27 Popular Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When you’re looking for inspiration for your next DIY project, you may want to start in the kitchen. It is a room where we spend a lot of our time, whether it is looking for snacks or cooking a fantastic meal. I know I spend a lot of time in mine!

Painting your kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen from dull and dusty to bright and beautiful. The painting itself is not hard but deciding how to paint them is. That’s why we’ve put together this list of painted kitchen cabinet ideas.

Take inspiration from the kitchens below to decide how you want yours to look. Whether you want to paint your cabinets a bright color or just add some fine details, it can make the whole room look more elegant.

The options are endless – you can paint the whole thing, add a stencil or get crafty with some creative ideas.

Elevate your home décor today with one of these ideas.

Popular Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


1. Op Shop

Op Shop painted kitchen cabinets ideas

If you like to be thrifty and save the planet at the same time, you may be able to buy storage cabinets for your kitchen from an op shop. This has multiple benefits; it is cost-effective and can look great. Kitchens with old world charm especially could look wonderful with a thrifted cabinet.


2. Matte Paint

Matte Paint painted kitchen cabinets ideas

While having a glossy sheen to your cabinets can be nice, matte offers something different. Not many go for the full matte paint, but doesn’t it look fantastic? Whether you choose to paint in black, white, red or any other color under the sun – it’s going to look awesome in matte.


3. Silver

Silver painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Feel like royalty by painting your kitchen cabinets silver. The image shows just how great silver can look on a table and chairs, so why not try it in your kitchen too? By painting your cabinets silver, you can try out this trend.


4. Match it to the Walls

Match it to the Walls painted kitchen cabinets ideas

While it’s not a common sight to see, matching your kitchen cabinets to your walls can be an effective look. Because it is unusual, you can stand out from the crowd. It might sound too matchy but as it does in this kitchen, it can look beautiful


5. Textured Painting

Textured Painting painted kitchen cabinets ideas

This image proves that textured painting styles can be absolutely stunning. Imagine how great this type of painting would look on your kitchen cabinets.

The color scheme of this one would look lovely in a white kitchen. Adding a dash of color like this would turn any kitchen cabinet into a feature piece.


6. Buttercup Yellow

Buttercup Yellow painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Many people wish they had a little more sunshine in their homes. If you are lacking the brightness that sunlight brings, try painting your cabinets yellow. See what a difference it makes in this kitchen! Yellow can bring extra cheer and joy into your kitchen.


7. Get Creative

Get Creative painted kitchen cabinets ideas

For those who enjoy painting, you may like to get creative on the cabinets in your kitchen. Whether you’ve got plain white cabinets or hot pink, you don’t need to repaint entirely to achieve a new look.

By painting some patterns on them you can come up with your own unique funky design. The image here can start you off with one cool idea.


8. Above the Bench

Above the Bench painted kitchen cabinets ideas

When installing new kitchen cabinets, consider where you’re going to put them. Placing them above the bench is an effective use of space. It is space that you’re not using anyway, and it gives you plenty more storage options.

It will give you more space to store those pesky kitchen scales that have been sitting on the bench forever. This grey cabinet depicts how you can get into this trend while keeping your kitchen looking great.


9. Stickers

Stickers painted kitchen cabinets ideas

You may think that stickers are just for children. However, it is now possible to buy stickers for the walls of your home. But why stop there? Try adding some stickers to jazz up your plain kitchen cabinets. Turn them into a masterpiece that everyone will notice when they enter your kitchen.


10. Your Favorite Color

Your Favorite Color painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Regardless of how bright your favorite color is, it can look great painted on all your cabinets. Sure, you could go with one or two bright feature cabinets. But wouldn’t it look better to fully commit? Just look at this kitchen. The blue is very bright, but it looks fantastic on the cabinets!


11. Brushstrokes

Brushstrokes painted kitchen cabinets ideas

The overall look of your cabinets can depend on how you paint them. You could go the normal route with smooth painting or get fancy and try some creative brush strokes.

This will add extra effect to your otherwise plain cabinet. See how in the picture they have managed to spice up the white through texture alone.


12. Tiles

Tiles painted kitchen cabinets ideas

If you’re stuck on wanting plain kitchen cabinets, that doesn’t mean that your whole kitchen needs to be boring. By adding funky tiles on the kitchen wall, you can have simple cabinets but an eye-catching overall look.

The tiles in the picture would look fabulous with plain white kitchen cabinets, for example.


13. Let Your Wall Be the Feature

Let Your Wall Be the Feature painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Another option for those who want an exciting kitchen without changing their cabinets – change the wall instead. In this kitchen, chalkboard paint has completely transformed the room. The kitchen cabinets are painted white and the wall is a fantastic contrast.


14. Watercolor

Watercolor painted kitchen cabinets ideas

With the right type of paint, you can achieve a watercolor look on your cabinets. The artist here has used two colors to achieve this. It can transform your cabinets from dull and dreary to a masterpiece.


