31 Tiny House Kitchen Ideas – Designs & Pictures

Have a tiny house and can’t seem to figure out what to do with the equally small kitchen space?

Oddly shaped layouts, columns in the way, windowless areas, or narrow spaces. These are typical problems when it comes to cozy houses and small kitchen areas.

But if you think breathtaking kitchen designs only belong to mansions and display homes, this article will prove you wrong.

Our list of tiny house kitchen ideas will show you that with just the right creative solutions, you can enjoy a fantastic and fully-functional kitchen, despite limited space.

1. Refresh Your Kitchen Area

Refresh Your Kitchen Area tiny house kitchen ideas

Like freshly cut limes, the yellow-green accents make this corner kitchen look livelier. Easily set the mood for your small kitchen by switching to another color tone. Select vibrant colored items that are readily changed, such as your window blinds, kitchen towels, or lighting fixtures.

Choose simple lighting fixtures, like a box-shaped, rectangular, sphere, or dish-like lighting units. These draw the eye upwards, making the ceiling seem higher as it is. Also, opt for flat or no-frill window blinds to create a clean and seamless window treatment.


2. Create an Illusion of Space

Create an Illusion of Space tiny house kitchen ideas

There are design constraints when it comes to kitchens with narrow configurations. Make these limits your design opportunity.

The playful chessboard-like tiling is not just appealing but functional as well. Layout medium-sized tiles diagonally or rectangular tiles horizontally, to create the illusion of a more expansive space.


3. The Window as the Focal Point

The Window as the Focal Point tiny house kitchen ideas

Creating a central focus on your kitchen makes it look more collected and organized. Using the window as the focal point worked perfectly in this space. Add appeal by framing it with curtains or moldings.


4. Black and White Mood

Black and White Mood tiny house kitchen ideas

Black, white, and red colors seem to work in any type of interior. If you are thinking of going with this color palette, make though to have two contrasting colors and one as an accent color. With this kitchenette, the black and white perfectly complement each other.

At the same time, the red accent has a perfect spot at the backdrop tiles. No room for decors? You can transform your functional kitchen items into decorative elements, such as the bright kitchen utensil set used in this kitchen.


5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper tiny house kitchen ideas

If you struggle with installing tiled backsplashes in your tight space, try an attractive waterproof wallpaper instead. They are inexpensive, and you won’t need significant renovations to apply them. The variety of prints means you’ll find the right design to go along with your existing kitchen design.


6. Retractable Range Hood

Retractable Range Hood tiny house kitchen ideas

One of the best tiny house kitchen ideas these days is the use of a retractable range hood installed underneath your cupboards. Also known as slide-out range hoods, you can easily pull it out when needed and tuck it back in after.


7. Overlay Cabinet Doors

Overlay Cabinet Doors tiny house kitchen ideas

With a tight space, working around your kitchen with door handles protruding can be unsafe. Remove unwanted obstructions by using pull-down cabinets with full overlay cabinet doors. A fully covered cabinet door framing will give your cupboards and baseboards an attractive seamless look.


8. Illuminate Your Small Space

Illuminate Your Small Space tiny house kitchen ideas

Dark and dingy areas are undesirable traits for any type of interior, especially when it comes to your kitchen. Bringing natural light into your kitchen makes it appear more spacious. It also helps create a more conducive environment for cooking and preparation – not to mention energy costs!


9. Integrate Kitchen Appliances

Integrate Kitchen Appliances tiny house kitchen ideas

Built-in appliances can save you significant space. Integrating the microwave on the kitchen cabinetry in this kitchen saved a lot of countertop space. The kitchen sink on the bar counter also allowed more room for the ceramic induction cooktop.


10. Create Vertical Lines

Create Vertical Lines tiny house kitchen ideas

Make your kitchen area larger by using vertical lines or shapes that draw the eyes towards the ceiling. Vertical lines that run upwards in the ceiling’s direction can make a tight space seem more spacious.


