27 Stylish Kitchen Counter Ideas – Designs & Pictures

The kitchen is the busiest place for many homes, and your kitchen countertop is where most of this happens. Choosing the right countertop is crucial because it contributes to the overall look and functionality of your space.

When contemplating on kitchen counter ideas, do yourself a favor and don’t just think of how good it will look on your kitchen space. As we said above, your kitchen countertops bear the brunt of whatever activities are going on in the kitchen.

So aside from the aesthetics, consider other factors as well. Will it be durable? Is it stain-proof? Is it scratch-proof? How much heat can it withstand? And, more importantly, a lot of us may relate to this – how much will it cost?

Whether you’re considering changing your kitchen counter to refresh your existing space or building a new kitchen entirely from the ground up, it’s never an easy decision. To try and help you make up your mind, we’ve compiled 27 kitchen counter ideas below for your inspiration.

1. Natural Stone Countertop

kitchen counter ideas Natural Stone Countertop

Natural stone countertops are one of the most common kitchen counter ideas. Natural stones include granite, marbles, soapstone, and slate.

Each type of rock has specific properties that differentiate it from others. This beautiful marble beautifully radiates thanks to the natural light coming from the window, illuminating the white kitchen space even more.


2. Granite Slab Countertop

Granite Slab Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Granite comes in various colors giving you many options. It is popular because of its durability and heat resistant properties. The granite finish enhances the elegance of this spacious kitchen island.


3. Modular Granite Countertop

Modular Granite Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Modular granite countertops are a popular alternative to slab granites because they are relatively more affordable and can be a good project for a kitchen DIYer.

In terms of aesthetics, if properly installed, modular granite work just as well as the slab pieces, but just be aware that modular granite is thinner compared to full slabs, so they may be cheaper, but more prone to cracking.


4. Granite Tiles Countertop

Granite Tiles Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Granite tiles resemble ceramic tiles, but you can’t mistake the granite when you see it. These tiles are perfect for you; sun rays cannot alter the color. Another advantage is that the material is very resistant and comes with a wide variety.

The good news to the environmentalist is that the material is also ecological. It is easy to clean and gives the kitchen a lovely contemporary look. From the image, you can see it contrasts beautifully with the light-colored wooden cabinets below.


5. Marble Countertop

Marble Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Marble countertops exude elegance, which is why it is a popular choice among opulent kitchen spaces. The downside of marble countertops is that the stone presents a few color options – but this is a plus for modern minimalistic kitchens, so it all depends on how you see it.

Marble has a soft texture that works best for kneading dough when your baking, but the same property could also make it vulnerable to knife cuts. The gold kitchen utensil set encased in the clear glass is just the right accent to further emphasize this luxurious kitchen space.


6. Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Soapstones have a sophisticated look to them. However, they are soft, so knife cuts end up showing, and the brittleness often leads to corners breaking easily.

So if you’re doing a lot of heavy butchery work in the kitchen, soapstone may not be the right choice for your hardcore kitchen knife sets. The beauty of soapstone is that it ages beautifully, creating more natural streaks over the years.


7. Bluestone Countertop

Bluestone Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Bluestones can be rough, but a smooth finish is still achievable with the perfect honing technique. Bluestone countertops are perfect for rustic themed kitchens, or to add a rustic touch to a modern kitchen, much like this one.


8. Silestone Countertop

Silestone Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Silestone is a type of quartzite surface top that has multiple uses within the home, from the kitchen to the flooring. The material is non-porous and stain-resistant, a kitchen towel is all you need to clean it. If you want an easy-to-clean, low maintenance surface, Silestone may just be the answer.


9. Caesarstone Countertop

Caesarstone Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Caesarstone surfaces are a combination of loose quartz and a reflective pigment. The result mimics other types of stones, such as marble. If you have young kids (or clumsy adults) and you’re after stain-proof benchtop material, you may want to consider checking out your Caesarstone options.


10. Wooden Countertop

Wooden Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Wood is one of the best kitchen counter ideas but with a short lifespan due to water contact. The wood countertop is considered natural and deters bacteria, making it safer than any other material. Wood countertops usually come from rock maple, walnut, oak, and teak.


11. Butcher Blocks

Butcher Blocks kitchen counter ideas

These countertops create a country-living vibe. The design is always welcoming with a warm and fresh feel.

If you don’t mind doing regular maintenance, such as surface sealing to protect it from heat, marring, and from the frequent use of your kitchen knife set, then go ahead and set your kitchen up for a beautiful butcher block top like this one.


12. Ceramic Tile Countertop

Ceramic Tile Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Ceramic tiles are the outcome of clay fixed onto cement boards. These tops are more affordable and easier to install. This blue and white pattern is lovely when you want a brighter and elegant kitchen design.

You can place it over pre-existing plywood or laminate. Things to watch out for after installing include breakages and grout seams that usually appear in this type of countertops.


13. Laminate Countertop

Laminate Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Laminate benchtops may come from plastic, but the product surpasses anyone’s expectations. Its durability and resilience make it the best option for homeowners on a budget who need a lovely kitchen design. The laminate can pill chip or scorch easily, so you don’t want to place your hot pan on it.


14. Solid Surface Countertop

Solid Surface Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Solid counters can fit substantial long sections of the kitchen without breaking a sweat. The material comes from a combination of thick acrylic and polyester. Solid surface countertops create a seamless look in your kitchen.

The material is also non-porous and does not trap dust. It is also repairable as opposed to other counters. These surfaces have numerous perks, such as being bacteria-resistant and easy to clean. They offer a vast color selection base that will cater to your design needs.

