11 Timeless Kitchen Trends That Will Never Look Outdated

Families usually spend a lot of money on their kitchens. From custom-made countertops to expensive appliances, remodeling a kitchen can create quite a big hole in the average family’s finances. This stems from the connection most families have with their kitchens.

A lot of care, attention, and funds are put into the kitchen because of the pivotal role it plays in building and maintaining family harmony. Because of this, you should choose timeless kitchen features that will preserve the family traditions year after year without the need for remodeling.

Below you will find 11 timeless kitchen trends for your consideration:

1. White on White

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The white-on-white theme is a classic for whatever room it is used for. Here, you will make use of white, or any shade of white, such as off-white, for most of the kitchen components. It can be quite jarring to have every kitchen component glaringly white, so you may want to break things up with color-blocked tiles or contrasting shelves.

The idea is that the predominant color used in the kitchen should be white, but other colors can be incorporated too. The beautiful thing about an all-white themed kitchen is the fact that it creates an illusion of space because white reflects light better than any other color.

Thus, if you are already cramped for space, you may want to experiment with this idea. If you want to make your kitchen look sophisticated as well, you can put in some fancy lights; the warmer the tone, the better.


2. Wooden Kitchen

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Having a wooden kitchen is an example of one of the kitchen trends that never entirely go out of style. A wooden kitchen comes with a traditional feel and a warm look that is aesthetically appealing.

Making use of wood works best if you are located in a temperate region because, that way, the wood gets to last longer and doesn’t crack due to fluctuating weather conditions.

You may think that a wooden kitchen could be limiting in that there would be limited décor options for you to choose from. That is not true. When you decide to go for a wooden kitchen option, there are a lot of options in texture, color, venation, etc., for you to choose from.

Hardwood can be used for flooring, wall paneling, and for making most of the kitchen furniture. Hardwood variants include walnut, mahogany, and oak. On the other hand, softwood species such as fir and larch can be used for fiberboard and chipboard.

Wood is a good option for flooring because it provides excellent friction and prevents accidents caused by skidding. The hardwood species are also non-inflammable.

They are long-lasting and do not need a lot to take care of. Having a wooden kitchen is a sure bet for someone looking for a timeless option.


3. Multiple Small Fridges In Place of One Huge One

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A refrigerator (or refrigerators, as in this case) is an investment you have to be careful about making. Many families make use of one huge refrigerator in the kitchen. However, emerging kitchen trends have shown that there may be some benefit to having several small fridges instead of one big fridge.

In the first place, it makes the best use of space. Instead of having one huge fridge occupy a lot of space in your kitchen, you can have several of them placed at strategic locations in your kitchen, thereby conserving space. Some refrigerators are so small that you can put them on countertops or just underneath your table.

Furthermore, it is ideal for ease of use. While with one huge fridge, every food item has to be lumped in together, when you have more than one, you can put several food items that are identified together in one place. Also, you can decide to have specific fridges for the adults, and some for the kids.

It might be a little expensive to purchase more than one fridge instead of having just one huge one. Although generally, the difference between buying one huge fridge and two small ones may not be much.


4. Touch Activated Faucets

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Touch activated faucets are the rave of the moment and for good reason. They are quite easy to make use of. You only need to touch any part of the kitchen faucet for water to gush out. Thus, if you are big on convenience, then this feature is a must-have.

Also, apart from increased ease and comfort, having a touch-activated faucet will make sure that your faucet, and by extension, your kitchen sink, does not get dirty because you don’t have to touch the faucet if your hands are dirty. Any other part of your body coming in contact with the faucet is enough to activate it.

More so, touch-activated faucets conserve water. They automatically shut off when they sense that the faucet is no longer in use. If you are interested in making use of eco-friendly appliances, a touch-activated faucet works well for you. This feature can also be quite helpful in preventing flooding of your kitchen space.

One drawback to this kitchen feature is the fact that it might be a little pricey. Make sure that you wholly consider the cost of the other kitchen appliances generally before settling on this feature.

Bear in mind that while you have to consider existing kitchen trends while modeling or remodeling your kitchen, bearing the cost implications in mind is an essential part of the process. That said, if you can afford them, touch-activated faucets are timeless.


5. Connect Your Kitchen to the Outdoors

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This is one of the kitchen trends that is tailor-made to suit lovers of nature. If you love watching the sunrise or looking out at the greenery while making dinner, then hop on to this train.

Connecting your kitchen to the outdoors can be as simple as knocking down a wall and installing a glass sliding door. You may also want to consider removing some cabinets and installing large windows to get an amazing outside view.


