61 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Modern Design & Styles

The overall appeal and feel of your kitchen heavily rely on the style and theme of your kitchen cabinets.

Whether you are thinking of refurbishing your kitchen, or maybe you want to replace your cabinets, choosing a style does not always come easy, and at times can become stressful. The range of style choices can be overwhelming: modern, minimalistic, rustic, farmhouse, traditional,  contemporary, Scandinavian, Mediterannean, coastal – the list goes on.

To help you with your kitchen cabinet decisions, here are 61 of the best kitchen cabinet ideas we have compiled for your inspiration.


1. White, Gray, and Dark Hardwood

White, Gray, and Dark Hardwood kitchen cabinet ideas

White cabinets remain a tasteful choice in kitchen cabinet designs. The dark hardwood floors and exposed wooden beams give a compelling contrast to the white cabinetry. Adding in a neutral-toned marble backsplash creates the perfect textured backdrop to the sleek top and bottom cabinets.

Add horizontal line elements to the room with the use of simple finger pull hardware on the base cabinets that complement the stainless-steel appliances. To highlight the spacious white marble kitchen island marble top, use lightwood cabinets and finish the sophisticated look with an attractive pendant light fixture.


2. Gray with a Touch of Gold

Gray with a Touch of Gold kitchen cabinet ideas

If you want a neat look to your cabinets, but whites are not your thing, go for shaker cabinets with a neutral gray tone and use the same color on your kitchen island cabinets to maintain a cohesive sleek look.

Gold hardware adds a touch of elegance to the space, but don’t stop there. A few more golden additions, such as the stylish kitchen faucet fixture and the chic bar stools, elevate the room’s tastefulness to a whole new level.


3. White and Wood

White and Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

Combining a variety of cabinets, from wood to white, can create an eclectic look. If you’re after a clean and diverse kitchen cabinet idea, combine white cabinets with wood countertops.

The dark stone backsplash creates a great contrast and adds another textural element to this side of the kitchen. Use hardware that matches your appliances, such as the black bar pulls that go well with the black oven and ceramic induction cooktop.


4. Gray with a White Top

Gray with a White Top kitchen cabinet ideas

Having a white countertop over your gray kitchen cabinets adds to the neatness of your space. The hanging mug rack, open shelving, and magnetic kitchen knife rack offer great functional solutions, especially if you are working with limited space.

To keep the aesthetics clean and appealing, pick mugs that are aligned with the color scheme of your cabinets and the rest of your kitchen space.


5. Green and Wood

Green and Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen is a great kitchen cabinet idea for luxurious minimalism. The warmth of the natural wood floors and cucumber green cabinets creates a high contrast to the relaxed vibe of the modern appliances and dark kitchen island with a marble top. The addition of bare bulb pendants illuminates the room and makes for a great eye-catching focal piece.


6. Dark Wood on Cream


Dark Wood on Cream kitchen cabinet ideas

This large kitchen in a luxurious home exudes sophistication while sticking to traditional design styles. The marble floors and ceiling paired with the cream-colored range hood creates a beautiful contrast to the dark wood cabinetry.

We also love the curved elements of the ceiling and window frame, which gives added dimension and provides a visual break to the horizontal and vertical lines of the cabinetry.


7. White and Gray Palette

White and Gray Palette kitchen cabinet ideas

We love the gray and white color scheme used in this kitchen. The monotony of the white cabinets broken by the pale gray countertops, which then transitions to a mosaic of patterned tile backsplash leading to a beautiful display cabinet, creates a stunning visual experience.

The perfect focal point to this room is the grey kitchen island with golden hardware and an elegant white marble top.


8. Bumblebee Meets Gray

Bumblebee Meets Gray kitchen cabinet ideas

Add more energy to the usual two-tone kitchen cabinet design by using bold and bright colors, like the bumblebee yellow seen in this kitchen. Mix it with grey for a crisp contrast and strategically distribute both colors to provide a playful visual experience.

Make the colors pop more by giving the cabinets a glossy finish and some stainless-steel hardware to match the stainless-steel sink and stovetop. The addition of a stainless-steel rack not only maintains cohesion, but also adds functionality as it can hold utensils, a kitchen towel, and even the spices you often use.


