30 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Although white on white has a certain appeal to it, there are plenty of kitchen cabinet color ideas to try.

I have recently been considering painting my kitchen cupboards. Having just moved into a new for me but old place, the kitchen could use a bit of an update.

The cupboards are white on white – and don’t get me started on the putrid green walls. Both could use an update. So, I’ve been looking at what kitchen cabinet colors I might try out.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is easy to way add a splash of bright, bold and beautiful color into your plain kitchen.  There are plenty of colors and shades to choose from. Don’t be afraid to big on this one – the final look will be completely worth it.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas


1. Black

Black kitchen cabinet color ideas

While some of you may be reeling at the suggestion of painting your kitchen cupboards black, hear me out! This black finish is just gorgeous with the gold handles.

Handles can make a big difference to the overall look of your cupboards, so don’t look past those! Again, it is a perfect neutral backdrop to add some splashes of color to. See how they have added red here – and it looks fabulous!


2. Industrial Pipes

Industrial Pipes kitchen cabinet color ideas

Throw out the rule book and go with this industrial open style. The metal pipe style shelves lend extra atmosphere to the room. It takes on the look of a trendy café or restaurant.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they have a restaurant in their home? They are industrial while still looking clean and modern. It is the perfect balance to add into your home.


3. Orange

Orange kitchen cabinet color ideas

Orange may not have been a choice that instantly leapt to my mind when thinking about kitchen cabinet color ideas. However, after seeing this kitchen, I have major color envy!

It is the perfect bright but not too bright orange. And it looks so classy and modern when paired with the grey. It’s definitely an option I’m now considering.


4. Slate Blue

Slate Blue kitchen cabinet color ideas

The colors that come from a mix between blue and grey are personally my favorite color palette. Slate blue is bluer than grey but greyer than blue. It is a wonderful compromise between color and versatility.

Pair with all white everything and watch your kitchen cabinets transform your home. It’s a nice option for those not wanting to commit to a color that’s too in your face.


5. Dolphin Grey

Dolphin Grey kitchen cabinet color ideas

These cabinets add a touch of modern class to this kitchen. Keep it simple with luxurious grey cabinets. They complement a white benchtop and walls very well. Add more color if you like with a kitchen utensil set in a contrasting color that sits on the bench.


6. Glass

Glass kitchen cabinet color ideas

Glass cabinets are a fantastic way of displaying your homewares. If you have gorgeous kitchenware, it seems a shame to hide it all behind a door. That’s where glass cabinets come in. They are an eye-catching kitchen item as well as displaying your prized possessions.


7. Capri Blue

Capri Blue kitchen cabinet color ideas

Capri blue cabinets look drop dead gorgeous with gold accents. Try adding some gold drawer and cupboard handles to see this color in its full glory. It is a simple color that is unexpected in a kitchen, but it works!


8. Pale Wood

Pale Wood kitchen cabinet color ideas

These pale wood cabinets captured my attention as they are something different. They don’t have handles and instead offer the look of a smooth wooden wall, but with the bonus of tons of storage space. They would be easy to keep clean as they are very smooth and wouldn’t show as much dirt as white.


9. Cornflower blue

Cornflower blue kitchen cabinet color ideas

These cornflower blue cabinets are reminiscent of a garden with their floral color. Try this color to turn your cabinets into the centerpiece of your kitchen.

With neutral finishings, they will stand out and grab everyone’s attention. This pop of bright blue may be just the thing to jazz up a plain kitchen.


10. Chestnut colored wood

Chestnut colored wood kitchen cabinet color ideas

The grey marble bench and floors perfectly offset the chestnut colored wood. They are a match made in heaven with the stainless-steel range hood and appliances as well.

This kitchen is very matchy-matchy, and it’s working! If you like an organized and modern atmosphere, this could be your new dream kitchen.


11. Dove grey

Dove grey kitchen cabinet color ideas

If you like soft colors but don’t want to go with pastel, dove grey could be your new best friend. It looks fantastic paired with many other colors and goes well with pale wood, as seen in this kitchen.

Pale colors can make small rooms appear bigger. Rather than go with all white, dove grey will work well too. This room has a soft and calm ambiance, perfect for the quiet and close family.


12. Sunflower yellow

Sunflower yellow kitchen cabinet color ideas

The yellow and grey are a perfect combination in this kitchen. The bright sunflower yellow is very loud and the grey complements it well. If you like to add a splash of color to liven things up, this yellow is a fantastic choice. Bright colors spark joy in many people so Marie Kondo is and pop in some yellow.


13. Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood kitchen cabinet color ideas

A kitchen with a rustic natural vibe can be gorgeous. Start with natural wood cabinets and add some of your favorite plants. The greenery looks fabulous next to the wood, like you’re out in nature. Bring some of the outdoors into your kitchen without tracking in the mud.


14. Soft Turquoise

Soft Turquoise kitchen cabinet color ideas

A soft but bright turquoise can brighten up any space. It looks best with pale wood colors and shades of white. It offers you a choice that’s outside the box without dominating the overall look of your kitchen as a dark color does. Add in this color for a touch of class while maintaining a homey vibe.


15. Whitewashed Wood

Whitewashed Wood kitchen cabinet color ideas

Whitewashed wood cabinets offer a natural feel without going for the full dark wood look. This will suit you if you have a smaller kitchen as too much dark color can feel overpowering. This rules out most woods so this is a nice compromise to try out instead.


16. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue kitchen cabinet color ideas

This color reminds me of driving down to the beach. It is a deep blue that retains some brightness to it, which is absolutely stunning.

By painting your kitchen cabinets this color, it will make them the feature of your kitchen. This is ideal if you have nice looking cabinets which just need some color to add interest to the room.


17. Taupe

Taupe kitchen cabinet color ideas

Taupe is the perfect color if you want to paint your cabinets a more interesting shade but don’t want to venture too far from white. This color is just as versatile as any white as it will go well with numerous accent colors.

It pairs well with deep reds or blues. An easy way to add these in would be with your choice of kitchen towel, jug or toaster.


18. Rainbow

Rainbow kitchen cabinet color ideas

Taste the rainbow and show your pride with these artistic cabinets. While they are certainly a bold choice, don’t shy away. Painting each cabinet a rainbow color can turn a previously drab and boring kitchen into a work of art. There’s nothing more joyous than a rainbow.


19. Dark Wood

Dark Wood kitchen cabinet color ideas

Having dark wood is a classic look not often seen in kitchens. These cupboards offer something different from the usual kitchen cabinet finish. They have a more natural look than most cabinets. I would suggest this goes best with a pale floor and walls so the whole room doesn’t come across as too dark.


20. Pastel

Pastel kitchen cabinet color ideas

Bright pastels are always on-trend. By using a different colored pastel on each cupboard, you can have your kitchen feeling just like an old-fashioned candy store. Pair with candy jars on the countertops for added fun!


21. Cotton-candy Pink

Cotton-candy Pink kitchen cabinet color ideas

Feel like you’re living in a Barbie mansion with stunning cotton-candy pink cabinets. They can give a retro 80s vibe to your house. If you have a house from this era, the cabinets are the perfect addition to take you back in time.


22. Lime Green

Lime Green kitchen cabinet color ideas

For those who like to live on the wild side, why not go for lime green kitchen cabinets? And if you’re feeling spicy, pair it with purple benchtops.

Get creative – anything goes when it comes to choosing a kitchen cabinet color. It’s all up to personal preference. If you want your kitchen to stand out as much as you do, go for this color.


23. African Violet

African Violet kitchen cabinet color ideas

Just look at the cabinets in this kitchen! It’s like right out of a dream. They maintain the elegance of your home while having a focal point for your kitchen. I would be more likely to pair mine with a white or grey bench, but honestly, they would look awesome with anything.


24. Cherry Red

Cherry Red kitchen cabinet color ideas

Ever tried looking for the perfect cherry red lipstick shade or nail color? It’s a struggle most women can relate to – there are so many more different kinds of red than you could ever imagine.

Here is my perfect red, in cabinet form. These are just perfect. Now, I just need to go find this color at my nail salon.


25. Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors kitchen cabinet color ideas

Here’s another almost pastel option. The color is a little stronger than pastel, but these carry the contrast well. The intentionally mismatched look is one that I’m definitely a fan of. I just love this buttery yellow color and it looks so good with the purple and blue as well.


26. Mint Green

Mint Green kitchen cabinet color ideas

Mint is just so lovely. Whether it’s toothpaste, ice cream or plain colors – I’m into it. Mint green is a nice pale option for your kitchen cabinets. It will look great paired with silver door handles or drawer knobs. In the kitchen shown, it’s given a real uplift by the lemon-yellow walls.


27. Chalkboard

Chalkboard kitchen cabinet color ideas

If you have cupboards above waist height, you might like to consider renovating them with chalkboard paint. Black can be a very modern update to your current kitchen.

You’ll have the added benefit of writing your grocery list right on the pantry doors. Or, leave a message for your family – your kids can even draw on them! The options are endless.


28. Teal

Teal kitchen cabinet color ideas

The rustic teal cupboard pictured would look amazing across an entire kitchen. If you like to have a natural, old-timey feel to your home then these will fit the bill.

They are old-looking while staying on top of current trends. Get out the paintbrush and then the sandpaper to put this look together.


29. Gold Accents

Gold Accents kitchen cabinet color ideas

If you’re set on white, then you could add extra glamor to it with some gold accents. By painting the edges of your cabinets with a luxurious gold finish, this can make your kitchen more opulent. This will work especially well if you have a gold kitchen faucet or kitchen sink.


30. Feature Windows

Feature Windows kitchen cabinet color ideas

You may not enjoy the look of kitchen cabinets with windows because they can look cluttered. Unless you keep your cabinets perfectly clean inside, which many people don’t. Get around this by using feature windows with frosted glass and added details.


31. Azure Blue

Azure Blue kitchen cabinet color ideas

This bright and bubbly color will add loads of personality to your cabinets. With its fierce vivacity, your guests will be entranced with this color. It would look awesome with white or grey benchtops and white walls. Tie in the color by placing some matching art on the wall.


Now that I’ve seen all these fantastic kitchens, I’m more confused than ever because I love them all! I’m torn between bright and bold and something more natural.

There are countless options out there for kitchen cabinet color ideas. Each is as gorgeous as the last, but it’s really up to your personal taste.

No matter what your favorite color is, don’t be afraid to try it out in your kitchen. It will look great whether it’s on a cupboard or you stick to using it for an accent color in your kitchen items. I say, go for it!

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