6. Pendant Lighting

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Lighting is one aspect that cannot be overlooked in considering timeless kitchen trends. Here, your focus should be lighting options that are not only elegant but are functional and are also long-lasting.

They should have the ability to stand the test of time and changing trends. One option that ticks all of these boxes are pendant lighting.

Originally, pendant lights were made using cane baskets or bamboo cages. They were routinely hung from ceilings, and a source of light such as a candle was enclosed within it.

Pendant lights have managed to survive over the years, becoming a staple in many kitchens even in this era, only more modernized.

These days, they come in different types and shapes and can be customized to mimic any object at all. Even in your kitchen, there are several ways to make use of pendant lights apart from hanging them down from your kitchen ceiling.


7. Pay Attention to Accessibility

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In discussing kitchen trends, one feature that will always remain timeless is accessibility. If you intend to model your kitchen in such a way that it lasts you a lifetime, then it means you have plans of growing old in that same kitchen.

You must then note further, that accessibility is of enormous importance in this case. As you become older (or if you are already a senior citizen), you should find it easy to navigate your kitchen and make use of the appliances there.

To ensure accessibility, you have to bear certain things in mind. Firstly, keep your appliances within counter height. This way you wouldn’t need to bend or stretch to make use of the oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Also, when creating drawers, make sure they have deep pockets to contain your kitchen utensil set in one go. Also, consider the flooring and carpeting you use so you don’t slip and fall.


8. Fold-down Kitchen Tables

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Apart from being used for preparing meals, a kitchen can also serve as the place where you eat too. This could be because the kitchen also doubles as the dining area because of the lack of space, or it could be that you have both a regular dining area and, in addition, a kitchen space for having meals.

Whatever the reason for having meals in your kitchen, you can settle for fold-down tables to serve this purpose. Timeless kitchen trends are those that make effective use of space, and this is what fold-down tables do. They can easily be folded up and stowed away when not in use, freeing up space for other activities.

Furthermore, fold-down tables are beneficial because of their portability. You can choose to fold up the tables and carry them anywhere. You can make use of the fold-down kitchen tables even for outdoor events.

Furthermore, the fold down kitchen table can be used for different purposes. It can double as both a dining table and a coffee table. You can even use it to study.

In considering timeless features, functionality is one huge consideration, and a fold-down kitchen table has this in loads. The fold-down kitchen table also looks good.

It adds to the beauty of your kitchen. If you are going to spend money on any kitchen furniture, it should add to the beauty of your kitchen.


9. Wallpapers

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Wallpapers are increasingly becoming an excellent alternative to paints for most kitchen walls. One enticing quality they possess is durability. While they may not last as long as paints in most cases, they do last long enough.

With options like permanent wallpapers, you can hang them up and leave them on for as long as you like. Even more so, they can be removed and changed easily. Thus, the same type of wallpaper can be on your wall for as long as you need, you only have to switch them out when they get old.


10. Tiling

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Kitchen trends will come and go, but any kitchen flooring made with tiles will stand the test of time. You may be under the (erroneous) impression that tiles are only meant for bathrooms. Well, nothing can be further from the truth.

Tiles are used as excellent flooring options for kitchens because of how water-resistant they are. With tiles, your kitchen floor will not get soaked because of a carelessly forgotten dripping faucet.

Tiles are also effortless to clean. With a warm bucket of water, a mop or a kitchen towel, you can easily take care of any dirt found in your kitchen.

More importantly, however, tiles are timeless. As already pointed out above, they are moisture-resistant, and this helps improve their lifespan.

They also come in different sizes and types, so you are never at a loss on the option to settle for. Tiles also give a welcoming feel to your kitchen and can blend in seamlessly with whatever décor you have.

What this means is that even if you eventually get to repaint or remodel your kitchen, you will not have to worry about changing your flooring too because tiles blend right in with most décor designs.


11. Go for a Pop of Color

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Having an all-white kitchen may not entirely work for everyone, so if that is not your thing, then you can go for a pop of color. While white will always be in style, there are creative ways to combine colors that will also stand the test of time.

You can decide to install colored cabinets or use colorful paints on your walls. It is okay to experiment until you find a combination that suits your taste.



If you are looking to model or remodel your kitchen, then you may consider these kitchen trends while you do so. Admittedly, every one of these suggestions will not work for you.

You have to carefully consider what style you wish for, your financial capacity, and how long it will take before you make any changes to whatever designs you eventually settle for.

However, rest assured, whatever your tastes are, you will find something from our list to serve your purpose.

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