9. Natural Wood in A Modern Space

Natural Wood in A Modern Space kitchen cabinet ideas

If you like wood but prefer a more modern or contemporary feel in your kitchen, try using natural wood cabinets with a mix of chrome and industrial black framing. The industrial pendant lights and black barstools on steel frames complement the industrial kitchen island while the marble countertops tie in with the natural warm feel of the light wood.


10. Black to Black

Black to Black kitchen cabinet ideas

There is nothing wrong with going for an all-black theme on your kitchen cabinets, as long as you play the other elements right. The white marble tabletop is the perfect way to set off the all-black tone of the room dramatically.

Have a play with texture and material, such as the floating metal and wooden shelving. The top corner black cabinet is also an ingenious way of generating more storage space. Finally, having neutral colors on your floors and backsplashes breaks the dark elements of your cabinets and makes a small space appear bigger.


11. Strap it On

Strap it On kitchen cabinet ideas

Don’t you just love how this kitchen has a crisp, warm, and chic character to it?  It shows an excellent example of how you can make your all-white cabinets stand out even against a white backsplash.

The trick is using patterns, and the monochromatic hexagon tiles used in this kitchen nailed it. Having a variety of glass and shaker cabinet doors is a great way to add texture. Still, the standout feature of this kitchen for us is the use of leather strap handles in place of the traditional hardware – definitely chic!


12. Steel, if You Will

Steel, if You Will kitchen cabinet ideas

When it comes to kitchens, we usually think of stainless steel as the material for our appliances, range hoods, and fixtures. But this kitchen has shown us that stainless steel works just as well as any other cabinet material.

Its doorless feature allows more light, making the area appear more spacious than it is. The black bottom cabinets with wooden countertops are the perfect finish to achieve a modern yet rustic vibe in this cozy kitchen.


13. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

Don't Be Afraid to Go Dark kitchen cabinet ideas

The thing to remember when thinking about your kitchen design is ensuring that your color choices flatter each other. These matte dark gray cabinets help contrast the cream walls and white vaulted wood ceilings.

The darker hues of hardwood floors and an orange brick backsplash add color and character. Don’t worry if these are on the darker shades as the natural light coming in from the large glass doors dramatically illuminates the room.


14. All Black

All Black kitchen cabinet ideas

Black and stunning is what this kitchen is all about. From cabinets to backsplash to the kitchen island and accompanying bar stools – all black worked perfectly in this space.

The gold hardware on the cabinets, along with the gold stool frame and lighting fixtures, give this room an added touch of elegance. A crisp white wall with multiple lengthy windows creates the perfect contrast and allows natural light to highlight this chic space.


15. Glossy Red Space

Glossy Red Space kitchen cabinet ideas

Have you ever thought of having high gloss kitchens? Adding a gloss finish to your cabinet not only enhances the color but also makes the surface reflective, adding more brightness to your room. They’re also easier to clean compared to rough matte surfaces. Your color choices are limitless, but red is a popular choice for colored kitchens as it is known for its luscious effect.


16. Elegant Black and White

Elegant Black and White kitchen cabinet ideas

The strategic incorporation of black elements into this predominantly white kitchen resulted in an extremely sophisticated look. The all-white shaker cabinets are set off by the gorgeous black marble countertops and black hardware. You also have to love the open shelving alongside the top wall cabinets that give added texture and extra space.


17. One Color, Different Ways

One Color, Different Ways kitchen cabinet ideas

You can create variety in your kitchen without being too colorful. Just like this modern kitchen, the variety was created using different cabinet sizes, doors, and hardware despite the uniformity of using the same color for all cabinetry. The addition of the custom wine cabinet atop the fridge is the icing on the cake.


18. Create a Focal Point

Create a Focal Point kitchen cabinet ideas

This appealing modern kitchen is achieved by incorporating flat panel khaki cabinetry with a dark single panel backsplash and turning it into the room’s focal point.

