33 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

A kitchen with an uncovered window can, in the wrong position, let the sunshine right into your eyes. This makes it incredibly hard to cook or see anything at all. There are plenty of solutions to this so you can cook and actually see what you’re doing!

There are so many ways you can treat your kitchen windows. Some people love soft furnishings and will add curtains for a touch of style. Others prefer to have styles that are less opaque to let in more sunlight.

A common trend is to have roman blinds or other kinds of blinds covering your windows. These can come in patterns, bold colors or soft greys. It all depends on the look of your kitchen and finding the perfect thing to match it.


1. Solid Shutters

Solid Shutters kitchen window treatment ideas

Feel like you’re living in a Mediterranean villa with some beautiful solid shutters. These wooden doors for your windows can provide plenty of privacy when closed. When you open them up, you’ll get all the sunlight streaming in. These are a great choice if you like the rustic feel.


2. Open to The World

Open to The World kitchen window treatment ideas

If you have a gorgeous view outside your kitchen window, why wouldn’t you want to see it? As long as you have privacy, potentially there is no need for any window treatments in your kitchen.

For example, if your kitchen overlooks a stunning lake or park. Feel like you’re out in the fresh air even when you have meals to prep inside. Bring the outside in with massive windows.


3. Half Curtains

Half Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

These mini half size curtains provide the best of both worlds. You get enough sunlight but can draw them across for privacy if needed. They can look quite beautiful. The white ones here pair well with the red window for a striking combination.


4. Vented Shutters

Vented Shutters kitchen window treatment ideas

These stunning blue shutters are ideal for creating your perfect kitchen oasis. They are on the outside of your home but can be closed from the inside for easy access. They will stop light from getting in your eyes when you are cooking in the kitchen.

When fitted properly, they are great for insulation to keep your kitchen warm. They are reminiscent of the warm streets of Italy with flowers growing in the windowsill and the canals right outside.


5. Roll-Up Blinds

Roll-Up Blinds kitchen window treatment ideas

Blinds are a classic option. These roll-down blinds come in one full sheet rather than lots of little strips. The major benefit of this is that they are much easier to clean. In a kitchen, this is vital.

You never know when you are going to accidentally splash some food around. The white color means that it is easy to spot when you have indeed gotten a spot of food on them. On darker colors, it can be harder to notice.


6. Classic Blinds

Classic Blinds kitchen window treatment ideas

If you are a fan of a traditional look, you may enjoy classic blinds in your kitchen. They are perfect if you want the sun out of your eyes while still letting sunlight in.

You can slant them up or down to get the perfect amount of light or close them altogether. They come with a handy string for pulling them up and down and adjusting the light.


7. Voile Curtains

Voile Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

Sometimes you want the option of drawing the curtains while still getting some light coming through. That’s exactly what voile curtains are for.

They are a see-through fabric so that even when you draw them, you won’t be in total darkness. The sheerness is exactly what makes these curtains so beautiful. Try them in white or a pale color to make the most out of them.


8. Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds kitchen window treatment ideas

Roman blinds are a popular choice in many kitchens. As they are made from fabric, they can be created to match your dining chairs. You could also match them to your sofa or any other furnishings.

They are easy to use as it is one strip of fabric that you can easily pull up and down to let in the right amount of light.


9. Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

If you’re seeking something out of the ordinary, you may like the look of ruffled curtains. No longer old-fashioned but trending again, these curtains can be created in any color.

These red ones become a real focal point of the kitchen due to their radiant color. They would look great paired with some red kitchen accents such as something unexpected like a red kitchen trash can.


10. Chiffon Curtains

Chiffon Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

These buttercup yellow curtains are glorious to look at. The chiffon fabric lets the light in, but not too much which is ideal. They can be drawn back to get full sunlight or pulled across if you want only a little. Perfect for if the sun is getting in your eyes but you don’t want to be left in the dark.


11. Triangular

Triangular kitchen window treatment ideas

If you have odd-shaped kitchen windows, you may think that window treatment aren’t for you. However, anything is possible as shown in this dining nook. Even though it features a triangular window, they have found a way to add on blinds. If they can do it, you can too!


12. Window Seat

Window Seat kitchen window treatment ideas

This dining room window features a window seat with curtains above. This would be such a nice spot to curl up in the sun with a good book – just add cushions. It would look funky in a kitchen too, or an open plan kitchen and dining room situation.


13. Design

Design kitchen window treatment ideas

Why not get crafty with a cool design for your window? This kitchen window features letters on it in clear glass with frosted all around. You can add any design you want on your windows too. Why not have a sunflower shape or polka dots – the world is your oyster.


14. Top of The Window

Top of The Window kitchen window treatment ideas

It seems a shame to cover up an entire window just because the sun gets in your eyes while you’re cooking. If you have the sun hitting you from up high, you could consider a covering like this that covers just the right spot.