15. Match Your Furniture

Match Your Furniture painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Whenever you’re painting things, you are likely to have paint leftover. What do you do with it? It can look fabulous to use the paint that you used for your cabinets on your furniture.

For example, these wooden chairs look cool in blue. If you’re painting your cabinets, consider what furniture items might suit that color as well. Then they will match and tie the color scheme in your home together.


16. Lace Pattern

Lace Pattern painted kitchen cabinets ideas

If you have some interesting pieces of lace lying around, you can try painting over them to make a unique design. Use this idea as a border around your cabinet doors. Try it out on a piece of paper or cardboard first and see what you think!


17. Hand Draw

Hand Draw painted kitchen cabinets ideas

If you’re an artsy kind of person, you may like to hand draw your own designs. This way, no one could ever replicate your one-of-a-kind cabinets. Design and paint your own motifs to put on your cabinets. You can also make them any color you like.


18. Stencil

Stencil painted kitchen cabinets ideas

If you’re no art prodigy, like me, you may prefer to use a stencil. Not all of us can be great at painting and in this case, it would be safer to use this method. It is hard to make a mistake when you have a stencil. There are plenty of beautiful stencils out there you can buy, like the one in the image.


19. Details

Details painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Rather than painting the whole cabinet, you could try adding some paint to detail areas. In this kitchen, they have painted the edges gold to add an extra point of interest. It completely elevates the look from simple white to a delicate, gilded item.


20. Pink Style

Pink painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Don’t be afraid of pink. You may think that by using too much pink in your home, it’s going to look like you’re in a barbie dream house.

That’s not always the case, although it can happen when done wrong. The right way to do it is by adding pink to a darker color. In this kitchen, the dark grey tones down the pink and they complement each other perfectly.


21. Choose More Than One Color

Choose More Than One Color painted kitchen cabinets ideas

When you can’t decide which shade of blue is your favorite, choose instead not to decide. This kitchen shows the power of using multiple colors on your cabinets.

Each one is a different color and they combine to create a look like no other. I would recommend that you use complementary colors, like in this image. Otherwise, it won’t have as much of a sleek and stylish look.


22. Contrasting Handles

Contrasting Handles painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Contrast can add some intrigue to the look of any room. It is no different in your kitchen. You could try finding some drawer and cupboard handles that contrast with the color of your cabinets.

If you have dark cabinets, try going for a lighter color like silver or white. If you have light or bright cabinets, select dark handles. Black or navy could look great.


23. Matching Accents

Matching Accents painted kitchen cabinets ideas

When using color in your kitchen, it is easy to add matching accents. This will tie the whole room together to create a lovely atmosphere. In this kitchen, they have matched the cup colors to the cupboards.

Once you’ve chosen a paint color for your cabinets, find to try other items in that color to match. These could be kitchen shears, kitchen towels or crockery.


24. Kitchenware

Kitchenware painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Instead of painting your kitchen cabinets an interesting color, you could find a way to show off your colorful kitchenware. Buy cups, plates and other items in exciting patterns.

Then find where you can put them that they will be noticed. Some cups come in holders to be stacked on the bench. In this kitchen, they have added hooks to showcase their teacups. Find something that works for you.


25. Go Retro

Go Retro painted kitchen cabinets ideas

There are many ways to get a retro vibe going in your kitchen. This kitchen has gone for a 50s diner theme with plenty of different colors. In your kitchen, you could try painting your cabinets with a retro color to make them pop.

Or, find vintage furniture like the table and chairs in the picture. Doing it in your own unique style will make it impossible for anyone else’s kitchen to be quite the same.


26. Match to Your Feature Item

Match to Your Feature Item painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Ever seen a really awesome colorful kitchen item, but it would look too out of place in your kitchen? Take the fridge in this kitchen for example. On its own, it would have looked odd in an all-white or wood kitchen.

By painting the cabinets in a matching color scheme, this person has transformed the whole kitchen to suit the fridge. Rather than buying items that suit your existing kitchen, you can change it up to match.


27. Go Bright

Go Bright painted kitchen cabinets ideas

Looking for a big change? Choose the brightest color you can find and commit. The orange cabinets here look so fresh and trendy. Why not change up your kitchen complete with a whole new color palette?

You could add other items in the same color to make it look even better. Orange isn’t your only option – try lime green, scarlet or a bright peach.


I hope that reading through these painted kitchen cabinet ideas has given you the inspiration you need to paint your own. As you can see, there are limitless options for what you can do.

Whether you enjoy muted colors, pastels or bright trend colors – there’s an option on this list for you. Paint the whole thing, just the edges or add your own unique designs. This will make your kitchen feel like it’s yours. You certainly won’t find one the same anywhere else.

Changing up your kitchen cabinets is a small task that can elevate the look of your entire kitchen. It won’t take a lot of time or effort for the fantastic outcome you can achieve. It is also a lower-cost alternative to completely renovating your kitchen.

If you don’t know what color to go with, just take a look on Pinterest for further inspiration. Or, you could visit your local kitchen store and get ideas from there. No need to buy expensive items, just come home and do it yourself!

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