25 Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas – Designs & Pictures

Dramatically change your kitchen’s overall look without breaking the bank through kitchen cabinet refacing. A complete kitchen remodeling takes an average of three to six months, yet a refacing can be completed in just around under five days. Saving money and time is the winning feature of cabinet refacing over complete remodeling.

Now that we’ve got you excited about refacing your kitchen cabinets, we should also let you know that there are various kitchen cabinet styles, materials, and hardware available in the market. To give examples of what we mean, we’ve listed below 25 kitchen cabinet refacing ideas.


1. Opulent Cherry Wood

Opulent Cherry Wood kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

The cherry wood material is the best choice if you are looking for a sturdy kitchen cabinet that you can enjoy for many years to come. Sturdy and beautiful, the varying red hues and closed grains create an opulent and regal look.

Adding to the resonant qualities of the cabinet facing is the detailed paneling and added framing beads – high-quality craftsmanship that is a feature common to country-style cabinets.


2. Ultra-Modern Metallic Cabinetry

Ultra-Modern Metallic Cabinetry kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

If you’re tired of the heavy details of conventional country-style kitchens, this polished kitchen cabinetry should be your next makeover project. The high-gloss lacquer finish can add a refreshing look and make your kitchen brighter and spacious.

Another desirable feature of the ultra-modern cabinets is that it goes well with your hi-tech cooking equipment, such as a modern range hood or a glass induction cooktop.

The metallic finish will need a different framing from that of the wood materials, so prepare for additional adjustments and cost to your cabinet structure.


3. Modern Veneer Wood

Modern Veneer Wood kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Enjoy the homey feel of wood and achieve a contemporary kitchen with these horizontal grained kitchen cabinets. The interplay between the intricate graining and the overall cabinet form provides a good range of design options to explore. Look for veneer wood as they come with a variety of finishes with uniform graining.


4. Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Achieve that fashion-forward appeal in your kitchen space, by combining multi-colored base cabinets with black cupboards. The exciting combination is unusual even for contemporary kitchens, making a unique option for you to explore.

You can find a selection of color schemes with MDF cabinets as there is a myriad of color tones and textures available. MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard materials are pressed wood fibers with wax and resin binders formed into panels. The MDF kitchen cabinets are more affordable than solid wood and are waterproof as well.


5. Warm Contemporary

Warm Contemporary kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Aiming for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for your kitchen can be difficult, especially if you desire to stick with a modern theme for your cooking space. For a more modern look without sacrificing the warmth of the traditional kitchen, these horizontal paneled kitchen cabinets is a great idea to consider.

These wide paneled cabinets effortlessly provide an updated appearance, but at the same time, the fiery hues create a cozy feel to the kitchen space.


6. Contemporary Country Style

Contemporary Country Style kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Update your dreary kitchens into this welcoming theme. Nothing can compare with the reminiscent classic look of contemporary country style kitchens.

This beige, almost yellow-colored cabinets, captures that old charm but with fewer frills. The conservative theme still has the traditional vertical panels, stiles, and rails but without the busy arches and curves.


7. Traditional Opulence

Traditional Opulence kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Nothing can compare to the luxurious qualities of wood when it comes to interiors. The earthly tones are perfectly captured with the rich details and red undertones of this stately looking kitchen interior.

A worthwhile investment, you can either choose stained wood cabinets or get the natural cherry color from solid wood species. For your reference, when seeking red-hued wood, the popular ones are Sapele, oak, mahogany, or maple.


8. Showcase Cupboards

Showcase Cupboards kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

The clear glass cabinet doors are your perfect opportunity if you’ve been dreaming to showcase your collection of beautiful china. Enhance this focal point further by adding LED lights to highlight your collection.

You can change all your cabinet doors to clear glass or just have a portion opened up just enough for a peak on your display. The antiquated look gives value to your kitchen area. Such collected design is a perfect place to gather your family as well as a welcoming venue to entertain your friends and guests.


9. Decorative Glass Panels

Decorative Glass Panels kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

The beautiful Tudor-inspired kitchen cabinets create a subtle opulence with their delicate and curved lines. You can further complement the soft look with white illumination strategically placed as task and decorative lighting. This kitchen cabinet is a good display of traditional and modern look meshed into one.


10. Modern and Sleek

Modern and Sleek kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet refacing ideas for a minimalist kitchen, you can opt for this Japanese inspired kitchen space. The simple horizontal lines further emphasized by the sleek kitchen cabinets create a modern appeal.

You can achieve this look with tap-up kitchen cabinets that do not need handles or any other additional embellishments. The low maintenance cooking area is easy to maneuver thanks to the modern tap-up system.


11. Classic White and Cathedral Paneling

Classic White and Cathedral Paneling kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Return to the classic look with these white kitchen cabinets. The cathedral paneled cabinets create an eloquent appeal suitable to any home that desires a luxurious kitchen interior. The detailing is rich but decorative enough to pass as a modern version of the old charmer country-styled kitchens.

White is king when it comes to this type of cabinetry, but you can explore other hues to fit your existing interior tones. Whatever color scheme or wood texture you choose, the cathedral paneling is undeniably classic and will turn any room into a luxurious space.


12. Rich Matte Finishes

Rich Matte Finishes kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Not a fan of the glossy glaring kitchen finish? Then go for the matte finish instead. You can get the modern appeal without the extra sheen with numerous textures and colors from veneer or other engineered laminates. For a busy cooking area, choose brown or darker undertones to mask out future denting or imperfections.

