22 Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Saving Space

When I’m browsing Pinterest, I keep coming across cool and unique small kitchen island ideas. It has inspired me to create this list for those of you who are undertaking kitchen renovations. A kitchen island is a central bench in the kitchen that’s not attached to any walls. It is freestanding and usually contains cabinets and a kitchen sink.

Kitchen islands are usually only found in large kitchens because most kitchens wouldn’t have room for one. If you’re on the fence about whether it would fit into your kitchen, you could try a smaller style. Read on to see some small kitchen island ideas.

Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Saving Space

1. Rustic Wooden Island

small Rustic Wooden kitchen island

Many people don’t have enough room for a table and an island in their kitchen. This one straddles the divide between the two by offering a bench with bar stools tucked underneath.

It’s nice to be able to sit in the kitchen and chat with the person cooking so I like this feature. The rustic wood matches the bar stools perfectly. It is small but offers plenty more bench space for preparing your meals or eating at.


2. Gorgeous Grey

Gorgeous Grey small kitchen island

You could consider this type of kitchen island which has a kitchen faucet built into it. It looks like it has a water filter as well, which is handy. It has some drawers on each side as well as a cupboard in the middle.

If you’re looking for an island that offers great storage, this is ideal for you. It looks like there would be room to either tuck some bar stools around the other side or have additional cabinetry.

This multi-purpose kitchen island gives you a lot of options while not taking up much space, making it a great choice.


3. Captivating White

Captivating White small kitchen island

This white kitchen island is plain but not boring. The pale wood looks really trendy when paired with the white island. If there are two of you in your family, it has the perfect space for eating dinner for two.

It’s really handy that it has shelves on the side with the stools as well. You could keep your things here that you want in easy reach while you’re eating. There are likely to be drawers or cupboards on the other side too, for additional storage.


4. Round Edges

Round Edges small kitchen island

It is not often that you see a kitchen island with rounded edges like this one. It makes it stand out because it’s something a bit different. The drawers on the front are sleek and almost unnoticeable.

They look very deep, which would come in handy for storing pots and pans directly under the stove. The one in the image is small but very well-designed with the cooktop on there.


5. Bachelor Pad Dream

Bachelor Pad Dream small kitchen island

The dark wood is reminiscent to me of a bachelor pad. It looks modern with the contrasting white benchtop bringing it up to date. You could add an induction cooktop on there with a range hood as well.

The range hood on this one is turned into a very cool feature with the steel pipe suspended from the ceiling. Those massive drawers offer plenty of deep storage space.

It can be hard to find places deep enough to store your larger items, like kitchen scales or slow cookers. You could even fit your kitchen knife sharpener in here – they are notoriously hard to store because they can be so long.


6. Goth Cabinetry

Goth Cabinetry small kitchen island

This image shows that a black kitchen can still be very fresh and modern looking. It helps that it is in a large room with big windows at the back. If you’re thinking of painting your kitchen black, consider whether you have enough windows for it to look good.

This island has a cupboard at the side, which is unusual to see. Clearly, the designer wanted to make full use of the space in it. There’s a sink where you could have your garbage disposal too.

You could even keep your kitchen trash can in the side cupboard to keep it out of sight if you wanted.


7. Breakfast for Two

Breakfast for Two small kitchen island

This island is unique because it has space one end for sitting at, rather than along the length of it. The result is that when two of you sit on this island, you’re facing each other.

This is a lovely idea for couples as you could create an intimate date night right on your kitchen island. The rest of the island is reserved for bench space and likely cabinetry on the other side.


8. Creative Table

Creative Table small kitchen island

If you don’t have enough money to get a kitchen island installed, get creative instead. Purchasing a high table that is the same height as your benches is a cheaper option. It can still look very elegant, just make sure that you select a table that matches the colors in your kitchen.

The great thing about this is that you’ll be able to fit way more barstools around this than a normal kitchen island. You can also have a really small table or a really large one, depending on the amount of space you have.


9. Multipurpose

Multipurpose small kitchen island

This small kitchen island makes space for both a sink and a cooktop. If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, this island provides everything you could want. It will leave all your other benches clear for food preparation or additional cabinetry.

It is a great solution for all your space problems. The draws and cupboards are sleek without handles sticking out. This is great because you won’t have the issue of getting clothes caught on annoying handles.


10. Cabinets galore

Cabinets galore small kitchen island

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cabinets packed into one small kitchen island. It’s quite impressive. You would have space for most of your kitchen necessities on this island alone.

The hand towel rail on the side is a nice touch as well for ease of access from the sink. Whoever has designed this has certainly thought about how to best use the space available.