What’s unique about this setup is the creative use of the backsplash to showcase decorative pieces by adding a shelf on the upper half of the backsplash. By reflecting light throughout the room, the glass fixture beneath it creates the feeling of a larger space.


19. Blue Cream

Blue Cream kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen showcases an excellent use of both color and space. The cream-colored panels make the room look bigger, and the yale blue components give the room a rich and bold tone. You have to love how the maximization of this space from the floor to ceiling cabinetry to the kitchen island shelves, and the inviting window bench.


20. Floor to Ceiling Black

Floor to Ceiling Black kitchen cabinet ideas

The combination of stainless-steel appliances, industrial bar stools, and a thick gray Caesarstone island countertop provides the perfect contrast to this floor to ceiling solid black wooden cabinetry that emanates a bold and luxurious statement.


21. Striped Wood

Striped Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

Wood is one of the timeless materials that have been used in kitchen cabinets for ages. If you want to do a modern take on the classic wood material, try to look for wood that retains a striped grain.

Apart from adding to the line elements of your space, stripes also create texture and a visual appeal. Complete the modern vibe by going handleless or opting for long bar pulls to your cabinetry.


22. Glossy Black and White

Glossy Black and White kitchen cabinet ideas

This contemporary take on the classic black and white space feature handle-less flat panel doors with a glossy finish that makes the black and white hues pop out even more. The matte gray wall provides excellent contrast for both color and texture, and the beautiful Caesarstone countertop complements the reflective features of the doors.


23. Dark Floor, Light Cabinets

Dark Floor, Light Cabinets kitchen cabinet ideas

If you have a pristine dark wood floor like this one, feature it by making your cabinets a light contrasting color, such as the off-white shades used in this cabinetry. Use marble as a countertop to maintain the elegance, but keep it light-colored to avoid overpowering your stunning floors.


24. Wood and Gray

Wood and Gray kitchen cabinet ideas

Gray and wood make a great color palette. Use the lighter hues of both to achieve the perfect balance of contrast. The use of grays and wood features in this kitchen creates that warm, farmhouse vibe. A combination of cabinet door styles adds more character and texture, and the beige parquet floors brighten the space, making it seem bigger.


25. Red and White

Red and White kitchen cabinet ideas

You will often come across design tips that advise you to keep the uniformity of your color schemes by matching the color of your kitchen features, such as matching the color of your cabinet doors and your backsplash color.

But what if you want a two-toned theme? We think this mosaic tile backsplash of red and white shades is a brilliant compromise to this dilemma.  Would you agree?


26. Scandinavian Pastel

Scandinavian Pastel kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen seems to tick all of the boxes of a Scandinavian kitchen with its large black pendant lights, wood-top kitchen island, and a mix of horizontal and vertical lines from the tiled floors to the cabinetry. A pastel shade of teal for the flat panel cabinets adds a bright color to complete the look without making the room too dark.


27. Red and Open

Red and Open kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen gives another meaning to two-toned cabinetry. While most two-toned styles opt for darker colors for the lower cabinets, this kitchen chose to keep the focus on the upper shelves by painting it a bold, vibrant red color.

This worked to this kitchen’s advantage as the addition of door-less cabinetry provided depth and a variety of visually stimulating decorative features.


28. Strictly Black and White

Strictly Black and White kitchen cabinet ideas

This is perhaps the most black and white among all the black and white kitchens we have seen so far. Except for the lightwood floors that gives warmth to the floor, everything is either black or white.

Having the top cabinets in white and the bottom ones coated in black opens up the room and deceives us into thinking it is a larger space. The custom artwork on the backsplash is not only in keeping with the theme but also quickly becomes the focal point of this modern kitchen.


29. Concrete and Black

Concrete and Black kitchen cabinet ideas

Modern meets industrial in this predominantly black kitchen. The modern appliances are effortlessly camouflaged by the flat, handle-less, matte black cabinetry, which in turn is given a subtle yet compelling contrast by the rough-looking cement walls and smooth cement floors.

The addition of wooden countertops and barstools provides this room with just the right amount of warmth.


