31 Famous Basement Kitchen Design Ideas

Basements – for storage or living? That’s the question anyone must answer when moving into a new home that features a basement. It can be a challenge to find the right thing to do with the space. Rather than cluttering up the place with stuff you never ever use, why not make it as useable as possible?

Many people turn their basements into a rumpus room. It is a handy place to send the kids if you have teenagers.

They can have friends over to watch TV as loud as they want without getting on your nerves. Out of sight, out of mind! If you have a little kitchen down there, they can even make their own snacks and stop bothering you.

Or why not turn the basement into a self-contained unit? You could make it a little piece of paradise for either guests or your teenage child. Put in a bed, bathroom, and kitchen. Whoever you have staying down there will have their own self-contained space with plenty of privacy.

I’ve put together this list of basement kitchen ideas to help you decide how to make the best use of this space. Whether it’s the kitchen of a rumpus room or self-contained unit, I have plenty of ideas for you to steal.

1. Lighting

Lighting basement kitchen ideas

First and foremost, lighting is going to be crucial in any basement kitchen. A well-lit space will give you the illusion of being in a light and airy space, even with no windows. Your guests won’t even notice the lack of windows with all the lights down there. Try adding recessed lighting like in this kitchen for a non-intrusive option.


2. Mirrors

Mirrors basement kitchen ideas

To further your illusion of space, adding mirrors can help. The mirrored cupboard in this home makes the kitchen look twice as long by reflecting it. If your basement space is feeling a little small, consider where you could place a mirror to enlarge the space.


3. Bar

Bar basement kitchen ideas

If you’re mostly going to be preparing snacks in your basement kitchen, maybe you don’t need the whole setup. Having a range hood and cooktop may just go to waste down there. So, try setting up your kitchen more like a bar. Have plenty of bench space and add a microwave and bar fridge. This could be all you need!


4. White on White

White on White basement kitchen ideas

To give any room an airy feel, it’s a fantastic idea to paint it white. This works even better in a basement setting. With too many dark colors, it can start to feel claustrophobic. Open up the space by painting it all white.


5. Viewing Room

Viewing Room basement kitchen ideas

Create the ultimate viewing room by setting up your basement as your very own movie theatre. This will give your kids a space they love where they can watch movies to their hearts’ content. Just add a bar fridge for coke and a microwave for popcorn and they will have their own kid-friendly kitchen.


6. Narrow Space

Narrow Space basement kitchen ideas

Even a narrow basement space can be turned into a kitchen. It is a myth that you need lots of space to install a kitchen. Just line each wall with benches so there is plenty of bench space. If you don’t have much space, keep colors light so you don’t feel too closed in.


7. Tucked Away

Tucked Away basement kitchen ideas

If you have a small recessed area in your basement, this could be perfect for a kitchenette. Tuck your kitchen away and leave plenty of space for some cushy couches to relax on.


8. Living Area

Living Area basement kitchen ideas

If you need an extra living area because your lounge has turned into a playroom, here’s the solution. Turn your basement into your living room for a place to get away too. It will be made complete with its own kitchen. You can hide all the snacks here that you don’t want your kids to get into!


9. Wall Cupboards

Wall Cupboards basement kitchen ideas

Having cupboards up on the wall is a great way to add extra storage space to any small kitchen. Your basement kitchen is likely to be small, so with these, you’ll have lots of room. It keeps your kitchen items from cluttering up your precious countertop space too.


10. Fake Window

Fake Window basement kitchen ideas

A popular basement trend is to add fake windows to add light. This gives the impression that you could see outside if you just open the window. But it’s all fake! This can be achieved by adding lights on the wall behind a frosted windowpane. Add blinds or curtains over it for extra effect.


11. Don’t Overcrowd

Don’t Overcrowd basement kitchen ideas

Having too much furniture in an enclosed space can add to the claustrophobia and make a space seem smaller than it is. To keep an airy ambiance, don’t overdo the furniture. Just put in what you need and no more. This kitchen is a good example. The basement has a kitchen and dining table, and no more. There is plenty of room to breathe down here.


12. Wine Bar

Wine Bar basement kitchen ideas

Create your very own wine bar in your basement! Add in some cozy armchairs and a barrel or two as side tables. You won’t need a full kitchen, just a bar fridge for your white wines and charcuterie. Perhaps add a kitchen utensil set and kitchen knife sharpener so you have something to cut your cheese with.


13. Half BasementsHalf Basements basement kitchen ideas

Half basements are great because you can add windows at the very top which will give you a view to outside. This creates a feeling that you’re not really in a basement at all. Putting a kitchen in a half basement can feel much roomier if you’re able to add windows.


14. Fireplace

Fireplace basement kitchen ideas

A fireplace adds extra coziness to any space. If you want to feel comfortable and warm down in your basement kitchen, a fireplace is a great way to achieve this. Pro tip – you can roast marshmallows and smores on it too!


