33 Stylish Kitchen Sink Ideas – Design & Pictures

A sink is an integral part of any kitchen. Other than the cooktop, the kitchen sink is where we do most of our kitchen work, from prepping, cleaning, washing, and drying.

But busy doesn’t have to be ugly. So if you are looking for kitchen sink ideas that are both appealing and practical, maybe we can help. Here is our pick of 33 kitchen sinks that are both functional and easy on the eyes.

Undermount Styles

Undermount sinks are tucked under the countertops, creating a seamless finish.

1. Gold Kitchen Faucet Paired with a Minimalist Undermount Sink

Gold Kitchen Faucet Paired with a Minimalist Undermount Sink kitchen sink ideas

Undermount kitchen sinks are popular choices for minimalist kitchen designs. If you have a beautiful countertop and want to highlight this, having an undermount sink achieves this best. The gold kitchen faucet provided an elegant touch to this minimalist black and white kitchen space.


2. Black on Marble

Black on Marble kitchen sink ideas

This beautiful marble benchtop took center stage by having an undermount finish to the kitchen sink. A matte black kitchen faucet complements the marble streaks beautifully. Also, it provides a sharp contrast to the smooth marble texture.

Having open shelving just above the kitchen sink is a practical and accessible solution to your dishwashing aftercare duties.


3. Double Undermount

Double Undermount kitchen sink ideas

When you think of double basin kitchen sinks, you probably think of basins visibly attached. This double basin aluminum sink is precisely the opposite of that, seamlessly hidden underneath a glossy black countertop.

The flexible, chic kitchen faucet allows you to switch between sinks easily, and the undermount soap dispenser creates a clutter-free kitchen space.


4. Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity kitchen sink ideas

It’s all about sharp corners and lines in the sleek, straightforward design of this undermount single basin aluminum kitchen sink. The contemporary features of the kitchen faucets make the perfect accents to this modern minimalist kitchen sink ensemble.


5. Dual Material Countertop

Dual Material Countertop kitchen sink ideas

The combination of materials used in this countertop and kitchen sink area creates a unique yet sensory appealing experience.

The smooth Caesarstone benchtop intermediated by a wood finish to border a matte black granite undermount sink, set below a stainless-steel kitchen faucet, achieves an exciting play of textures.

Other than its aesthetic appeal, that wooden frame also has a practical purpose, as it doubles as a chopping board.


Farmhouse Styles

Farmhouse sinks are set apart by their aprons extending over the kitchen counter edge.

6. White on White Farmhouse Sink

White on White Farmhouse Sink kitchen sink ideas

Kitchen sink aprons are distinct features of farmhouse sinks. Aprons provide ergonomic support as it eliminates the elevated countertops that cause unnecessary strain when leaning forward. They also offer your cabinetry better protection from water drips.

This porcelain farmhouse kitchen sink complements the rustic vibe given off by the timber flooring. It creates the perfect touch of the country in a very contemporary kitchen.


7. Farmhouse Black

Farmhouse Black kitchen sink ideas

This kitchen is another beautiful take on the farmhouse kitchen sink style. We also love the vintage black kitchen faucet, completing the rustic-old meets chic-modern vibe of this kitchen.


8. Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink kitchen sink ideas

Add a modern touch to your classic farmhouse kitchen sink by choosing a stainless-steel finish. You can’t help but admire how this double basin kitchen sink apron blends seamlessly with the marble countertop and white cabinetry. The smooth stainless-steel finish also makes cleaning this kitchen sink a breeze.


9. Rustic Copper

Rustic Copper kitchen sink ideas

This is an extremely exquisite take on the farmhouse kitchen sink design. The copper finish of the single basin sink perfectly complements the copper range hood, amplifying the rustic design of this kitchen.

That vintage kitchen faucet or old-fashioned stove both make great conversation pieces. You also have to love how the bar handle incorporated into the kitchen apron, instead of the usual flat-surfaced apron seen on traditional farmhouse-style kitchen sinks.


10. Undermount Double Farmhouse Sink

Undermount Double Farmhouse Sink kitchen sink ideas

This under-mount double basin kitchen sink integrates beautifully with the cabinetry and benchtop making an elegant-looking kitchen space.