30. White Against Hardwood

White Against Hardwood kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen encapsulates the beauty of rustic and modern features in a single space. The warm and inviting rustic vibe comes off the rich hardwood flooring, kitchen island, range hood, and extended cabinetry. In contrast, modern elements come in the form of stainless-steel appliances, white shaker cabinets, and elegant pendant lights.


31. White and Gold

White and Gold kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen may look relatively small, but it falls nothing short of elegant. The white panels are brought to life by the luxurious golden hardware and gold plate framing beads and panel raise profiles, and the tasteful subway tiles beautifully break the top and bottom cabinetry.

Notice also how luxury and functionality combine with the curved cabinets covered by frosted glass doors and open shelving, maximizing every inch of this sophisticated space.


32. Maximize the Space

Maximize the Space kitchen cabinet ideas

The maximization of space in this kitchen design is brilliant. Sticking to one material for the cabinetry and the rest of the kitchen elements has not jeopardized its aesthetics at all. The combination of cabinet sizes and styles created varying depth and texture, which translated into an enjoyable visual experience.

And are you as impressed as we are at the ingenuity of that wine rack wall feature? Another element that we love about this kitchen is the use of the space above the top cabinets as a decorative showcase rather than closing it in.


33. Wood for Days

kitchen cabinet ideas

If you want a cohesive and complete look to your home, go ahead and build your cabinets using the same type of wood used throughout your house.

The neutral tones of the asymmetric tile backsplash complement the granite countertop, and both give contrast to the cabinetry and floor. Stainless steel appliances finish the modern traditional theme.


34. Highlight the Beauty of Your Wood Cabinets

Highlight the Beauty of Your Wood Cabinets kitchen cabinet ideas

Some crafted wood are too exquisite that you want to line your entire kitchen wall with them, like the wooden cabinetry in this U-shaped kitchen. Enhance the luxurious vibe of your cabinets by using gold hardware and framing – how gorgeous are those island pillars?

For depth and texture, mix up the sizes and styles of your cabinet. The glass door cabinets allow more light to bounce back and forth this otherwise dark-toned space. Create contrast with cream walls and light-colored countertops and flooring.


35. White it Out

White it Out kitchen cabinet ideas

Use an all-white color scheme to throw more light into your kitchen. Combine white cabinets, walls, countertops, and kitchenware. Doing this will allow natural light to bounce off these elements and brighten up your kitchen even more.

A backsplash with a tinge of gray marbling creates a nice break between the top and bottom cabinets, and hardwood floors with darker tones make an excellent contrast to the entire space. Complete the elegant look by incorporating brass pendant lighting and velvet-lined bar stools.


36. Two-Toned Different Ways

Two-Toned Different Ways kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen explores a new take on the two-tone theme. While most two-toned kitchens do the top-bottom or left and right contrast, this kitchen used white and brown strategically to create a focal point around the cooktop. We also love the vertical play of colors on another end of the cabinetry and how the same colors are incorporated in the arched ceiling.


37. Pine Wood

Pine Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

Create a rustic ambiance by incorporating beautiful wood finishes and installing dark hardware on your cabinets. This luxury pine cabinetry exudes a rustic vibe, which is balanced by the stainless-steel appliances that add a contemporary flair. The lightwood flooring works well by bringing in more light to the room.


38. Black and Wood

Black and Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

This chic matte black and lightwood cabinetry is a minimalist’s dream kitchen. The sleekness is enhanced by having no hardware on the cabinet panels, while the lighter shade of black used in the backsplash breaks the upper and lower spaces without breaking away from the dual-tone palette.

The concrete walls and lightwood floors create beautiful contrasts in both color and texture, and the floor to ceiling window permits natural light to illuminate the room.


39. Dark Pastels

Dark Pastels kitchen cabinet ideas

To spruce up small kitchen spaces, don’t be afraid to use color. Be bold and use a combination of colors to express your character. The mix of dark pastel hues in this kitchen gave added depth to the room, and the lighting from the white marble floors and backsplash created a larger feel. Sprinkle a bit of chic with rose gold finishes throughout.


40. Black and White on Wood

Black and White on Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

This beautiful black and white kitchen shows us the beauty in simplicity. In addition to the color variants, the glossy white cabinets contrast the rough texture of the matte black bottom cabinetry. The beautiful tile backsplash breaks the monochromatic cabinets, while the lightwood floors create a feeling of warmth.