15. Pickles

Pickles basement kitchen ideas

If you have plenty of fruit trees or a massive veggie garden, you may be the type who enjoys making pickles and sauces. It can be such a challenge finding enough space to put these.

A basement storage area can be ideal for this. Rather than a whole kitchen, just create a pantry for yourself down there. You can add shelves especially for all your relishes, jams and other tasty treats you make.


16. Add Barstools

Add Barstools basement kitchen ideas

Adding a barstool or two at your kitchen counter can add extra space to sit. This can offer more seating options without taking up a lot of space like a table would. If you don’t have a lot of room in your basement, this is a good option.


17. Rugs

Rugs basement kitchen ideas

Rugs can add warmth and vibrant color to your basement. Whether you want to put one in the kitchen is up to you because it could be hard to clean. However, add one to your basement eating or living area to warm up space.


18. Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar basement kitchen ideas

What’s better than a kitchen? A wine cellar! Skip the kitchen and go straight for the wine with a rustic style wine cellar in your basement. This will give you plenty of places to store your favorite drops. Put the very best ones on display. You’ll want to spend all your time down here!


19. Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar basement kitchen ideas

If you enjoy mixing a cocktail or two or experimenting with drink flavors – why not have your own bar in your home? Turn your boring basement into the hottest new cocktail bar in town. Your family and friends will enjoy being hosted here.


20. High Ceilings

High Ceilings basement kitchen ideas

Many basements have quite high ceilings as they go deep to accommodate the stairs. This results in a lot of wasted space up on the walls. In your basement kitchen, you could try adding shelves up high to keep things out of the way. Just make sure you have the right sized ladder to get them back down!


21. Color

Color basement kitchen ideas

Having color is even more important in a basement kitchen than a regular one. Adding a splash of color can liven up any space, even your basement. This kitchen uses read to add some spice. But you could choose green, blue or any color you like!


22. Lit Up Island

Lit Up Island basement kitchen ideas

Having enough light is the predominant challenge of transforming any basement. Have you ever considered adding light into your kitchen island? If you’re going to have a kitchen down there, you may as well go all the way. This fabulous island is made visually appealing with a dash of color and a lot of light.


23. Keep It Quirky

Keep It Quirky basement kitchen ideas

To add interest to your basement kitchen, try framing a funky print. I love this one shown in the living area of a basement. But it would look equally cool in a kitchen!


24. Flooring

Flooring basement kitchen ideas

Choosing the right flooring is going to be vital in any basement space. Without great flooring, the floor can be extremely cold and sometimes damp. Wood is a good choice for basement kitchens. It is easy to clean up any messes and spills. Dark wood will hide any stains too.


25. Go Modern

Go Modern basement kitchen ideas

Adding modern furniture and lighting to a basement space will turn it from frumpy to fabulous. If your basement is currently a space that your teens don’t want to hang out in, just a kitchen isn’t enough. You need to upgrade it a bit with some cool couches they’ll want to hang out on.


26. Laundry

Laundry basement kitchen ideas

Many people use their basement as a handy place to do their laundry. It’s a great option because it keeps the machine out of the way and gives you a quiet space to work away in.

But you don’t have to choose between having a kitchen down there and a laundry! Add a washing machine under your benchtop and have two in one. Get your washing done while you are enjoying making some lunch in a quiet space.


27. Pool Table

Pool Table basement kitchen ideas

The perfect place for a pool table is in the basement. It is a quiet place to practice and get away from it all with your friends. The only thing missing is some excellent food.

Having a kitchen down there with the pool table means you’ll never want to leave again. With even just an oven, you’ll be able to cook up some pizzas to share with friends. A fridge would be handy too, for chilling your beers.


28. Archways

Archways basement kitchen ideas

Archways are a great way of dividing up space. Maybe you want a self-contained unit down in your basement. However, it can be nice if you don’t feel like it is all one room. Archways can grant the feeling of multiple rooms even if there is only one.


29. Drum Kit

Drum Kit basement kitchen ideas

Anyone with a partner, flatmate or child who plays an instrument knows how loud it can be. Drums can be especially bad. Why not turn your basement into a music room where they can practice as much as they want?

And they are going to get thirsty from all that drumming, so installing a kitchen with a fridge will be the finishing touch. They can even grab their own snacks after practice!


30. Self-Contained Unit

Self-Contained Unit basement kitchen ideas

Here is the ideal self-contained basement space – almost. It has a bed and a bathroom, so it’s only missing a kitchen. Having all three is the perfect space that you will never want to leave! It’s great if you have guests staying.

They can make their own meals and have some private space. Or perhaps you have a relative living with you. This gives them a chance to feel self-sufficient.


31. Wet Floor

Wet Floor basement kitchen ideas

Some basements give the opportunity of having a wet floor where the water will drain away. No longer have to worry about mopping the floor and leaving it to dry.

If you make a mess in your basement kitchen, just run some water on it and watch it wash away! It has never been easier to clean. Just don’t make a mistake and do it in a normal kitchen!

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