The smooth, minimalistic design of this countertop creates the perfect background to highlight the elegant copper kitchen faucet and water filter fixtures.


15. Stainless Steel Countertop

Stainless Steel Countertop kitchen counter ideas

The reflective property of stainless steel brings a great contrast to most kitchen spaces. This material is the ultimate countertop choice for most homeowners who are looking for durability.

Unlike the softer stone materials we discussed earlier, a stainless steel top is resistant enough to withstand heat from your induction cooktop or the sharp edges of your kitchen knife sets.


16. Zinc Countertop

Zinc Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Zinc countertop gives the kitchen an appealing look. Since zinc is a reactive metal, it reacts to water left on its surface. On the other hand, staining gives it a blue-ray patina that honestly can change the whole kitchen look. Another plus of a zinc countertop is its non-porous and antimicrobial properties.


17. Concrete Countertop

Concrete Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Concrete counter designs have been trending for the past decade. The material can be infused with a variety of colors to match with the aesthetic look you may be trying to achieve.

Concrete tops fit various kitchen scales. One of the things to look out for when choosing this top is the time it takes for it to cure, which is approximately around 30 days.


18. Contrasting Color Kitchen Countertop

Contrasting Color Kitchen Countertop kitchen counter ideas

If you want something eclectic and bold, pick vibrant colors for your kitchen countertop. Bright colors such as yellow or green could make all the difference. Tone down the colorful theme by installing stainless steel kitchen faucet fixtures atop an undermount kitchen sink.


19. Patterned Kitchen Countertop

Patterned Kitchen Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Patterned countertops are great for injecting life into a minimalist kitchen. This patterned wood countertop on this enormous kitchen island beautifully complements the gold vintage kitchen faucet fixture.

Also, the farmhouse style under-mounted kitchen sink completes the overall rustic feel of this traditional kitchen. Patterned countertops don’t necessarily have to be wood, they can be other materials as well, such as tiles or laminates.


20. Thick Slab Kitchen Countertop

Thick Slab Kitchen Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Thicker slabs are increasingly becoming popular with new homes or refurbished kitchens nowadays. Although they may be on the pricier side, the thick slabs are more durable and can last longer than the traditional thinner slabs – saving you money from repairs and replacements in the long-term.


21. Solid Glass Kitchen Countertop

Solid Glass Kitchen Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Yes, you read that right. Glass countertops do exist. They’re beautiful and add another dimension of brightness and optical texture to your kitchen space.

However, you already probably know that when you have kids, glass countertops are a big no-no. They’re aesthetically pleasing, but perhaps not too functional because of the delicate nature of the material.


22. Live Edge Wood Slabs

Live Edge Wood Slabs kitchen counter ideas

Live-edge slabs (also called raw edge or reclaimed countertops) are great for instilling an organic feel into your kitchen space. If you’re not too interested in injecting bold colors or patterns but want your kitchen to stand out and have that extraordinary touch to it, live edge slabs are the way to go.

Live-edge slabs work great for country-style kitchens and are an excellent way of bringing something from the outside in. They also make the perfect accent to add warmth to an otherwise cool modern kitchen.


23. The All-White Kitchen Countertop

The All-White Kitchen Countertop kitchen counter ideas

The all-white kitchen trend will never go out of style. It is only fair that a counter befitting the all-white kitchen design gets featured on this list. An all-white kitchen counter can be anything from concrete painted white, white granite, white marble, and so on.

Offset an immaculately white countertop by adding stunning kitchen faucet fixtures, or decorative accents such as wooden kitchen utensil sets, or a wooden or stainless-steel knife set.


24. Terrazzo Countertop

Terrazzo Countertop kitchen counter ideas

Terrazzo countertops come from composite materials infused with cement and pieces of granite. The end product is a durable, non-porous material that is low maintenance. This dark, beautiful terrazzo trend for a countertop gives a unique contemporary flair to the traditional features of this kitchen.


25. Recycled Glass Countertop

Recycled Glass Countertop kitchen counter ideas

If you love recycling, reusing, and conserving the environment, then you are going to love this countertop. Made from colored shards of glass that are recycled and smoothened to create beautiful glass slab, these make an excellent eco-friendly countertop option for your kitchen.

They come in different colors depending on the color of the glass, making it easy to match your existing kitchen theme. Plain colored recycled glass slabs are also available to complement your modern, minimalist, or country-style kitchens.


26. Mixed Material

Mixed Material kitchen counter ideas

If you love both wood and marble, stop tossing the coin and just go for both. This elegant kitchen is a perfect example of how mixing two countertop materials not only work, but actually create a perfect balance of textures and colors.

The wooden top on the cabinetry is the perfect warm accent to offset the cold vibe from the modern appliances and cabinet hardware. On the other hand, the beautiful streaks of the white marble create the perfect bright space to contrast the warm wooden walls and oversized pendant lighting.

Go for subtle kitchen faucet and kitchen sink fixtures to highlight a beautiful marble countertop like this.


27. High Gloss Countertops

High Gloss Countertops kitchen counter ideas

High gloss countertops are great for modern kitchens. In this ultra-modern black and white kitchen, the high gloss white countertops create a stark color contrast from the all black induction cooktop and kitchen faucet fixtures. The glossy finish also creates a great texture balance from the matte black flooring and patterned white walls.

Countertops are probably one of the kitchen features that are hardest to choose from – there are so many options and so many variables to consider. We hope our list has at helped you to at least weed out a few options and pick some favorites. Tell us about them in the comments below.

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