41. Calming Blue Sky

Calming Blue Sky kitchen cabinet ideas

Kitchens are perhaps the busiest spaces in your home, especially if you have a family. This is not to say that your kitchen cannot be a place of relaxation. If you want to neutralize the mayhem in your kitchen, paint your cabinets a tranquil color, such as the sky-blue shade used in this kitchen.


42. Keep the Doors Off

Keep the Doors Off kitchen cabinet ideas

This kitchen is an all-white rendition of a country style kitchen. The use of light hues throughout the space made the room bigger and brighter. You also have to admire the creativity in the cabinetry. Keeping the doors off most of the cabinets created more depth and allowed for ease of access.


43. Minimalist Black and Wood

Minimalist Black and Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

These kitchen cabinets are perfect for you if you love the feel of natural wood and the boldness of black. Create a play on texture by giving your cabinets a glossy finish. Invite more lighting by painting your walls white and keep this consistent with your backsplash and decors.


44. Classic and Minimal Gray and White

Classic and Minimal Gray and White kitchen cabinet ideas

Your cabinets don’t always have to be immaculately white to achieve a pristine look. Painting your cabinets gray can have a similar effect of white.

The white countertops create a beautiful contrast to the textured gray cabinets, while the silver hardware and matching chandelier scream nothing but elegance. Emphasize the gray hues of your cabinets by opting for light-colored floors and white tile backsplashes.


45. The Classic Navy Blue and White

The Classic Navy Blue and White kitchen cabinet ideas

Apart from black and white, there are also some other classic color combinations, such as white and blue. This kitchen went for a more neutral tone to this color combination by going for deep navy-blue shade.

The bar pulls used for hardware to create cohesion with the materials of the modern appliances, and illumination is achieved by a transparent window allowing natural light to come in.


46. Floor to Ceiling White

Floor to Ceiling White kitchen cabinet ideas

Break the monotonous feel of a floor to ceiling white kitchen by using black hardware on your cabinet panels.

For added depth, have a mix of cabinet sizes and styles – consider a combination of drawers, open shelves, and tall and short enclosed spaces. We love the warm country vibe created by the installation of a farmhouse kitchen sink in this otherwise modern space.


47. Creams Over Whites

Creams Over Whites kitchen cabinet ideas

Cream is thought to be a sophisticated color and the perfect balance of brown and white. Do away with the traditional white cabinetry and paint your kitchen cabinets a lovely shade of cream.

Add a bit of warmth with brown hardwood floors and balance this off with crisp white walls and ceilings.  Install a couple of intricate chandeliers atop your kitchen island to compliment the sophistication of the cream cabinetry.


48. Blue Shelves

Blue Shelves kitchen cabinet ideas

If you want to add personality to your kitchen, but don’t want to dare to be too bold, go for more neutral hues, such as the classic blue paint used in this kitchen cabinets.

Achieve cohesion by painting your kitchen island the same color and add more depth and character through the use of open shelving on one side of your kitchen walls to showcase decorative pieces that reflect your style.


49. Open Some, Close Some

Open Some, Close Some kitchen cabinet ideas

This modern kitchen with wooden features shows us how to maximize space by being versatile and creative with our cabinetry choices.

Apart from the distribution of white and gray tones, we love the doorless features of some of the cabinet spaces, with the horizontal space showcasing beautiful kitchenware and the vertical space showcasing more of artsy, decorative pieces.


50. Keep It Traditional

Keep It Traditional kitchen cabinet ideas

Kitchen cabinets don’t always have to be modern. If anything, your kitchen, including the cabinets, should reflect your character, and not the trend. If you are more of the traditional type, don’t be afraid of incorporating traditional cabinets with intricate hardware and moldings.

This kitchen exemplifies how traditional cabinetry can still accommodate modern appliances without losing its character.