11. The Tiniest Island

tiny kitchen island

This is the tiniest kitchen island you’re ever likely to see. With just enough room for two bar stools, it is perfect for small kitchens. It looks lavish even though it is small, with the lovely marble benchtop.

If you have a kitchen leading onto a living or dining area, like this one, it is a good way of breaking up space.


12. Greenery Central

small kitchen island

The look of this kitchen is lush with greenery. It has a very natural feel with the use of wood and white. It offers a different concept because the side the stools go on is in the kitchen.

Be part of the action with this kitchen bench. It would be a nice place to sit and chop your vegetables at. It could be useful for households with a few people in them. You could help out with dinner without getting in of the way by sitting here.


13. Wood and Marble

Wood and Marble small kitchen island

This island is certainly very small. If you are short on space, this one would be a great addition to your kitchen. It has a sink which will mean you have more bench space on your other benches.

The whole look would go well in a modern farmhouse style kitchen. The dark wood is a stunning cherry or mahogany color that would look great in many homes.


14. Square Island

Square Island small kitchen island

It’s not often you see a square kitchen island. This one is versatile because the bench overhangs on more than one side, giving you multiple places you can put bar stools. It can be nice to sit adjacent to each other instead of in a row next to each other when eating with your family.

As shown, it’s a great place for your child to sit and help you with your cooking – while staying out of the way. Children can easily get underfoot in the kitchen, which is dangerous, so this is a great solution.


15. Small Kitchen

kitchen island for small kitchens

This otherwise very small kitchen becomes quite spacious with the addition of the island. Having the cooktop on the island clears the bench for food preparation or appliances. Having a white kitchen island can lighten up an otherwise dark-toned kitchen very well.


16. Narrow Island

Narrow small kitchen island

This narrow kitchen island is a great choice if you are working with a narrow space. You may not have room for a whole kitchen island and instead, want one that will mirror your bench on the other side.

This one has two levels, which are excellent for putting items up and out of your way while you are cooking. However, it is not so tall that you couldn’t chat with those sitting at the kitchen table.


17. Out of the Way

Out of the Way small kitchen island

You may wish to be able to sit at your kitchen island while keeping out of the way of whoever is cooking. That’s what this kitchen island achieves by having the overhang with barstools at the far end.

You get all the rest of the bench space to yourself while having the benefit of getting to talk to your family while you cook.


18. Different Heights

Different Heights small kitchen island

Having a bench at the same height you eat at isn’t always optimal. This kitchen island solves this problem flawlessly. The part you sit at is higher than the rest.

This offers everyone involved optimal comfort, whether you are cooking or sitting down to eat. If no one is sitting there, the higher part can turn into a handy shelf for putting things out of your way while you prepare a meal or wash the dishes.


19. Small Spaces

kitchen islands for small spaces

The apartment pictured looks tiny, as though the living room is basically in the kitchen. Small apartment living can be a real challenge. It requires unique storage solutions.

That’s where this small kitchen island comes in. It gives you enough space to sit there so you could get rid of the table. At the same time, you’re gaining bench space for your kitchen.


20. Unique Microwave Placement

Unique Microwave Placement small kitchen island

If you hate having appliances cluttering up your precious bench space, as I do, you’re going to love this. The kitchen island features a microwave spot inside it.

How cool is that! I love any cabinetry that gives you a place to put your appliances out of sight and out of mind while still being able to use them.


21. Get the Blues

Get the Blues small kitchen island

See how many people can crowd around this beautiful blue island? Adding color to your kitchen island can turn it from something that’s just useful into the focal point of your kitchen.

This shade of blue pairs well with white, marble or grey. It features plenty of deep drawers for storing your crockery or cookware.


22. Sideboard

Sideboard small kitchen island

Why not turn that sideboard you don’t know what to do with into your new kitchen island?  Sideboards are narrow cabinets usually placed in a living room.

What you may not realize is that they can really come in handy if you have a narrow kitchen. Placing it here can add extra bench space as well as some extra drawers or shelves.


If you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to give up on having ample bench space. With some creative thinking, you can come up with some small kitchen island ideas that will transform your space. They can give you more bench space with the added bonus of extra storage.

And don’t forget that you could have an extra spot to sit and eat your dinner or create a breakfast nook right in your kitchen. It can be extra cozy and give you a place to chat with your partner while they are cooking.

Having a colorful kitchen island is a way you can add a fun and funky feature to your kitchen. Blues and reds can look fantastic in otherwise pale kitchens. If you have dark cabinetry, switch it up with a white island to lighten and brighten the room.

Whether you’re a fan of wood or marble, shiny or matte – there’s a kitchen island option for you on this list. Take inspiration from these fabulous kitchens to transform your own at home.

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