30+ Beautiful Kitchen Table Ideas – Design & Pictures

Regardless of the size, every kitchen should make space for a table. Whether this is in the form of a tiny table to perch and drink a cup of coffee, a fully-fledged dinner table to seat the family around, or a breakfast bar for sitting and having a bite in the morning, there is a kitchen table for everyone.

Here we have compiled a list of our favorite 30 kitchen tables ranging from small to large, from round to square, and from wood to glass. So, get some inspiration and think about how you can incorporate a table into your kitchen, as no one should have to eat standing up.

1. White Table and Chairs

White Table and Chairs kitchen table ideas

A white table and chairs are a classic combination that coordinates perfectly with a common all-white kitchen. The white surfaces keep the space feeling fresh and open.

A white table is a great choice for smaller rooms as the lighter the colors used, the larger the room feels. This designer has paired the white design with a wooden floor which makes for a beautiful arrangement.


2. Small Round Table

Small Round Table kitchen table ideas

This small round café-style table works in any kitchen. These tables vary in size and a tiny table with just two chairs around can slot into most small spaces. Ensure the table and chairs are of a delicate design to keep the space from feeling overcrowded.


3. Glass-top Table

Glass-top Table kitchen table ideas

A glass-top table is a brilliant option. Not only is the glass surface easy to clean, but the transparent surface also makes spaces feel less cluttered and overcrowded as being able to see through the tabletop gives the illusion of space.


4. Double-Up Your Island as a Breakfast Bar

Double-Up Your Island as a Breakfast Bar kitchen table ideas

Struggling for space in your kitchen? If you already have a kitchen island, then make this double-up as a breakfast bar. All you need to do it add some stools and there is instantly a new spot for you to sit and have a snack while keeping an eye on the cooking.


5. Table and Breakfast Bar

Table and Breakfast Bar kitchen table ideas

If space is not an issue at all, why not be greedy and opt for both a table and a breakfast bar? This kitchen is home to both without making the space feel overcrowded.

For the breakfast bar, stick to simplistic stools and neutral colors. For the table, try getting a round table and low, rounded chairs. This offsets the sharp and angular breakfast bar and adds different shapes to the room.


6. Simple Table with Statement Chairs

Simple Table with Statement Chairs kitchen table ideas

If your kitchen is lacking color and personality, use your table to inject some pizazz without having to remodel your kitchen.

This designer has paired mustard yellow chairs to create depth and excitement in an all-white space. If the color goes out of fashion, it is also a lot easier to buy some new chairs than to renovate your entire kitchen.


7. Coloured Tablecloth

Coloured Tablecloth kitchen table ideas

An even less risky way to add color to the room is by covering your table with a brightly colored tablecloth. Tablecloths can be picked up for cheap and instantaneously add character.

They also protect the surface underneath from burns and spills, while the soft material provides different and interesting textures.


8. Extend Your Island

Extend Your Island kitchen table ideas

If your kitchen island does not have an overhanging edge, a quick fix is to build an extension from it to act as a breakfast bar. In this design, as the small thin bar extends out the side of the island stools can be placed both sides.

This enables more chairs to fit around and also creates a more social space which allows people to sit opposite each other instead of in a row.


9. Table with Storage

Table with Storage kitchen table ideas

If you look closely at this long table, you will see under the far end there has been shelving built-in. For any kitchen short on space this is a useful addition and utilizes unused space.

Open shelving can be used to display kitchen accessories to add personality or could be storage for placemats and cutlery for easy access.


10. Built-in Appliances

Built-in Appliances kitchen table ideas

It is not just shelving which can be built into tables, but appliances too. It is common to see induction cooktops or sometimes kitchen sinks in the island, but this breakfast bar-style table has a microwave slotted into the side. This frees up the work surface and produces more space in the kitchen.


11. Mismatched Materials and Colours

Mismatched Materials and Colours kitchen table ideas

Who says a table and its chairs have to match? The different colors and textures used to create this kitchen are what glues everything together.

The contrast between the black table and white chairs is made more subtle and aesthetic by the materials of wood and woven seats. The materials soften the contrast and produce a more homely feel.


12. Simplistic Wooden Table

Simplistic Wooden Table kitchen table ideas

If you are after a timeless table that will not only last through the wear and tear of everyday living but also stays on-trend for years to come, opt for a simplistic wooden style.

Wooden tables suit a variety of different kitchen styles as the neutral beige tones tie in with almost every color scheme. The material also nicely offsets sleek modern designs by adding dimension.


13. Table on Wheels

Table on Wheels kitchen table ideas

With interior design at the minute, less is more. Minimalistic and basic furniture is becoming increasingly popular, so why not jump on this trend and use a table with wheels as your kitchen dining piece? This gives a retro and effortless look to a beautiful and well-presented space.


14. High Table

High Table kitchen table ideas

Whereas most kitchen tables are lower than the countertops, or with breakfast bars on the same level, this designer has opted for a high table with stools.

This creates a layered effect in the space and allows the eyes to focus on different levels which brings a unique aspect to the kitchen.


15. Floating Table and Invisible Chairs

Floating Table and Invisible Chairs kitchen table ideas

If you think the idea of a floating table and invisible chairs sounds like it must be magic, you would not be far wrong. This designer has been ingenious with his table design and from first glance, it appears the wooden tabletop is floating by itself.