15. Full Length

Full Length kitchen window treatment ideas

This full-length curtain on the kitchen window looks great. As long as the window is somewhere that you’re not often getting food on the floor, it can be a good option. However, if your window is located right where you cook, having fabric touch the floor may not be a good idea.


16. Tab Top

Tab Top kitchen window treatment ideas

These tab top curtains offer a unique style to your kitchen. They are soft and bright white which adds a calming ambiance to the room. Try using a contrasting pole to hang them from for optimal effect.


17. Etched Glass

Etched Glass kitchen window treatment ideas

Adding a panel of etched glass can elevate the look of your kitchen entirely. This baroque-style pattern is sleek and elegant, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen. Ensure that the style or pattern you choose matches the look of your kitchen.


18. Frosted Diamond Glass

Frosted Diamond Glass kitchen window treatment ideas

This window features diamond panels as well as frosted glass. This type of glass will let in light without the sun shining directly on you. It offers privacy as well, no one will be able to see you through it. You can see general shapes but not a clear image.


19. Keep Warm

Keep Warm kitchen window treatment ideas

If you are having trouble with heat escaping your kitchen in winter, you’re not alone. Many homeowners face this problem. One solution is purchasing translucent window coverings from a hardware store.

It is like a sheet of plastic you attach to your window and it makes them more insulated. No more heat escaping through the glass.


20. Modern Patterns

Modern Patterns kitchen window treatment ideas

If you’re seeking to modernize your kitchen, try finding glass with funky patterns in it. This can update your home with a cool and fresh vibe. This glass with intersecting lines is a great choice.


21. Patterned Curtains

Patterned Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

If you feel the need to add some excitement into your kitchen, choosing a patterned curtain can be a great way to do it. Choose a bold baroque style or a floral pattern. The pattern can completely change the vibe of your kitchen, so choose wisely.


22. Grey Curtains

Grey Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

If you’re trying to decide on a color for your curtains, we know the struggle. Maybe you already have a lot of color in your kitchen and you don’t know whether to coordinate the curtain or go neutral.

If you have plenty of colors already, it may be best to go with grey. This is neutral and pairs well with many bright colors, including pink, blue and red.


23. Color

Color kitchen window treatment ideas

Even if you’re having plain, standard curtains fitted to your kitchen window, you can make them interesting. How? Color, of course. By adding a splash of color to your otherwise plain kitchen, you can brighten up the place. Try a fire engine red if you want to get really adventurous.


24. Tassels

Tassels kitchen window treatment ideas

A few tassels are always a good idea. If you’re going with a heavy fabric that drapes well, tassels can be the finishing touch for your curtains. They add a dash of old-world elegance to any room.


25. Curtains on Curtains

Curtains on Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

If you would like to be able to have control over exactly how much light comes into your kitchen, you could try this idea. This living room shows how it can be done with two sets of curtains.

Choose two see-through fabrics and place them on separate tracks, one over the other. Then you can have both closed for minimal light, or open just one. I love the contrasting colors they have used here too!


26. Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds kitchen window treatment ideas

If you have wooden accents like a wooden kitchen knife set or wooden kitchen shears, you can tie it all together with wooden blinds. They tend to show dust less than traditional white plastic ones, which is an added bonus!


27. Multicolored

Multicolored kitchen window treatment ideas

Can’t choose just one curtain color? Don’t choose! These multicolored curtains show how it’s done. Maybe you have two favorite colors or can’t decide between which accent color to highlight. Having two colors of curtains is the perfect solution, as it’s so elegantly done here.


28. Purple

Purple kitchen window treatment ideas

Considering adding some color to light up your life? Purple is certainly a popular option. It pairs well with soft greys and white. Many kitchens are soft colors, so it pairs well with those.


29. Sash

Sash kitchen window treatment ideas

Adding a sash to your curtains can make them look more stylish as well as serving a functional purpose. Many heavy curtains hang back over the windows – blocking out the sun. By tidying them away using a sash, you’ll get more light streaming into your kitchen.


30. Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains kitchen window treatment ideas

Rather than just a trend, eyelet curtains are here to stay. The silver touches are timeless and suit any kind of curtain wall. Whether you’re looking at heavy drapes or a soft voile curtain, eyelet curtains are the way to go. These are especially great in a kitchen if you have matching stainless steel appliances.


31. Valances

Valances kitchen window treatment ideas

Valances are not just for your bed. You may be surprised to learn that you can buy them for your curtains as well! They hang over the top of the curtains to cover up the curtain rod. They can add some personal style onto otherwise bland furnishings.


32. Partially Patterned

Partially Patterned kitchen window treatment ideas

Having trouble choosing between getting patterned curtains or not? We have the solution for you! These curtains feature a pattern across the top and plain curtain beneath. It is a great way of adding something interesting to your windows without overwhelming the entire room.


33. Matching

Matching kitchen window treatment ideas

If you love the color on your kitchen walls, why not try to find matching curtains? This can tie the room together with a cohesive and stylish final look. Bonus points if you also have matching kitchen items in the same color, like a kitchen utensil set.

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