Look closely to see the drainage system integrated into the Caesarstone countertop, preventing water from dripping all over the rest of the countertop space.


Top-Mount Styles

Just as the name implies, top-mount styles are basins that slot on top of countertops, creating a sealed rim around the sink.

11. Top Mount Double Farmhouse Sink

Top Mount Double Farmhouse Sink kitchen sink ideas

Not all farmhouse kitchens are installed undermount, just like this porcelain farmhouse kitchen installed on top of pristine marble countertops and white cabinetry. The double basin feature allows you to do more, making cleaning and food preparation a breeze.


12. Accessorize with a Granite Chopping Board

Accessorize with a Granite Chopping Board kitchen sink ideas

You don’t have to compromise aesthetics when it comes to small kitchen sink spaces. This dark granite chopping board atop this lighter-shaded granite kitchen sink countertop and backsplash is an example of functionality meeting style in a small space.

The narrow rims of the single basin kitchen sink make space look bigger. In contrast, the glossy finish of the stainless-steel kitchen faucet and water filter illuminates the room by bouncing incoming light, creating the appearance of a brighter, more spacious kitchen.


13. Colorful Kitchen Ensemble

Colorful Kitchen Ensemble kitchen sink ideas

Create a focal point in your kitchen sink space with a colorful patterned tile backdrop set against a neutral-toned countertop.

Make a bold statement with a composite granite kitchen sink that has just enough color to pop out of the countertop, yet not too much to overwhelm the backdrop. Finally, install a chrome kitchen faucet for a contemporary touch to your playful kitchen vibe.


14. Functional Workspace

Functional Workspace kitchen sink ideas

This kitchen sink setup is perfect for a busy cook working in a small space. There are so many functional features we don’t know where to start.

The integrated sliding glass board makes a smooth transition from the chopping board to extra countertop space. Meanwhile, the pull-out kitchen faucet makes it easy to switch between the dual kitchen sink basins.

The wall-mounted dish drying rack and kitchen utensil set holder provides the perfect storage and accessibility solutions. Additionally, installing the kitchenware cabinetry directly above the sink makes putting away dried dishes such a simple task.


15. Flushed Top Mount Stainless Steel

Flushed Top Mount Stainless Steel kitchen sink ideas

If you find yourself making so much mess when preparing food in the kitchen, consider installing a kitchen sink with a built-in drainboard.

Drainboards are commonly seen in top-mounted stainless-steel kitchen sinks. They are designed in such a way that water drips straight into the sink basin, making them perfect for drying dishes or for prepping food.


16. Black Composite Granite

Black Composite Granite kitchen sink ideas

This double basin top-mounted sink comes in black granite composite material, known for its durability and stain-resistant properties. The matte black finish of the bowls and kitchen faucet fixtures provide high contrast to the smooth glossy texture of the marble backsplash.


17. Black, White, and Wood

Black, White, and Wood kitchen sink ideas

If your kitchen has a black and white theme like this one, consider a black kitchen sink to maintain cohesion. The wooden countertop provides the much-needed break in texture and color between the cabinetry.

All that’s left to do is installing a shiny stainless-steel kitchen faucet to counteract the matte black features of the backsplash.


Round Styles

18. Round Kitchen Sink

Round Kitchen Sink kitchen sink ideas

If your kitchen furniture is full of lines and sharp curves, install a circular kitchen sink to break the monotony of straight lines. Kitchen sinks are great at adding depth and texture to any kitchen space.

In this kitchen, the glossy stainless-steel kitchen sink creates a stark texture contrast to the wood countertop underneath it and the brick backsplash behind it.


19. Traditional Round Kitchen Sink

Traditional Round Kitchen Sink kitchen sink ideas

This vintage black kitchen faucet on this kitchen island is in keeping with the kitchen’s traditional design. The curved features of the single basin inset sink perfectly balance the coolness exuded by the marble countertop and its sharp edges.


20. Gold on Wood Round Kitchen Sink

Gold on Wood Round Kitchen Sink kitchen sink ideas

Without a doubt, the golden kitchen sink is the centerpiece of this elegant traditional kitchen. White countertops and backsplashes highlight this luxurious accent piece even more, and a vintage-style kitchen faucet completes that classic, grand look.


