31 Stylish Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the most timeless colors on the entire planet is gray. It never goes out of style and is always a popular choice in the kitchen. That’s because it pairs beautifully with numerous other colors. Whether it’s purple, red, blue or green – add some gray and class up your kitchen.

When I moved into my current home, my kitchen was all gray, all over. I love gray, don’t get me wrong, but it can be overwhelming. It made my kitchen feel a bit too dark and not that homey.

I found that after adding some bright yellow accents, the place felt a lot more welcoming. I have put together this list of gray kitchen ideas to help you master the art of the gray kitchen too.

If you already have a gray kitchen, read on for some ideas on how to make it look more exciting and visually appealing. Everything from rugs to art to chairs – here are 31 great ideas for your gray kitchen.


1. Vases

Vases gray kitchen ideas

Vases make a beautiful addition to any home – and encourage your significant other to buy you flowers. If you’re looking to add a gray finishing touch to your kitchen, purchasing some matching vases might be the way to go.

Like in this kitchen, they don’t all need to be gray. Just find some that go well together. Add in red roses for a color that pops, or my favorite – yellow tulips.


2. Serving Boards

Serving Boards gray kitchen ideas

The ultimate gray kitchen is going to have matching serving ware. Pick up some gray serving boards to serve your guests their dinner in the ultimate matching kitchen. It is these matching touches that transform your kitchen into something exceptional.


3. Teapot

Teapot gray kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for some items to feature on a shelf that will match your gray theme, try a teapot. It is a useful item that you will use regularly. They are a great addition to a shelf on display because they can be hard to put away. Instead, leave out your gray teapot where everyone can see it.


4. Appliances

Appliances gray kitchen ideas

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and you want to add in some gray – consider stainless steel. If you want to replace your appliances, you can upgrade the whole look of your kitchen with stainless steel replacements.

This will add some gray to your kitchen without needing to do much work. Your kitchen faucet and water filter are likely to match too, which is a bonus.


5. Checkered Tiling

Checkered Tiling gray kitchen ideas

Including some gray squares into your checkered tiling is an easy way to pop in some gray. This example looks fabulous with a mix of gray, black and white. Just because you want to add in some gray doesn’t mean it needs to be all that color. Sometimes less is more.


6. Marble Countertop

Marble Countertop gray kitchen ideas

Ever considered adding a gray marble countertop into your kitchen? If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen’s style, this is a sleek way to do it. Marble is a trending kitchen addition right now, but you know it won’t go out of fashion as it’s been around for centuries.


7. Gray Cupboards

Gray Cupboards gray kitchen ideas

Yes, you can have gray cupboards in your kitchen without overwhelming it. Just ensure that you choose a light, soft gray and add plenty of white or wood accents. In this kitchen, the cupboards look great offset by the white oven and pale wood benches.


8. Adding Color

Adding Color gray kitchen ideas

One way you can add color to your gray kitchen is with a rug. The bright blue rug in the photo becomes the focal point of the room because of its bright, fresh color. It adds a bit of something different. Worried about spilling on it? Thin, light rugs like the one in this kitchen can be washed in the washing machine.


9. Walls

Walls gray kitchen ideas

Why not go gray on your walls? If you already have a perfectly lovely kitchen that you don’t want to modify, but you would enjoy some gray, this is a great solution. You can go darker on the walls than you would on cupboards, especially if it is an open plan kitchen like this one.


10. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island gray kitchen ideas

Ever considered matching your kitchen island to your cupboards? If you haven’t, this kitchen proves that it can look classy and modern. The dark gray looks fabulous with the addition of white in the stools and lights.


11. Gray Rug

Gray Rug gray kitchen ideas

An idea you may not have considered is adding a gray rug to your kitchen. This classy baroque pattern could look fabulous paired with a kitchen. If your kitchen features white cupboards with gray countertops, this would be the perfect rug to pair with it.


12. Countertops

Countertops gray kitchen ideas
Countertops gray kitchen ideas

Instead of going full gray on your kitchen cupboards, you could try it on just your countertop. This adds just enough gray without overwhelming the room. This is especially the case in a smaller kitchen.


13. Lighting

Lighting gray kitchen ideas

Gray lighting? Yes, I’m serious. It can be done, and it can look fantastic. By choosing some gray lampshades that match the gray accents in your kitchen, you’ll have the place looking awesome. These shades are a fun modern twist.


14. Gray on Gray

Gray on Gray gray kitchen ideas

Gray walls, gray floor, gray bench, even a gray ceiling. This room features so much gray and yet it still looks great. How did they do it? By painting the ceiling gray, it creates a cocooning look. Like the kitchen is separated in a wee nook from the rest of the house. It is a great choice for open plan areas, to divide them up visually.


15. Plenty of Light

Plenty of Light gray kitchen ideas

If you’re going to go with a lot of gray or other dark colors, I have just one rule. Ensure that there is enough light. No one wants a kitchen where it’s hard to see what you’re doing.

That can result in burnt meals and overdone eggs. If you want to go gray, ensure that you do it in a kitchen that has plenty of light. Think massive windows and open plan.


