11 Top Benefits of Charcoal Water Filter

Pure water is a basic human need to stay healthy and disease-free. Many times, water may get impure with many contaminants and needs to be cleaned before consumption.

Under the water filter, countertop filter, water filter pitcher, or a whole house water filter are excellent ways to make your water pure before you drink it.

Water can also be made pure by passing it through charcoal filters. There are many Charcoal water filter benefits that you’d be surprised to know. In this purification process, a particular form of charcoal called activated charcoal is used to clean water.

Here’s a video that shows you the benefits of charcoal for purifying water:

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You may wonder if it’s the same charcoal used in barbeque machines. Not really, as that’s a different one.

When charcoal is heated without the presence of oxygen and then treated with argon and nitrogen, activated charcoal is made. In this process, activated charcoal attracts all the impurities to its surface and makes the water clean.

The process is also known as adsorption in which harmful toxins are removed to purify the water and make it drink worthy.

11 Top Charcoal Water Filter Benefits

Are you wondering what the top charcoal water filter benefits are?

Let us share the 11 top reasons why activated charcoal can be a highly effective water purifying agent that you should consider for your home.

Did you know that activated carbon is extremely porous with a large surface area that improves the adsorption process? One gram of activated carbon can even have a surface area of more than 1,500 square meters.

Using a charcoal water filter is an excellent way to retain the original nutrients in the water and making them potent water purification agents.

Here are the top charcoal water filter benefits that you should know before getting one for your home.

1. Retains Original Mineral Salts

charcoal water

Minerals and original salts present in water are essential for human metabolism. It’s when air pollution and other contaminants mix with water it becomes unfit for human consumption.

The majority of water filters eliminate these impurities from the water, healthy minerals, and ions. They end up stripping the water of the essential minerals that are not recommended.

In the similar water distillation, all nutrients except oxygen and hydrogen are removed from the water. Instead of water distillation, using a whole house water purifier with activated charcoal is a better bet.

The process makes unhealthy particles come up to the surface while the useful minerals remain in the water. Having another filter level helps to remove any microorganisms from the water, making it pure to drink.

2. Enhances Water’s Flavor

Have you seen many people don’t prefer having tap water, even though they may be extremely thirsty?

Many times they don’t like the tap water’s weird odors and tastes. These odors can rise from the addition of chlorine and other additives that are designed to kill microbes.

Adding a charcoal water filter to the water purification process helps to get rid of these unpleasant smells. If you have a municipal water supply, installing a water purifier with an activated charcoal filter would be a great idea to eliminate awful tastes, stale odors in your drinking water.

3. Addition of Healthy Components

activated charcoal for water filter

A charcoal water filter helps in adding healthy salts to the drinking water to enhance its quality. Some of the minerals that get added are calcium, magnesium, and iron.

The addition of these minerals also makes drinking water tastier!

4. Low Installation Cost

Thinking about how much an activated charcoal water filtration system will cost you?

Even though whole house water filters can be a sizable investment for a home or office, activated charcoal filters are significantly cheaper. They are inexpensive to install and allow you to save your dollars for other uses.

5. Simple Maintenance

Installing an appliance always comes with its maintenance guide. When you choose a charcoal water filter for your home, maintenance is quite simple.

If you are wondering that you will require very specialized water purification technicians, you are far from the truth. Simple plumbers or technicians aware of the maintenance of water purification systems can help you with regular maintenance activities.

Once the charcoal is finished, you will need to replace any filter parts. Even that takes place after around 4-6 months based on the model and daily water consumption.

Households with higher daily water consumption will need quicker filter replacements than those with lower water consumption.

One of the best ways to know is to notice the clarity and taste of the water. If you feel an acquired taste of color in drinking water, it could be time for a filter replacement

You may also notice that when the filter gets clogged with impurities or dirty particles, the water flow slows down. It’s a sign that you need to replace the water filter to retain its effectiveness.

Part replacement for a charcoal water filter is generally inexpensive as compared to other whole house water filters.

6. Minimum Energy Requirements

charcoal water purifier

As a homeowner, you’d prefer using an appliance that consumes the least energy, right? Apart from being environment-friendly, using lesser energy also helps in reducing the appliance’s running cost.

Any other water filter would need regular energy consumption to operate. If you choose a charcoal filtering system, zero energy is required to run it.

A charcoal water filter functions on the water’s pressure and the inherent properties of activated charcoal. Since the filtering happens automatically, there will be no electricity consumption for its regular operations.

7. Customized Operations

People have different water requirements. If one person wants water to do their laundry, another person may want to have safe drinking water. In this case, any water purification system needs to match the needs of all the family members.

Even within charcoal water filtration models, you will find a lot of options to suit your particular needs.

8. Compatible Water Filter Model

Do you already have a water distiller at home? If you do, you’ll find that charcoal water filters are easily compatible with your existing water filtration model.

By combining both, you’ll have a powerful water purifying solution in your home. For example, a reverse osmosis water purifier (RO) can be easily used with a charcoal water filter.

In reverse osmosis, water is subjected to very high pressure in a semi-porous membrane. When this happens, purified water passes through, while the impure particles get trapped in the membrane.

Installing charcoal filters with the RO system boosts its lifespan. So, water passes first through the charcoal filter, followed by the reverse osmosis system.

Bigger particles get trapped in the charcoal water filter while RO catches the smaller impurities. Removing the bigger particles also extends the lifespan of the membrane.

Using a charcoal water filter also removes volatile organic chemicals or VOCs and their traces from water, making it even purer.

9. Whitens Teeth

coal water filter

Wish to improve your teeth or mouth hygiene? Water contains many agents such as fluoride that can end up discoloring the teeth or may harm the gums as well.

Using activated charcoal can help improve the teeth’s condition. It cleans the teeth using the adsorption process and traps the impurities.

The presence of surfactants and ions in charcoal also helps minimize mouth odor and eliminate teeth stains. If you want a healthier mouth, better gum hygiene, and fresher breath, choose activated charcoal water filter today.

10. Slow Down Aging

Everyone wants to be youthful! Ingesting activated charcoal helps you to stay young from within by preserving the internal organs. It helps to slow down the cellular age and elevates overall health. The addition of activated charcoal into your water also eliminates toxins and helps you have a longer lifespan.

11. Minimize Alcohol Poisoning

activated charcoal for water purification

Using activated charcoal purified water helps minimize alcohol blood concentrates. Over consumption of alcohol can excite the liver and make it work overtime to digest it. Since most alcoholic beverages contain harmful additives such as flavonoids or preservatives, they can be damaging to your health.

Consuming activated charcoal helps minimize the effects of alcohol poisoning.

Top Benefits of Activated Charcoal Water Filter

Using charcoal filters can be a simple and highly effective way to purify your drinking water at a reasonable cost. With the adsorption process, all the vital nutrients are retained in the water while the harmful impurities get eliminated.

If you want to compliment your existing reverse osmosis filter, add a charcoal filter to your whole house water purification system.

As it’s a passive form of water purification, operating a charcoal filter requires zero energy. Apart from being an affordable water purifying model, it also helps you enhance your health and lifespan. With low maintenance costs and easy operations, charcoal filters are invaluable for you and your loved ones.

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