The great thing about matte cabinet finishes is that it goes well with other shiny surfaces, such as floor tiling, countertops, or ceiling finishes. The untreated cabinetry will soften your kitchen look while still looking supreme and well-collected.


13. Natural Wood Cupboards

Natural Wood Cupboards kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

The natural look is still prime when it comes to wooden furnishings. When you prefer the organic look of solid wood, choose cabinetry with exposed knots and graining to go along with the rich details.

A lot of homeowners still prefer the authenticity brought about by solid wood. You should choose a sturdy specie that has undergone additional treatments to prevent mold or mildew buildup in your kitchen cabinets.


14. Frosted Kitchen Cabinets

Frosted Kitchen Cabinets kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

A practical option for homeowners is changing your solid kitchen cabinet panels to frosted glass panels, especially if you require easy maneuvering around your cupboards.

Since it is frosted, it allows you to see the silhouette of the items behind your cabinet doors while preventing an eyesore to your kitchen area. The glass panels can brighten up your kitchen, especially when additional illumination is strategically placed.


15. Strong Contrast

Strong Contrast kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

If you have a white or beige kitchen interior, dark-colored cupboards and base cabinets are excellent ways of adding a focal point to your monotonous backdrop.

You’ll find the dark undertones are easy on the eyes, and the traditional cabinetry design gives a cozy touch to the interior. Contrasting in your cooking area is essential to create an impact while having a collected design.


16. Long Handle Hardware

Long Handle Hardware kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

You may think less of the kitchen hardware, but these functional accessories can have a significant impact on your kitchen area. The long horizontal metal cabinet handles convey a modern and modest look while matching well with the horizontal cupboards and baseboards.

Hardware is a critical component when refurbishing the look of your cabinets. Select pulls, handles, or rimmed buttons that will work well with your cabinet finish.


17. Two Different Colors

Two Different Colors kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

One of the popular kitchen cabinet refacing ideas is limiting your tones to only two colors. Use one shade purely for the base color and another hue for the cupboards. There are many possible color combos you can use.

Select colors with an opposite color scheme, but you can match any color with the monochromatic hues such as black, white, or gray.


18. Two Different Textures Patterns

Two Different Textures Patterns kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Aside from color, you can add impact to your kitchen cabinets by assigning together two different textures. For instance, you can use a simulated concrete finish on your baseboards and leave your cupboards with a glossy finish instead.

The interior design parlance creates a visual delight to the overall look of your kitchen area. Two contrasting textured materials are easier to pull off for modern or contemporary kitchen themes.


19. Glossy One-color Scheme

Glossy One-color Scheme kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

The tangerine color of these cabinets is the perfect inspiration for you to switch to the modern stainless steel kitchen of today. But if you’re not ready to surrender entirely to the sleek look, you can add softness with beautifully patterned tiles as a backdrop for the kitchen cabinetry.


20. Combine Styles

Combine Styles kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Do you want a modern kitchen, but still reminisce about the traditional paneled cabinets? Why not combine both styles and come up with a unique blend of very different types?

This kitchen shows how the base cabinets retained the traditional paneling and framing design while the cupboards used thick laminated tap-up doors. The combination is not only visually appealing, but it also serves a practical purpose by having easy-open cabinets and heavy-duty baseboards.


21. Victorian-Inspired Cupboards

Victorian-Inspired Cupboards kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Going back to classics may be a good option if you want to capture the regal look and sophistication of the traditional designs into your kitchen. You can décor elements typical of the era, such as a checkered kitchen towel or curtains.

However, upgrading to Victorian-inspired kitchen cabinetry will require your entire kitchen elements to follow suit – making your kitchen cabinet refacing ideas a more expensive project.


22. Elegant Lattice Work

Elegant Lattice Work kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

The elegant latticework of this kitchen cabinetry captures the middle-eastern designs that are associated with sophisticated artistry. The heavy detailing works well with the downplayed kitchen color scheme.

A better chance for you to achieve the same craftsmanship is to commission an expert to have part of your cabinets to be bespoke. A small price for unique and stylish kitchen space for your home. Also, you can match your kitchen knife set or kitchen utensil set with the same intricate craftsmanship as your kitchen cabinetry.


23. Floral Frost

Floral Frost kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

You can do more with your cupboards by updating their look with these charming floral patterns. The white silhouettes complement the purely white cabinetry and fine details of the panels and framing.

If you are after an elegant and feminine touch to your kitchen cabinetry design, these beautiful winter-inspired glass cabinetry design is an excellent choice.


24. Patterned and Stenciled

Patterned and Stenciled kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Add stimulating designs into your monochromatic kitchen with these stenciled kitchen cabinets. The wavy patterns that beautifully dance along the cabinet surface create an animated feel to the kitchen area without the need for added color. There are myriad of styles to choose from that will ultimately match your design.


25. Art-deco Inspired

Art-deco Inspired kitchen cabinet refacing ideas

Enjoy a beautiful and well-crafted design with the touch of art-deco elements. You can have the beautifully crafted cabinets custom built to fit your preferences. A personalized cabinet design means you’ll have a unique design that fits perfectly into your existing cabinetry framing.



When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there is a wide range of kitchen cabinet refacing ideas to select from. Whatever you choose, make sure that your kitchen cabinets’ existing structure is in good enough condition to accommodate a refacing as opposed to a remodeling. Do you have any cabinet refacing ideas we haven’t mentioned above? Feel free to share what we’ve missed in the comments below.

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