16. Copper Accents

Copper Accents gray kitchen ideas

One color that you may have not considered matching your gray with is copper. Many kitchen items can be found in copper, even water filters and kitchen sinks. Gray and copper are perfect complementary colors to elevate the look of your kitchen.


17. Grass Green

Grass Green gray kitchen ideas

If you have a bold color or two as the main accents in your kitchen, pairing gray with them can be a good idea. That’s because the gray can tone down the bright color so it’s not as jarring. Here is a great example – the bright green of the shelves is somewhat subdued with the addition of gray cups.


18. Gray carpet

Gray carpet gray kitchen ideas

Not everyone enjoys having carpet in their kitchen. However, if you are insistent upon carpet, it can look excellent in gray. Choosing a darker gray will hide all sorts of spills and mistakes.


19. Multicolored Cabinets

Multicolored Cabinets gray kitchen ideas

Do you want gray cabinets, but don’t want gray to take over your entire kitchen? Fear not, I know a good trick for you to use. Paint only some of your cabinets gray. Alternating with a bright, light color can freshen up any kitchen. Just choose your favorite color and go!


20. Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs gray kitchen ideas

These gray and wood dining chairs look amazing next to the kitchen. Their wooden legs perfectly match the wood in the kitchen, while the gray adds a spot of something different. It stops it from crossing the line over into too matchy-matchy.


21. Clock

Clock gray kitchen ideas

Having a clock in a kitchen can come in handy. Does the lasagna need to cook for 40 min? Look at the clock and you’ll know what time to come back and check on it. If you’re seeking extra gray accents to add in, a clock can be a really cool feature if you choose a funky one. I love this unique cutlery clock.


22. Find Unique Pieces to Upcycle

Find Unique Pieces to Upcycle gray kitchen ideas

You never know what you’re going to find at a flea market or op shop. You should always be on the lookout for cool items to add to your kitchen. You can always paint them gray to match your other kitchen items.

Take this ice cream holder, for example, spray paint it silver and it would look very glamorous on your benchtop. And the kids will love it!


23. Break Up the White

Break Up the White gray kitchen ideas

If you’re someone who enjoys all white, everything – it can be a bit much. With everything white, nothing stands out. If you’re after a monochromatic look and don’t want to add color, gray is up to the task. On this shelf, the additions of gray and silver break up all that white.


24. Get Creative

Get Creative gray kitchen ideas

Turn a plain gray dishrack into a cool kitchen feature by hanging it on the wall. This is best done over a sink of course so the water can drain away. Or keep your dry dishes here permanently for a fun way to store your dishes. Either way, it looks great.


25. Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging Pots and Pans gray kitchen ideas

By hanging up your pots and pans, you’ll clear plenty of cupboard space. What’s more, your gray pots and pans will sparkle and look fantastic as a hanging feature in your kitchen. This kitchen with the large hanging rod almost turns them into an art piece.


26. Add Wood

Add Wood gray kitchen ideas

A lovely grey with the addition of wood can make up a dream kitchen. This kitchen looks very modern with the wooden bench and splashback paired with the gray cabinets. The white and silver items on the countertop lighten it up a bit. Personally, I would pair with white or silver appliances too.


27. Blue

Blue gray kitchen ideas

Blue and gray are truly a match made in heaven. Bright blue can look awesome with your gray kitchen. If your kitchen is already gray and you’re looking for something to spice it up a bit – blue will become your new best friend. Try it out by displaying some bottles on the bench or purchase a blue painting to hang in the room.


28. Industrial

Industrial gray kitchen ideas

You may have noticed the recent trend cafes are taking on – the industrial look. Lots of silver, pipes and metal furniture. This can be a great way of introducing gray into your kitchen in a fresh and modern way.

The silver kitchen trash can, the metal ladder and other accents perfectly highlight the steel pipe outside. It makes the pipe almost look as though they chose to have it there!


29. Stone

Stone gray kitchen ideas

Add in a taste of the outdoors with a gray stone feature wall. This wall would look excellent in many kitchens. It has a cool natural vibe and would go well with a kitchen featuring a lot of greenery.

Start growing your own herbs in pots around your kitchen and this will complete the look. You could even locate some green bowls or cups to display on shelves to get even more matching color in.


30. Baby Pink

Baby Pink gray kitchen ideas

Baby pink and gray may seem incongruent. However, when done right it looks incredible. This pale pink kitchen is made less cloying with the addition of gray into it. The pink cupboards are so perfectly accented by the rose gold jug and kitchen fittings. The gray marble wall is the ideal complement to this.


31. Hang Some Art

Hang Some Art gray kitchen ideas

By hanging art in your home, you are showing off a side of your personality. Many people hang lots of art in the living room, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. However, the kitchen is often overlooked.

Art in the kitchen can look fantastic and be used as a way of tying your color scheme together. The perfect example is the art in this kitchen. While pretty simple, the gray and white piece matches the colors in the kitchen. It is reminiscent of wood or tiger stripes, which adds a point of interest to the room.



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