The table legs and chairs are all made of transparent materials which makes a remarkable illusion. This is also a great option for smaller kitchens as space appears less cluttered.


16. Window Ledge Table

Window Ledge Table kitchen table ideas

Probably the most simplistic form of table out there, a ledge running against the wall works wonders. This is ideal for a tiny kitchen where stools can be stored beneath the bench.

Try running the ledge along a window to provide not only a good view when drinking your coffee, but also to fill the space with natural light.


17. Black Table and Chairs

Black Table and Chairs kitchen table ideas

All-black anything oozes sophistication and class, and a black table and chairs are no different. Be careful with the paring though and only go for this design if the kitchen has lots of natural light and is bright and fresh. The dark surfaces can otherwise be overpowering and draining in the room.


18. Mismatched Chairs

Mismatched Chairs kitchen table ideas

Mismatched chairs are a sure-fire way to add heaps of character, and though it can be difficult to pull off, if done correctly the result is a wonderful and loud statement.

The main rule not to break when mismatching chairs is to keep them all the same height, which seems obvious unless you want some people towering above the table while others are nearly resting their chin on the tabletop.

Black and white mismatched chairs are relatively low-risk and can be paired with all colors if you want to further enhance the eclectic glory.


19. Marble Breakfast Bar

Marble Breakfast Bar kitchen table ideas

Marble is another timeless and versatile material that looks great in nearly every kitchen. If you have marble countertops, why not create a marble breakfast bar too? More of this beautiful material in your home can only be good.


20. Cross-Leg Table

Cross-Leg Table kitchen table ideas

If your home carries a minimalistic style, try a cross-leg table. The design is simple yet effective and reminds us of fold-down tables which exudes an effortless and graceful feel.

Try reversing the table and chair colors similar to what this designer has done; the table is wooden with black legs whereas the chairs are black with wooden legs.


21. Rounded Plush Chairs

Rounded Plush Chairs kitchen table ideas

Kitchens do not have to be sleek, sharp, hard, and angular spaces. Adding cushioned plush chairs brings a more comfortable and homely feel, plus you will have a cozy chair to slide into as opposed to a hard bar stool to perch on.

The chairs in this kitchen are especially effective as their rounded edges and slanted tops provide a beautiful contrast from the rest of the kitchen.


22. Coloured Table and Kitchen

Coloured Table and Kitchen kitchen table ideas

This modern and minimalist kitchen design uses a lovely shade of teal to add individuality. Where you would assume having your kitchen and table all painted the one bright color may result in the space feeling cluttered and the color being overpowering, this designer has perfected the art.

The delicate table and chairs and the soft shade of blue chosen elegantly draw everything together.


23. Curved Breakfast Bar

Curved Breakfast Bar kitchen table ideas

To add additional dimensions to your kitchen, try using a curved breakfast bar instead of a straight one. This can also function as a divider between kitchen and living space, so if you are working with an open-plan area this idea with help to compartmentalize the space while leaving it open.


24. Small Corner Table

Small Corner Table kitchen table ideas

For teeny kitchens like this one, a table will need to be tucked away in the corner to allow enough space for movement around the kitchen.

This does not make the table any less important though! Although only taking up a small portion of the space, the colored tablecloth and bunch of flowers add strength to a kitchen which would feel otherwise rather lackluster.


25. Distressed Table

Distressed Table kitchen table ideas

Vintage styles are beautiful, and incorporating distressed and refurbished pieces of furniture automatically inject a chic vibe into any kitchen. Distressed furniture works well in older houses or cottages to create an authentic and homely atmosphere.


26. Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table kitchen table ideas

When you say the words ‘kitchen table’, a large wooden farmhouse table is the first that comes to mind. It is a great space for the family and friends to come together and being placed in the kitchen center opens up the space and gives it a communal and sociable environment.


27. Long Table with Benches

Long Table with Benches kitchen table ideas

Another option for a busy family home or a house that often has many guests is a long table with benches. The benches make a great option for social events and many people can squeeze on to sit around the table. It provides a relaxed atmosphere and a laidback yet contemporary environment.


28. Natural Edge Wooden Table

Natural Edge Wooden Table kitchen table ideas

If your kitchen carries a rustic vibe and you are wanting to add warmth and comfort to your home, try using a natural edge table.

These tables are a fantastic way to make rustic style collide with contemporary form and the live edge brings natural beauty to the space with a truly head-turning finish.


29. Pedestal Table

Pedestal Table kitchen table ideas

If you are short on space, the pedestal table is a fantastic solution. While generally small in size, these tables can fit into any kitchen design. As these tables have a central leg rather than four around the edge, there is no limit to the number of chairs that and squeeze round.


30. Runway Table

Runway Table kitchen table ideas

If your kitchen size permits, having a runway-style table is beautiful. Take this kitchen for example. The kitchen is almost symmetrical, and the wooden table extends from the kitchen directly from the center. This is visually satisfying and creates beautiful lines and shapes.

Note how the designer has paired the wooden beams, floor, and table together to tie everything as one.



Hopefully, this article has shown you there are many ways to incorporate a table into your kitchen.

Whether it is a statement feature that projects personality, or a simplistic piece that acts as a convenience, there is sure to be a table to suit all needs. Which of these ideas do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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