21. Round, Warm, and Vibrant

Round, Warm, and Vibrant kitchen sink ideas

If your kitchen is warm and vibrant like this cozy kitchen, avoid stern-looking materials and styles such as stainless steel or aluminum with square or rectangular shapes.

Maintain the warmth of the space with round kitchen sink’s curved edges and choose materials that can be top mounted without ruining the overall feel of the area. Notice also how the cold feeling of the traditional-style stainless steel faucet was toned down by the addition of subtle white accents.


22. Round Stainless Steel

Round Stainless Steel kitchen sink ideas

If you want to shy away from the typically edged stainless-steel kitchen sinks, go for this round basin sink instead.


Corner Sinks

23. Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink kitchen sink ideas

Corner kitchen sinks may be more expensive than traditional ones because of the increased difficulty with their installations. Still, they’re worth it if you are struggling for space in your kitchen.


24. Maximize the Corner Space

Maximize the Corner Space kitchen sink ideas

This kitchen is an example of another way of utilizing corner spaces for kitchen sinks. Strategic positioning of the drainboard towards the corner direction maximizes this otherwise underutilized space at the same time providing more work area on the other side of the kitchen counter.

Kitchen Island Sinks

25. Industrial Kitchen Island Sink

Industrial Kitchen Island Sink kitchen sink ideas

This undermount single basin aluminum kitchen sink with seamless inset completes the industrial look of this modern industrial kitchen. Add more sink space by going for a deeper basin and install a pull-out kitchen faucet to improve the efficiency of your kitchen washing and cleaning tasks.


26. Kitchen Island Modern Minimalist

Kitchen Island Modern Minimalist kitchen sink ideas

For a truly modern minimalist kitchen, fit your kitchen island with a rectangular undermount stainless-steel kitchen sink with ultra-modern kitchen faucet fixtures. It’s simple yet very chic.


Other Stylish and Functional Kitchen Sink Ideas

From practical to eccentric sink designs, these kitchen sinks will leave you fascinated.

27. Basin on Countertop

Basin on Countertop kitchen sink ideas

This sink deserves a category on its own for its unique style and installation. It’s perhaps the only kitchen sink in the list with the entire basin situated on top of the benchtop. Standout against all kitchen designs with this out-of-the-box kitchen sink idea.


28. Country Kitchen Sink

Country Kitchen Sink kitchen sink ideas

This kitchen sink is so adorable. It’s as if someone just left a vintage bucket on top of the kitchen counter. It’s such a perfect idea for an authentic country kitchen feel.


29. Custom-Made Kitchen Sinks

Custom-Made Kitchen Sinks kitchen sink ideas

Another kitchen sink idea that may cost more but will look beautiful in your kitchen is a custom-made granite sink integrated into your countertop. You can’t get any more seamless than this.


30. Garbage Disposal Unit Underneath Skin

Garbage Disposal Unit Underneath Skin kitchen sink ideas

Whether you are on the kitchen sink to wash the dishes or prepare to cook for a meal, there will be trash involved. Dispose of your waste efficiently by installing a garbage disposal unit under your sink. Here’s the trick.

If you can’t have built-in garbage disposal units, find a kitchen trash can that is small enough to fit the cabinet space under the kitchen sink.


31. Drain Rack Add-On

Drain Rack Add-On kitchen sink ideas

If drainboards aren’t your thing, consider purchasing drain racks that fit atop your kitchen sinks to keep your countertops dry and clutter-free.


32. Undermount Water Filter System

Undermount Water Filter System kitchen sink ideas

Another kitchen sink feature you can install undermount is a water filter to provide you with readily accessible clean drinking water. There are various water filter styles available, with some even having cold and hot water dispensers.

If you’re considering installing water filters, you may want to check this buyer’s guide to water filters before making your purchase.


33. Two Sinks, One Kitchen

Two Sinks One Kitchen kitchen sink ideas

Two sinks in one kitchen may be excessive for some, but if you have ample space and are fond of entertaining, having two sinks is very practical. It provides more areas for carrying out multiple tasks at once, making food prep extremely efficient.



Is there an idea on our list that inspired your next kitchen project? Feel free to share your creative approach to your kitchen sink in the comments section below.

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