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A staggering 65% of Americans drink coffee daily. In fact, most people cannot imagine waking up in the morning and a cup of coffee not being their first point of call. Coffee will never go out of style.

That being said, cluttered kitchen cabinets full of chipped mugs and unopened bags of coffee take some of the enjoyment out of our freshly prepared brews. If every kitchen had a coffee bar with all the necessary components required for making a good cup of coffee, life would be much simpler.

We have compiled our favorite 30 home kitchen coffee bar ideas to take the chaos out of getting your caffeine fix.

1. Hanging Shelves Coffee Bar

Hanging Shelves Coffee Bar Hanging Shelves Coffee Bar

A modern-style coffee bar is an easy addition to any kitchen. These hanging shelves are easy to find space for even in the smallest of kitchens and leave the countertop free for other activities.

Pots of tea, coffee, and sugar slot effortlessly into the top row of shelves while mugs can be hung from the hooks below. Place these shelves near your kettle for easy access.


2. Colour-Pop Coffee Bar

Colour-Pop Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

Using brightly colored mugs and teapots is a great option for a coffee bar. The pops of color add heaps of personality without being overwhelming.

This designer has stuck to a sunny yellow, but you could try using several different hues of one color to create an even more visually appealing effect.


3. Mug Display

Mug Display kitchen coffee bar ideas

If you have lots of funky and quirky little mugs, why not show these off by putting them on display? This coffee bar has several narrow shelves to showcase all the different mug designs and means none are left forgotten about tucked away at the back. Adding hooks is also great to introduce different angles.


4. Freestanding Tall Coffee Shelf

Freestanding Tall Coffee Shelf kitchen coffee bar ideas

A large freestanding shelving unit is a beautiful way to present your home coffee bar if you have space.

You can use one shelf for ingredients, one shelf for cafetieres and teapots, and another for mugs. The brilliant thing to remember with freestanding shelving is that it can be moved around anywhere to wherever is most convenient.


5. Multi-Level Coffee Bar

Multi-Level Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

This corner coffee bar is effective as it works on multiple levels which is easy on the eye. This designer has spaced out the coffee equipment and incorporated other kitchen items such as plates, bowls, and even a jar of spaghetti!

This shows you do not need an entirely separate coffee station but can work it in with other kitchen items.


6. Minimalist Coffee Bar

Minimalist Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

Coffee bars found in hotel rooms are basic and minimalist, but they do offer you everything you need to make a brew. Why not adopt this style and introduce it to your own home?

Simply set out a kettle, a couple of mugs, and a small amount of coffee while leaving everything else stored away elsewhere. This is perfect for a minimalist-style.


7. Contemporary Coffee Bar

Contemporary Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

This contemporary coffee bar works in any kitchen. The designer has chosen the classic wood and white combination and the simple design brings an effortless yet modern feel.


8. Rustic Cubbyhole for Mugs

Rustic Cubbyhole for Mugs kitchen coffee bar ideas

If your kitchen radiates rustic charm, try working this old-style cubbyhole into your kitchen. The cute little compartments are ideal for storing and showcasing mugs.

This design can also be worked into a modern kitchen by using a sleek and glossy material as opposed to a raw wood finish.


9. Wall-Mounted Shelving

Wall-Mounted Shelving kitchen coffee bar ideas

Wall-mounted shelving can be put up anywhere in your home and can act as a functional coffee bar. The hanging of the mugs under the unit fully utilizes the space and leaves the shelves free for holding other items.

This design also ensures your kitchen countertops are not clogged up with coffee essentials, leaving plenty of space for you to cook.


10. Glass Coffee Containers

Glass Coffee Containers kitchen coffee bar ideas

When designing your dream coffee bar, it is not only the shelving and storage you need to think of. How you are going to present and store the coffee itself also has a huge impact on the overall feel.

Try using glass containers to store your coffee beans, sugar cubes, or tea bags. This designer has used mason jars which work just as successfully and can be brought in a variety of different sizes.


11. Z-Shaped Shelving

Z-Shaped Shelving kitchen coffee bar ideas

This unique shelving design works wonderfully in a modern kitchen with its innovative shape. It is more interesting to look at than straight shelving yet still provides the same surface area to work with. This type of shelving can be slotted into the smallest of wall spaces so it is highly versatile.


12. Café-Style Coffee Bar

Café-Style Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

If your kitchen has enough space, bring the atmosphere of a chic café to your very own home. Splash out on a fancy barista-style coffee machine and display the mugs on top of the machine for ease of access as they do in real cafés.

You will no longer need to leave home to drink your favorite brew from a coffee shop; you can bring the cafe to you.


13. Simple Shelf

Simple Shelf kitchen coffee bar ideas

Think your kitchen is too small for a coffee bar? Think again! A simple shelf does the job just as well as every extravagant design as long as you stock it with all the necessary coffee-making essentials.


14. Natural Shelving with Plants

Natural Shelving with Plants kitchen coffee bar ideas

Using natural wooden shelving is a great option for kitchens that have wooden surfaces or features as it effortlessly ties the room together.

Try including plants on your coffee bar to inject life and personality too. You can even pot your plants into mugs so that they truly match the coffee-theme!



15. Wooden Table Coffee Bar

Wooden Table Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

A wooden table makes a great surface for a coffee bar: sturdy, solid, and a large surface area. You can display all the mugs, kettles, and coffee machines along the back of the table and leave the front half free for you to prepare your caffeine fix.

