchen ideas

If there is space for a kitchen table in your kitchen, why not choose a black one? This kitchen pairs a dark table with white seats to make a delicate setting.

Additionally, the rustic and wooden material of the table combined with the woven chairs bring a warming charm. Pair this with the sleek and shiny cabinets and the whole space converts to a beautiful plethora of textures and materials.


14. All-White with Black Backsplash

All-White with Black Backsplash monochrome kitchen ideas

This kitchen is so bright and open and an ideal concept for smaller kitchens that want to incorporate darker colors without them overpowering the space. The kitchen is all-white inclusive of the fridge and microwave.

Here, the only dark shade in the kitchen is on the tiled backsplash. This is unobtrusive and the white grout between the tiles helps bring together the black with the all-white space.


15. White with Black Details

White with Black Details monochrome kitchen ideas

Accessories are a great way to bring contrast into a kitchen, especially if your kitchen is all white already as it means no refurbishment is required.

This kitchen has used black cabinet handles, light fixings, and stools to contrast the kitchen and add depth to what otherwise could feel like a flat kitchen. This is again another great idea for small spaces as the white is refreshing and helps open up smaller rooms.


16. Checkered Floor

Checkered Floor monochrome kitchen ideas

We have discussed using checkered tiles as a backsplash but having a timeless black and white checkered floor is also remarkable.

As a general rule the larger your kitchen, the larger the tiles; the smaller your kitchen the smaller the tiles. This adds a punch of personality to any kitchen without relying on color.


17. Patterned Walls and Flooring

Patterned Walls and Flooring monochrome kitchen ideas

As black and white work so well together, monochrome kitchens allow for a multitude of patterns to be played with in one space. This designer has combined a geometric kitchen floor with a grey tree-printed wallpaper.

It is the basic color pallet that makes pattern combinations like this possible and certainly makes for an individual and unique space in your home.


18. All-White

All-White monochrome kitchen ideas

Of course, you can never beat the classic of an all-white kitchen. An easy fix for any kitchen which needs a quick revamp and repainting cabinets, walls, and surfaces white instantly freshens up the space and creates a lighter and brighter kitchen.


19. Black Floor and Walls

Black Floor and Walls monochrome kitchen ideas

Probably the least common design on this list is this one: black flooring and walls but with white cabinets and shelving. This probably produces the most severe contrast and this design only works in a larger space. Its success is also hugely pinned on the different textures used.

This kitchen comprises of wooden floorboards and surfaces which turns the distinction of black and white from overbearing to beautiful. The addition of plants and lots of natural lighting is also key.


20. All Black with Copper Highlights

All Black with Copper Highlights monochrome kitchen ideas

Adding accents to a monochrome kitchen is a fun way to add personal flair and style whilst sticking to a monochrome pallet.

Copper is an excellent combination with black and white as its warming reddish tones complement the cool monochrome shades. This kitchen introduced copper through the rangehood, light fixing, stools, and the kitchen faucet.


21. Contrasting Island and Chairs

Contrasting Island and Chairs monochrome kitchen ideas

This contemporary kitchen partner black and white by contrasting the island and the chairs. The design of the chairs allows the black island to be seen through them which makes the contrast more subtle and delicate as opposed to the result from using block white chairs.


22. White Accents on Black Cabinets

White Accents on Black Cabinets monochrome kitchen ideas

Cabinets do not have to be just black or just white; in this kitchen, they are both. The black cabinets have white detailing around the edges which adds intricacy and draws attention.

This kitchen has used the same idea with the rangehood but with colors reversed to center this as the main feature.


23. Opposite Cabinets and Island

Opposite Cabinets and Island monochrome kitchen ideas

Also working with color inversion, this kitchen uses white cabinets with a dark countertop around the kitchen’s perimeter, but a black island base with a light countertop in the center.

This produces a ‘same but different’ effect, and as the island and cabinets are of the same design, the combination of both color arrangements merge  harmoniously.


24. Staggered Black Shelving

Staggered Black Shelving monochrome kitchen ideas

One way to add not only a visual focal point but also extra storage to a kitchen is to introduce floating shelving. This kitchen uses staggered black shelves against a plain white wall.

The shelving helps fill up any empty and boring part of the kitchen while providing a place to display photographs, artwork, or other kitchen accessories to bring personality to the space.


25. White Framework and Black Doors

White Framework and Black Doors monochrome kitchen ideas

The designer of this kitchen has used a primarily white kitchen but swapped out the white cabinet doors and drawers with black ones. As not the entire cabinet is black it keeps a light and fresh feel.


26. Black Handles and Trimmings

Black Handles and Trimmings monochrome kitchen ideas

Introducing black handles and trimmings to cabinets creates a modern vibe. The shape of the handles drastically changes the feel of the kitchen as they stand out against the white cabinets.

Square handles create a more masculine atmosphere while more curved and intricate handle designs add a feminine touch.


27. Sleek White with Black Appliances

Sleek White with Black Appliances monochrome kitchen ideas

Another way to combine black and white is simply through appliances. This glossy handleless kitchen has combined a sleek induction cooktop and oven which slip effortlessly into the space yet still add contrast and definition.


28. White with Black Crockery

White with Black Crockery monochrome kitchen ideas

Go one step further when designing your kitchen and think about the crockery you want, especially if your kitchen has open shelving. Here the black bowls and glasses work well with the white shelving and stand out to create a dramatic effect.


29. Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Rug monochrome kitchen ideas

Black and white, especially if not combined with softer grey hues, can create a harsh and industrial kitchen. To tackle this add a patterned monochrome rug to your kitchen.

The additional texture adds softness and is also a great way to introduce patterns in the space without having to risk drastic tiling or wallpapers.


30. Black with White Backsplash

Black with White Backsplash monochrome kitchen ideas

Whereas an all-white kitchen oozes freshness, an all-black kitchen creates an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. To add a little brightness use a white backsplash paired with accent lighting to create a subtle layered effect.



We hope these monochrome kitchen ideas have helped you dream up your perfect minimalist kitchen. Are you going for a softer and timeless design or a more dramatic and contrasting option that packs a punch? Let us know your new kitchen plans in the comments.

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