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Kitchen corners are notoriously challenging when it comes to optimizing storage and exploiting the kitchen space we have got. Most kitchen corners end up having cabinets, but these end up having limited access and poor visibility.

On average, corner cabinets are 50% deeper than their non-corner counterparts and to make matters worse, corners are the darkest parts of our kitchen.

This means not only are the goods stored here harder to reach but they are also harder for us to see. I dread to think how many out of date products are lurking in the back of kitchen cabinets across the country, unseen and forgotten.

Is your corner cabinet hard to access? Or perhaps you just want to find an optimal storage solution to utilize every inch of kitchen space possible.

Well, look no further; here are our top 30 kitchen corner solutions to overcome corner cabinet obstacles and ensure no more muscles are pulled trying to reach into impossible spaces.

1. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan kitchen corner ideas

Shelf fitted lazy Susan’s are the obvious corner cabinet solution. They are relatively inexpensive and mean you do not need to rip out and redesign half the kitchen trying to solve your corner troubles.

The rotating unit means even products hiding in the back of the cabinet are easy to reach and visible with a flick of the wrist.


2. Modernized Lazy Susan

Modernized Lazy Susan kitchen corner ideas

Although Lazy Susan’s offer a simple fix, it can be challenging fitting a circular device into an angular cabinet, which also results in some lost space.

A great option to maximize storage is to use a peanut-shaped pull-out shelf. The unique design shape means the shelf can easily be pulled out from tight corner spots to display items previously tucked away.


3. Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-Out Shelves kitchen corner ideas

These sleek and modern pull-out shelves are a genius solution. The metal shelving is attached to the cabinet door which when swung open pulls the interior shelving out with it.

As the shelves are rectangular all of the cupboard space can be utilized without the fear of losing items forever in out-of-reach places.


4. Bi-Fold Cabinet Door

Bi-Fold Cabinet Door kitchen corner ideas

Bi-fold corner doors are a great solution to any dark kitchen corner. The folding action of the door means the two halves fold up against each other when opened.

This reduces the shadows cast by the door and allows for more light to reach into the back of the corner space, and more room for you to root around the cabinet.


5. Angled Drawers

Angled Drawers kitchen corner ideas

Angled L-shape corner drawers are a stylish answer to all your blind corner needs. The drawers can be designed to effortlessly blend into any kitchen, though this is generally a better solution if you are looking to do a full renovation.

The drawers run right back deep into kitchen corners meaning all possible storage space is being used. Try partitioning the interior of the drawers into various compartments to help organize clutter further.


6. Diagonal Cabinet

Diagonal Cabinet kitchen corner ideas

Bypass the need for any corner cabinet contraption by changing the facing of the cabinets to sit on the diagonal. This creates pentagon-shaped cupboards and gives you a direct view straight into the back corner, meaning there is no more uncomfortable feeling around dark corners.


7. Diagonal Sink

Diagonal Sink kitchen corner ideas

It is not just cabinets which can go in kitchen corners. Why not move your kitchen sink to the corner of the room and have it face on the diagonal?

The usually unused cupboard space is now being taken up by pipes, and space, where the sink was previously, will be free to store more pots and pans. Not only this, by moving the sink into the corner of the room leaves you with large stretches of uninterrupted countertop space for cooking.


8. Corner Sink

Corner Sink kitchen corner ideas

If turning the sink 45 degrees and refitting diagonal-facing cupboards seems like too much of a big renovation, keep things simpler and place the sink in a regular kitchen corner.

This will still help increase kitchen storage space as the water pipes, garbage disposal system, and kitchen trashcan can inhabit the tight corner spots and leave more easily accessible cupboards free.


9. Corner Stove

Corner Stove kitchen corner ideas

Putting a stovetop in the corner is another option that best utilizes available kitchen space. Range hoods can be made to easily fit into the upper corner of your kitchen, which completely removes any upper cabinet corner issues.

For the corner cupboards below the stovetop, why not store pots and pans here? Not only are they located for convenience when cooking, but being large items they are also unlikely to get lost at the back.


10. Corner Seat

Corner Seat kitchen corner ideas

A comfortable and cute solution is to put a corner seat in your kitchen. This is an ideal place to perch while waiting for food to cook in the oven and is a great use of tight corners.

If storage is short, the seats can be turned into multi-functional storage units by lifting the benchtop and keeping goodies inside.


11. L-Shaped Shelves

L-Shaped Shelves kitchen corner ideas

One way to drastically increase the visibility in corner spaces is to swap out your cabinets for open L-shaped shelving. Not only does this create a modern touch, but it also increases the light that can reach into corners making products easier to see, and the shelf depth can be made a lot shallower.

Open shelves are also a great way to add character to a kitchen by using them to display artwork, photographs, plants, or your favorite crockery. They are also a useful place to keep extensively used items like herbs and spices.


12. Regular Shelving

Regular Shelving kitchen corner ideas

If corner shelves are not your thing, instead line one wall with shelves and leave the perpendicular wall bare. This is also a great option for kitchens where L-shaped shelving would be impossible due to window or appliance placement.


13. Curved Shelving

Curved Shelving kitchen corner ideas

This is another great option for kitchen corners, but instead of working along the harsh lines of the kitchen these shelves provide a softer finish and are another great place to showcase accessories or your favorite kitchenware.