11. Backsplash Simple Décor

Backsplash Simple Décor tiny house kitchen ideas

Add subtle decorative elements into your small kitchen by adding colorful wall tiling. This tricks the eye into focusing on the beautiful feature, rather than on the tiny space. Choose sleek and simple designs and don’t overdo it, as too much pattern can create a cluttery visual experience.


12. Blend in with Walls

Blend in with Walls tiny house kitchen ideas

Keep the space flowing and airy by using a monochromatic palette for your entire interior. Deep blue undertones are perfect color schemes in creating an ethereal quality to your personal space. The tone is suitable for achieving a modern look for your kitchenette.


13. Ceiling High Storage Space

Ceiling High Storage Space tiny house kitchen ideas

One of the chief concerns for small kitchens is storage. To maximize your limited space, have customized kitchen cabinets built from the floor up to the ceiling. Have them in a lighter color scheme or have the cabinets blend with the existing wall color tone.

Install kitchen cabinets with door overlays and vertical openings, so you have a seamless and clean finish.


14. Completely Functional

Completely Functional tiny house kitchen ideas

Utilize your available space by only placing essential items on the countertops. Keeping small items, such as coffee makers, water filters, kitchen knife set, or kitchen shears, aligned with your kitchen’s theme, creates a unified, spacious, and uncluttered look.


15. Mirror Cupboards

Mirror Cupboards tiny house kitchen ideas

Cupboards with mirrored cabinet doors are perfect in keeping your kitchen well-lit during all day and all night. The reflective surface can also give an illusion of a wider area. If you want to soften the look a bit, try pairing up the glossy texture with a warmer tone, such as wood baseboards and wooden furniture.


16. Light Colors

Light Colors tiny house kitchen ideas

If you think white is too high-maintenance, choose a closer color tone, such as beige or gray. You can add more weight to the look by combining different shades of a single color. Add decorative touches such as simple panel designs and decorative tile strips.


17. Straight Edged

Straight Edged tiny house kitchen ideas

Less is indeed more. Straight edges and simple cuts on your kitchen cabinetry can be enjoyed by anyone who prefers a modern and clean look. You can match the simplicity with rich textures, such as straight-grained wood finishes to complement the basic elements.


18. Utilize Your Kitchen Corners

Utilize Your Kitchen Corners tiny house kitchen ideas

Kitchen corners can be dead spaces if not adequately planned out. Decide as early as the designing phase so you can figure out what items will be occupying your small space.

Add appeal to your kitchenette by placing a decorative glass cabinet door or install open shelving to place cookbooks or potted plants. Your L-shaped kitchen layout will have a focal point and make your kitchen appear more neat and collected.


19. Kitchen Art Gallery

Kitchen Art Gallery tiny house kitchen ideas

Turn your kitchenette into an impressive art gallery by showcasing various arts and crafts. You can also paint your blank kitchen walls with abstract forms or picturesque landscapes. Furthermore, you can have a vertical display of beautiful pottery collection or sculptures.

However, be mindful of your color scheme and style and make sure to have a unified design. You also have to remember to keep things minimal. Remember, too much pattern or art going on can create an overwhelming visual experience – making your space appear even less spacious than it already is.


20. Plant Decors

Plant Decors tiny house kitchen ideas

Whatever space or style you have, make way for natural plants in your kitchen area. Place stepped storage or divider where you can place indoor plants atop each step, creating a beautifully cascading focal point on the shelving.


21. Purely Wooden

Purely Wooden tiny house kitchen ideas

Your kitchen, whether big or small, should be a sanctuary of sensory delights. Nothing is more aesthetically appealing than using natural elements. Choose wooden cupboards and baseboards for your kitchen cabinetry.

Small kitchens work best with wood panels that have uniform horizontal striations. Complement your brownish cabinets with white shelving and pottery and complete the look with white ambient lighting.


