30 Classic Cabin Kitchen Ideas – Design & Pictures

Cabin kitchens undoubtedly carry a certain rustic warmth and creating this cozy feeling in your home could not be any easier. Although typically associated with larger kitchens, smaller kitchens can too carry off this classic style.

The success of cabin kitchens lies in the ability to weave together wood, stone, and metal in harmonious beauty. They typically use neutral color schemes, natural materials, and cozy, comfortable furnishings.

Here we have carefully put together our top 30 cabin kitchen ideas, from exposed wooden beams and distressed cabinets to brick and stone combinations. So get ready to be inspired and discover your next dream cabin kitchen interior.

1. Same Wood Throughout

Same Wood Throughout cabin kitchen ideas

In this traditional log cabin kitchen both the walls, ceiling, and kitchen cabinets are all made of the same wood.

Whether you are cooking in a kitchen with views over the Rocky Mountain National Park, east in Tennessee’s Great Smokey Mountains, or in a bustling city center, this design brings some comfort and warmth into any home.


2. Stone Feature Wall

Stone Feature Wall cabin kitchen ideas

Combining a stone wall with wooden counters and cabinets makes for a dreamy combination. This is also a great way to add rural touches to contemporary and modern kitchens which are lacking the inviting feel of cabin-style homes.


3. Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops cabin kitchen ideas

Original wooden beams and flooring instantly add an old-style feel to any kitchen. Pair these unique touches with a marble countertop to create an aesthetically pleasing contrast to add depth and a modern yet classic touch.

If you are wanting something more specific, you can read our article: 45 kitchen countertop design ideas.


4. Antique Beams

Antique Beams cabin kitchen ideas

Showcasing the property’s antique wooden beams by contrasting them with the rest of the kitchen highlights the spaces character and delivers rustic charm.

Beams can be structured from new wood but working with old structures is even more effective for creating an inviting home.


5. White Cabin Kitchen

White Cabin Kitchen cabin kitchen ideas

To lighten and brighten a cabin-style kitchen whilst keeping the rural charm and peaceful atmosphere, try keeping original cabinets but painting the wooden surfaces white.

This instantly lightens the space and is a great option for a smaller kitchen to give a more open feel. The white also creates a harmonious partnership with wooden counters and projects a more feminine vibe.


6. Whitewash Beams

Whitewash Beams cabin kitchen ideas

White-washed wooden beams with a white kitchen or pale wood such a white-oak manage to keep the authenticity of traditional homes, without drawing too much attention. The effect is subtle compared to contrasting ceiling beams but still offers an air of comfort and snugness.


7. New Appliances

New Appliances cabin kitchen ideas

Try keeping the original charm of your cabin home by leaving original fixtures and fittings in place, and instead give your kitchen a revamp by upgrading your appliances such as a large chrome kitchen sink or range hood, or a sleek induction cooktop.

These modern and polished appliances will offset the rustic wooden design beautifully.


8. Add Bright Appliances

Add Bright Appliances cabin kitchen ideas

If you are wanting to add a splash of color to your traditional cabin kitchen, an easy way is to add colored appliances, such as the refrigerator.

Try using red tones to add additional warmth to the space, or pastel blues and greens which complement natural wood to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere.


9. Kitchen Rugs

Kitchen Rugs cabin kitchen ideas

Adding a rustic-style rug to your kitchen brings instantaneous warmth and different textures to a usually sleek and hard space.

They can be bought in a variety of sizes to suit the shape of your kitchen and in a range of designs including wildlife, pinecones, and other rustic patterns. They instantly strengthen the decorative theme.


10. Distressed Cabinets

Distressed Cabinets cabin kitchen ideas

A sure-fire way to elegantly incorporate a rustic vibe into your kitchen is to use distressed materials. This creates the feeling of a cottage kitchen and makes it easy to imagine being tucked away in the countryside. The worn-out look has a vintage appeal and antique charm.


11. Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood cabin kitchen ideas

If you are after a very traditional cabin kitchen, using earthy and red-hued woods such as a walnut finish can fill your space with warmth and comfort. While this is still sticking to a neutral color scheme, is ensures your kitchen is not lacking color.


12. Combined Colour

Combined Colour cabin kitchen ideas

Who says your kitchen only has to incorporate one color? The beauty of earthy browns is their ability to combine beautifully with other colors, specifically those found in nature so nothing too bright or garish. Green or teals are an excellent starting point.


13. Fireplace Theme

Fireplace Theme cabin kitchen ideas

By building your kitchen oven and stovetop under an archway or in a chimney away from the wall creates the illusion and feel of a fireplace. Brick or stone makes for great building materials and gives the kitchen a more unique cabin-style feel.


14. Natural Woodwork

Natural Woodwork cabin kitchen ideas

Opposed to having perfectly shaped counters, try using natural wood to form countertops and kitchen islands. The rugged, raw edges and intriguing natural patterns, grains, and knots of the wood create a casual and chic vibe which is difficult not to fall in love with.


15. Copper Accents

Copper Accents cabin kitchen ideas

Copper is a classic vintage material; natural, effortless, and beautiful. It also carries a much warmer tone than its other metal counterparts and so is wonderful in tying together rustic earthy tones.

Careful to not go overboard and instead add highlights throughout your space such as copper cabinet handles, stools, or pots and pans on display.


16. Hanging Pots and Pans

Hanging Pots and Pans cabin kitchen ideas

In cabin-style kitchens you will often find pots and pans being showcased, typically hung from the ceiling or a wall. If your space is home to a kitchen island, displaying your pans above here ensures they are seen by everyone who enters and injects a hefty rustic accent.


17. Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted Ceilings cabin kitchen ideas

Although seeming like a small detail, ceilings can hugely impact the mood of a room. A sloped ceiling instantly opens the room and makes it feel more spacious, giving the impression of infinite space and allowing in more natural light.


18. Rustic Chandelier

Rustic Chandelier cabin kitchen ideas

The addition of a rustic chandelier to any kitchen adds authentic charm and a nature-inspired style to perfectly set the log-cabin scene. Chandeliers cannot get more rustic than luxury antler designs which have a wonderful sculptural quality.

These can be made from a variety of animals from majestic elk to moose and deer antlers, or for those who prefer faux antler chandeliers can be bought.


19. Feature Island

Feature Island cabin kitchen ideas

A feature island is a simplistic way to effortlessly weave different materials in with a mostly wooden kitchen. Whether this island is made from neutral-colored tiles to beautifully contrast earthy wooden surfaces, or from stone to add additional layers and texture, it is an excellent choice in any cabin home.


20. Cross Beam Ceiling

Cross Beam Ceiling cabin kitchen ideas

Instead of the traditional beams which usually traverse in parallel fashion across the ceilings of homes, try a cross beam ceiling to add an extra dimension and individuality.

The exposed wood brings comfort, warmth, and homeliness, while the criss-cross design makes the ceiling a focal point of the room and sets peoples’ gaze upwards.


21. Dark Wood

Dark Wood cabin kitchen ideas

Dark wood instantly creates a more masculine environment, while the wood textures keep the cheerful and comforting atmosphere of a rustic cabin kitchen.

Dark wood is a lot classier and offers more a sophisticated and sober vibe, although it does make rooms feel smaller so we would only recommend a dark wooden interior in spacious kitchens.


22. Washed Oak

Washed Oak cabin kitchen ideas

Washed oak is a classic wood that will never go out of fashion and provides a natural grounded finish.

The wood is light enough to open up the space and prevent the room from feeling claustrophobic and overcrowded but is not as stark as an all-white kitchen. It is a beautiful finish for those wanting a brighter room but with natural wood design.


23. Combination Wood

Combination Wood cabin kitchen ideas

Cannot decide on one wood type for your cabin kitchen? Well, now you do not have to. This kitchen uses different woods for the floor, cabinets, walls, and ceiling.

The different types not only produce a contrasting color and display several different hues; they also bring different patterns, textures, and grains. This is a great way to create a truly dimensional kitchen while keeping rustic charm.


24. Room with a View

Room with a View cabin kitchen ideas

If your property is nestled in the middle of the countryside, next to a beautiful lake, at the foot of an impressive mountain range, or if there is a view to be seen then show it off.

We spend on average three hours a day in the kitchen so why not soak up your surroundings. In addition, the more natural light the more harmonious the space will feel with nature.


25. Patterned Backsplash

Patterned Backsplash cabin kitchen ideas

Tiling is not often associated with rustic kitchens and the dominating materials in most cabin homes are wood, metal, and marble.

However, when the correct tiles are selected, they can be an incredible partnership with other materials. A variety of vintage-inspired designs with subtle patterns can be a great choice for a backsplash.


26. Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed Brick Wall cabin kitchen ideas

Rustic kitchens are all about flaunting the property’s natural state and showcasing this beauty. Using exposed bricks to create this effect is a successful and well-used method.

The bricks do not have to be a whole-wall feature, but rather can be partially exposed to add a vintage element. A whole brick wall painted another color such as white is equally effective as it provides a textural contrast while being easier on the eye.


27. Coloured Kitchen

Coloured Kitchen cabin kitchen ideas

If you are wanting a more fun and cheerful vibe, color can be a great way to inject personality and pizazz. To tie in with the natural color pallet of wood and stone, neutral blues, green, and pastel colors work best, although jovial yellow tones can work if not too harsh.

Keep the colors matt and leave some natural wood edgings to tie the room together.


28. Grey Colour Scheme

Grey Colour Scheme cabin kitchen ideas

Grey does not have to be dull and dreary. In fact, when paired with wood in an old-style fashion, it can create a glamorous and classy combination. Tie the grey color pallet in with chrome or steel finishing touches to link everything elegantly together.


29. Curtains

Curtains cabin kitchen ideas

Adding softer materials to your kitchen brings instantaneous warmth and different textures, making the space inviting and comfortable. Kitchen curtains are a great way to do this.

Checked or gingham patterns are traditional and effective, though a range of designs are available to suit individual taste. Curtains can also be used as a method to introduce color to the kitchen.


30. Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table cabin kitchen ideas

Adding a farmhouse table as a centerpiece for a cabin kitchen really makes the magic happen and provides a focal point for the kitchen.

It exaggerates the welcoming atmosphere and warmth of rustic-style spaces by providing not only a beautiful and convenient extra surface but also a communal place for your family to sit and socialize.



Hopefully, these cabin kitchen interior design ideas will help inspire you to create your dream home. When creating a rustic-style space, the main points to remember are:

  • Work with what you have got: half of the beauty of log cabins, ski chalets, and countryside cottages is their unique natural flare so work with the structures of the property to create a cozy and warming environment.
  • Use neutral color pallets: whatever base color is chosen, selecting from a neutral pallet offers a timeless effect and creates a result that is harmonious with nature while being easy on the eye.
  • Weave together different materials: the combination of natural wood, stone, brick, and metal create a multi-textural space with character and beauty. Use several different materials to intensify the rustic charm.
  • Accessorize: adding soft accessories such as certain and rugs create a more homely and comfortable atmosphere, while a more extravagant antler chandelier adds an authentic touch.

Do you have any tips for designing the perfect cabin kitchen? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we wish you good luck with your renovations and hope we have enthused you to make your rustic-style kitchen a reality. Warmth, comfort, and tranquillity are within arm’s reach.

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