14. Alternating Corner Shelving

Alternating Corner Shelving kitchen corner ideas

Alternating shelving is where the shelves on one wall are slightly mismatched with the shelves on the adjacent wall, meaning they do not meet at the corner point. No corners mean no corner-related problems! Items are displayed clearly and can effortlessly be grabbed.


15. Corner Pantry

Corner Pantry kitchen corner ideas

To completely maximize storage space, the awkward corner spaces in your kitchen could be converted into an open pantry. By having shelving run down the corner wall from top to bottom there is ample space to store all your cupboard food.

An open pantry also gives you easy access to all goods and makes it super simple when going shopping as you can see what is in your cupboards with just a glance.


16. Closed-Off Pantry

Closed-Off Pantry kitchen corner ideas

Would you prefer all your food supplies to be tucked away? Using the corner pantry idea but putting a door on the diagonal to close it off from the rest of the kitchen is a great way to bypass this concern.


17. Corner Breakfast Bar

Corner Breakfast Bar kitchen corner ideas

Create a breakfast bar across a corner space to remove inefficient cupboards while adding a handy place to sit and have a cup of coffee. This wooden breakfast bar perfectly contrasts the white cabinets and oozes a contemporary feel.


18. Linear Kitchen and Island

Linear Kitchen and Island kitchen corner ideas

By opting for a linear kitchen where cabinets run along one wall, corner storage issues are completely bypassed. To add an additional kitchen surface and storage space, place a kitchen island opposite the main kitchen.


19. Parallel Countertops

Parallel Countertops kitchen corner ideas

If the space you are working with is too small to host a kitchen island, instead of having a U or L shaped kitchen run the cabinets parallel down two opposite walls.

This again means you are left with no corners which need fixing. If storage is short, try running open shelving down the empty wall between the two halves.

If you are wanting something more specific, you can read our article: 45 kitchen countertop design ideas.

20. Upper Cabinets Along One Wall

Upper Cabinets Along One Wall kitchen corner ideas

Even if your countertops run around a bend, have the upper cabinets along one wall only. This reduces the corner cabinets your kitchen has while still providing large amounts of surface space for cooking and baking to your heart’s content.


21. One Cabinet Short

One Cabinet Short kitchen corner ideas

Similar to number 20, create a break in the upper cabinets before they meet at the corner section. This has the same effect as above but means there are a greater total number of cupboards available to maximize storage and clear away clutter.


22. Drawers Open the Opposite Side

Drawers Open the Opposite Side kitchen corner ideas

If you have a kitchen island or section of your kitchen which does not back onto a wall, drawers and cupboards can be accessed from outside the kitchen. This not only gives more space in the kitchen to move around but also makes the cabinet contents more easily accessible.


23. Glass Corner Wall

Glass Corner Wall kitchen corner ideas

One of the main issues with corner spaces is that they are one of the darkest places in the kitchen where it is difficult for light to reach. This fantastic glass wall helps combat that and floods the whole room, corners included, with natural light.


24. Corner Window

Corner Window kitchen corner ideas

If you do not feel like knocking through your property to create a spectacular glass feature wall, even just a window that runs around the corner can help bring light into the room and improve corner visibility.


25. Glass Cabinet Fronts

Glass Cabinet Fronts kitchen corner ideas

Glass-front cabinets are another excellent choice. Having glass design cabinet doors again helps light to flow into tucked-away spaces and is also a great way to add multiple textures and dimensions to your kitchen.

Glass could be frosted, patterned, or clear dependant on individual taste. Showcasing glassware works well in these cupboards.


26. Multiple Cabinet Designs

Multiple Cabinet Designs kitchen corner ideas

It is not just glass-front cabinets that work harmoniously with corner spaces; corners provide an entry point for multiple cupboard designs as either a central line of symmetry or a divide between different designs.


27. Corner Color Change

Corner Color Change kitchen corner ideas

Adding color into any kitchen is an instant way to inject personality into your home, so why not use these awkward corner spaces as a way to do so?

The corner can act as a turning point where a new color is introduced and runs along the entire wall like this blue shelving which is initiated from the corner.


28. Curved Corners

Curved Corners kitchen corner ideas

Curving all kitchen edges creates a feminine and soft quality as the kitchen surfaces flow seamlessly around the room. This is a creative method to get rid of harsh lines and edges and instead generates a comfortable and homely atmosphere.


29. Open End Cabinets

Open End Cabinets kitchen corner ideas

Leaving the doors off of cabinets on the end corners of units is another beautiful corner design. Attention can be drawn to the corners by displaying eye-catching accessories, although I think this is a great place to store recipe books for convenience.


30. Blind Corner Organizer

Blind Corner Organizer kitchen corner ideas

If none of the above tickle your fancy, it might just be a case of working the best you can with the blind corners you have. Creating internal cabinet and drawer compartments can help to keep items organized and categorized together.

Drawer dividers are available for cheap and will help to a certain extent while you decide on your kitchen corner solutions.



While kitchen corners can notoriously be a pain, hopefully this article has offered some advice on how to combat these dark and hard-to-reach spaces.

Although moving appliances, adding windows, or converting to corner cabinets and drawers will require an entire kitchen renovation, even the addition of lazy Susan’s or drawer dividers can help reduce clutter. If all else fails, a stepladder and a torch will prove to be useful tools.

What are your thoughts and opinions on our kitchen corner designs? Let us know in the comments!

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