Wood is also a timeless material and so you can know for sure that this coffee bar will not go out of style. Instead, just update your mugs to stick with the times.


16. White Kitchen with Black Coffee Machine

White Kitchen with Black Coffee Machine kitchen coffee bar ideas

If you want to make a statement with your coffee equipment, select a coffee machine a completely different color to your kitchen. This sleek and all-white handleless kitchen which even has a white kitchen faucet is paired with a black coffee machine.


17. Coffee Bar Blackboard

Coffee Bar Blackboard kitchen coffee bar ideas

Blackboards are a great addition to any kitchen, especially in a family home. They provide a place to jot down shopping lists, schedules, and more.

This kitchen works the backboard feature in with their coffee bar. Now you can look over plans for the day and to-do lists first thing while sipping your cuppa; the perfect start to the day.


18. Vintage Coffee and Sugar Containers

Vintage Coffee and Sugar Containers kitchen coffee bar ideas

We have already mentioned the importance of containers, but if you have a rustic or vintage style kitchen then these little pots are perfect.

Try to find a design in a cream or pale color with old-style writing on saying what is in each container. These pair perfectly with distressed cabinets but can also be worked into a more modern kitchen and add a delicate edge.


19. Spaced and Decorative

Spaced and Decorative kitchen coffee bar ideas

You do not need to cram your home coffee bar into a corner or onto the one shelf. This designer has formed a coffee bar display which adds a decorative element to the space.

The addition of plants, coffee-themed signage, and ornamental bottles makes this station artsy and creative.


20. Coffee Bar Accent Lighting

Coffee Bar Accent Lighting kitchen coffee bar ideas

Accent lighting is great in any kitchen and subtly highlights specific areas. Try having soft accent lighting over your kitchen coffee station for a warming and homely effect.

What is more, the next time you wake up for work and find it dark outside you can have your caffeine fix without having to turn on dazzling lights.


21. Folding Butlers Coffee Table

Folding Butlers Coffee Table kitchen coffee bar ideas

A folding butlers-style coffee table is timeless and extremely versatile. The table could be put up in a kitchen corner permanently, or simply have the tray folded up and kept on a work surface with all the required items kept on top.

This not only compartmentalizes your coffee bar but also means if you are feeling super lazy one morning then the whole station can be moved next to your bed or into another room.


22. Coffee Cabinet

Coffee Cabinet kitchen coffee bar ideas

If you do not want your mugs and coffee displayed, there is nothing wrong with keeping it all in a cabinet. Try to dedicate one cabinet solely for coffee cups, cafetières, and coffee ingredients.

This will help keep the cupboard organized and remain clutter-free. Choose a cabinet close to your kettle and kitchen sink so everything is in one area of the kitchen.


23. Corner Nook Coffee Bar

Corner Nook Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

I love this tiny corner nook coffee car. A diagonal unit placed across the corner is just large enough to hold a decent coffee machine and keeps it separate from the rest of your kitchen.

This is great as it means that if someone tries to cook, someone does the washing up, and someone gets a coffee you will not all be on top of each other.


24. Low Coffee Bar

Low Coffee Bar kitchen coffee bar ideas

To add some interesting levels, try putting your coffee bar on a surface lower than your kitchen countertop. This creates an extra dimension and again provides some form of separation from your cooking work surfaces.


25. End of Breakfast Bar Coffee Station

End of Breakfast Bar Coffee Station kitchen coffee bar ideas

When you make the perfect cup of coffee, you do not want to have to stand up to drink it. This designer has placed the coffee machine at the end of a breakfast bar which means that you can make a coffee while sitting down.

This is also great if you want another drink while you are finishing up breakfast as you don’t even need to move to get another brew!



26. Tiered Tray Stand

Tiered Tray Stand kitchen coffee bar ideas

A tiered coffee stand is a great space-saver and created additional surfaces in small and cozy kitchens. Be sure to place larger items on the bottom shelves and work up to smaller pieces to maximize visual appeal.


27. Vintage Coffee Tray

Vintage Coffee Tray kitchen coffee bar ideas

A coffee tray is a great way to create an impermanent and movable home coffee station. If you often have large groups around, the coffee tray can double up as a waiting tray and can be used for carrying multiple cups of coffee into the sitting room in one trip. This distressed vintage coffee tray is beautiful and feminine.


28. Cups and Saucers Holder

Cups and Saucers Holder kitchen coffee bar ideas

A neat way to store your cups and saucers is in a combined cup and saucer holder. This can easily be transported around the kitchen to the most convenient location or into another room if needed.


29. Mismatched Shelving

Mismatched Shelving kitchen coffee bar ideas

Shelving does not have to match. This designer has used a large and thick wooden shelf and a small thin white shelf as part of their home coffee bar. The contrast between the different materials, colors, and sizes is lovely and adds a unique edge.


30. Collapsible Coffee Tray

Collapsible Coffee Tray kitchen coffee bar ideas

A collapsible coffee tray means one thing: breakfast in bed! This can be used to store all your coffee items in your kitchen, but on a lazy rainy morning, the collapsible legs mean this coffee tray fits perfectly over your lap for that ultimate relaxing cup of coffee.



There is a lot to think about when designing a coffee bar for your home. Is it going to become a kitchen feature and display, or are you wanting a coffee bar just for function? What sugar bowls will you use? How about mugs? Will you add wall shelving or use your pre-existing countertop?

Hopefully, these home kitchen coffee bar ideas have helped you answer some of these questions. Let us know your opinions and dream coffee bar designs below.

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