22. Open Shelving

Open Shelving tiny house kitchen ideas

Do away with enclosed cupboards and make your tiny kitchen breathe with open shelving. The ease of access to kitchen utensils and other items is a great advantage of using shelves instead of the typical kitchen cabinet.

Moving around in such a small space can be tiresome, especially when you don’t have extra space for your cabinet doors to swing around.


23. Rich Vintage

Rich Vintage tiny house kitchen ideas

Create a pocket of vintage design in your living space with a country-styled kitchenette. You don’t need to overdo the crown moldings or beads. Instead, use simple paneling designs but emphasize on the rich color and texture of maple cabinetry.

To further embellish your classic kitchen, place a pendant-like lighting fixture on top. Don’t forget to match your design elements with your window framing as well.


24. Decorative Furniture

Decorative Furniture tiny house kitchen ideas

Complement your minimalist kitchen counter and cupboards with decorative furniture. Your kitchen tables and seats can have geometric forms or have a surface with artistic prints to go along with the modern theme. Remember not to go overboard and ensure you stick to minimal embellishments on your kitchen furnishings.


25. Wood on Wood

Wood on Wood tiny house kitchen ideas

Small spaces can also look large by utilizing the floor area. For a continuous flow of elements, choose wooden baseboards, then match them with wooden floorboards with different textures.

Make sure that your floorboard layout is parallel with the longest side of your kitchen countertop. To further enjoy the warmth of your wood elements, choose wooden or rattan furniture. Additionally, you can match your interior with bamboo blinds for your window treatments.


26. Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen tiny house kitchen ideas

Make your small kitchen a knock out. Even with the constraints of tiny kitchens, you can create a stimulating visual piece in your humble dwelling.

Depending on your personality, choose an unusual color scheme such as purple, orange, or blue for your kitchenette. Ditch the usual heavy granite countertop with a sleek waterfall wooden counter instead to create an airy interior.


27. Gray Themed

Gray Themed tiny house kitchen ideas

With tiny homes, functional spaces usually overlap or flow through each other. With an open layout, you need to create a cohesive interior design.

Make sure your design elements complement each other and that your lighting fixtures are flexible enough to accommodate different tasks. You can use LED track lights installed between two functional areas for easy switching.


28. Classic Maple Cabinets

Classic Maple Cabinets tiny house kitchen ideas

Take a piece of the grandeur of stately vintage galleys into your personal space with maple cabinets. For a perfect fit, opt for custom-built cabinetry.

The bespoke furnishing can have the usual panel beadings, crown moldings, and stiles scaled down to your small space. Match your maple red hues with backsplash tiles of marigold or pastel yellows and lavender for a harmonious color tone.


29. Vertical Elements

Vertical Elements tiny house kitchen ideas

Make your tight space stretch further by using vertical elements. You can add them to your kitchen counters or have the walls with vertical panels to draw the eyes upward. Use droplights or pendant lighting to go with the verticality.


30. Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets tiny house kitchen ideas

Embellish your cooking space with crafted wicker or rattan baskets. Whether you’re aiming for the classic or modern appeal, the woven items will make your cozy space appear more inviting and homey, creating the illusion of a vast warm space. You can also make use of collapsible wicker baskets to your kitchenette for added storage.


31. Ceiling High Backsplash

Ceiling High Backsplash tiny house kitchen ideas

One of the newer tiny house kitchen ideas is having countertop to ceiling backsplash. Whether it’s patterned or plain, a high wall backsplash makes your cooking area more spacious and airy.

If you’re bored with subway tiles, opt for a more personalized appeal, and use mosaic tiles instead. Herringbone, hexagonal, paseo, picket and ogee mosaic tiles are a new wave of backsplash tiling.



Everyone wants to have that dreamy kitchen design we typically see in home and living coffee table magazines, but not all of us are fortunate to have such gracious spaces. Still, don’t make your limited space frustrate you.

We hope these tiny house kitchen ideas tickled your imagination and inspired you to spruce up your cozy kitchen space. What was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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