51. Dark wood and Light Wood

Dark wood and Light Wood kitchen cabinet ideas

Wooden cabinetry on wooden floors creates a beautiful combination in this luxury kitchen. If you want to go for the same style, try to have a mix of light and dark wood materials on your cabinet and floors as this creates a natural contrast to your kitchen.

Add a touch of white through your pendant lights, countertops, stools, or decorative pieces to invite light in the room.


52. A Good Mix of Styles

A Good Mix of Styles kitchen cabinet ideas

Sometimes all your kitchen needs are the right mix of cabinet styles. In this predominantly white space, we see a wide variety of cabinet designs that add both depth and texture: drawers, short and tall cabinets, doorless frames, solid panels, and glass panels.

There is even space above the top cabinets to showcase your antique China or other display-worthy pieces.


53. Gray and Black

Gray and Black kitchen cabinet ideas

The space in this kitchen may be tiny, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. For a sleek modern look, play with shades of black and gray throughout your kitchen, including your cabinetry. Illuminate the space by installing a few under cabinet lighting fixtures and maintain the minimalism by opting for handle-less cabinet panels.


54. Modern Retro

Modern Retro kitchen cabinet ideas

We love the retro vibe of this kitchen. If you already have a white kitchen but want to spruce it up a bit without having to do any significant renos or paintwork, why not use colored appliances for popping in some color and injecting your character into the space.

Colored retro appliances are a trend these days, and there is a range of colors and styles to choose from, like these 50’s retro range from Smeg.


55. Functional Space

Functional Space kitchen cabinet ideas

Small kitchens can still be functional kitchens, as shown by this cozy apartment kitchen with dual-tone cabinetry. The mix of gray and white cabinets creates a stark contrast, but what stands out to us the most in this space is how the spaces were maximized through the use of cabinet spaces.

Look at how the gray cabinets go all the way to the ceiling with no space to spare and how the white floating cabinets extend to the other wall. Another smart use of functional space is the open-style cabinets that make for a great area of storing appliances, herbs, and other indoor plants.


56. A Vertical Display Space

A Vertical Display Space kitchen cabinet ideas

If you have a large kitchen and ample storage space, add depth and artistic flair by creating vertical display solutions like what they did in this enormous kitchen space.


Kitchen Cabinet Hacks

Other than design inspirations, we also want to give you some tips on how to design your cabinets for added functionality. Here are some of the tricks we have come across so far.


57. Spice Pull Outs

Spice Pull Outs kitchen cabinet ideas

There are many advantages of including spice pull-outs into your cabinet designs, such as it allows easy storage of all your spices in one easy to access space. Spice pulls outs are perhaps the best solution to maximizing narrow spaces in your kitchen.


58. Maximize the Center Island

Maximize the Center Island kitchen cabinet ideas

When we talk about cabinets, we also should include the kitchen or a center island. Rather than leaving this as merely the base for a beautiful countertop, why not utilize it as extra storage space.

Use the exposed parts of the island to showcase beautiful decors. The concealed side of the island (or the one directly facing your kitchen space) can be used as open or closed spaces to store kitchenware.


59. Glass Doors and Lighting

Glass Doors and Lighting kitchen cabinet ideas

More often than not, the kitchenware we place behind our glass cabinets are the most beautiful pieces in our glass and china collections. So why not highlight these pieces even more by adding some extra illumination in the form of internal cabinet lights?

Other than the aesthetic appearance, it also has a practical purpose as it helps us know what is inside these usually hard to reach spaces.


60. Separate Your Trash

Separate Your Trash kitchen cabinet ideas

If you don’t want the look of exposed trashcans in your kitchen, incorporate hidden garbage disposal units within your cabinet spaces and maintain a crisp, clean look to your kitchen.


61. Put the Dishes Away

Put the Dishes Away kitchen cabinet ideas

This built-in drying rack inside a cabinet above the kitchen sink is such a clever idea. It makes it easier to place dishes where they belong. This over-sink solution is more aesthetically pleasing compared to drying your dishes on the countertop by the sink.

We hope our collection of kitchen cabinet ideas gave you some insight into how you would like your kitchen to look like. As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so make sure that your design choices exude happiness, peace, and of course, a sense of your personality.

What’s your favorite kitchen design idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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