33 Popular Kitchen Window Ideas

In some cultures, the kitchen is considered a sacred place. It’s a place where the family gathers and prepare meals together. Preparing a meal is more than simply feeding the body for them, it’s an opportunity to come together as a family to create precious memories.

Even if your kitchen isn’t the focal point for your family it’s still an important space that should be comfortable and convenient to use. You have to eat at some time, right? So there’s no way of avoiding the kitchen altogether.

Make your kitchen window a focal point in your décor. It’ll give you something enjoyable to look at as well as allow natural light to flow through the area. Let’s look at some interesting kitchen window ideas to spruce up your kitchen.


1. Add Some Greenery

Add Some Greenery kitchen window ideas

It’s amazing what a touch of green can do to your kitchen window. Add a pot plant on the window sill and put your green fingers to the test.

If you want to create a little nook to check emails and get some work done while in the kitchen add a small desk in front of the kitchen window. It brings nature inside your home as perfectly shown in this example.


2. Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication kitchen window ideas

There’s something powerful about a white kitchen as illustrated here. Fight the urge to clutter the space and keep the kitchen window undressed to allow as much natural light to flow through.

All our kitchen window ideas are super easy to implement and need very little to make it work. The key is to keep it simple.


3. Finish it off with a Wooden Frame

Finish it off with a Wooden Frame kitchen window ideas

If your kitchen sink is overlooking the kitchen window than a neat wooden frame around it will work wonders. It adds a touch of elegance and tidiness to your space. If you have an elongated kitchen faucet similar to the one in the picture it fits perfectly into most spaces.


4. Keep it Bare

Keep it Bare kitchen window ideas

Less really is more. If you can get away with never using curtains or blinds then keep your kitchen window bare. You can see in this example it works perfectly if the window is above the kitchen sink or above a countertop.

The added benefits of an open kitchen window are ample natural light and a more spacious appearance.


5. A View From The Outside

A View from The Outside kitchen window ideas

When you’re peeking through your kitchen window from the outside what do you see? Perhaps a glimpse of your favorite kitchen utensils set or your reliable kitchen knife set on the countertop?

Decorate your kitchen to only showcase the best spots as shown above when you’re looking through it from the outside. Handy tip. Avoid placing the kitchen trash can in plain sight.


6. Spoiled for Space

Spoiled for Space kitchen window ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have abundant space than you’re spoiled for choice with all the kitchen window ideas we have.

In this example, the entire sidewall is a window so you can enjoy the natural light flowing through. This kind of space works well with an induction cooktop or range hood on the other side of the kitchen wall.


7. Peak- a-Boo

Peak- a-Boo kitchen window ideas

Creating a modern island overlooking your kitchen window is an interesting way to get the most out of your view.

Avoid placing your kitchen sink and garbage disposal in front of the window and rather position it on the island as illustrated in the picture. It’ll give you an unobstructed view of the outside.


8. Ultra-Chic

Ultra-Chic kitchen window ideas

If money is no issue and you live in a penthouse, this is perfect for you. Use floor to ceiling windows for this sophisticated open-plan design. The monochrome finishes work well in this example and an induction cooktop will compliment it even further.


9. Working with Limited Space

Working with Limited Space kitchen window ideas

It’s challenging when you have limited space to work with, right? Not to fear there are many kitchen window ideas to make your kitchen pop. Place your most impressive appliances such as your induction cooktop in alignment with your window.

It creates a linear and organized look as shown in this picture. Add a kitchen knife set or a kitchen scale on the countertop for a homier look.


10. Elegant Blinds

Elegant Blinds kitchen window ideas

Not everyone is keen on having blinds in the kitchen. Some prefer curtains while others love the bare look. Whatever your preference is, adding some blinds can spice up your kitchen if you pick them wisely.

Blinds work well if you have a range hood with wooden cupboards or wooden floors as seen in this example.


11. Add Some Bling

Add Some Bling kitchen window ideas

Most kitchen sinks are placed in front of the window to give you something to look at while doing dishes but also to allow the moisture to escape out of the room.

This picture shows one of many kitchen window ideas to bling-up the area around the kitchen sink and window. A sparkly ornament on the window sill or some shiny fixtures will distract you from the mundane run of the mill.


12. Dare to be Different

Dare to be Different kitchen window ideas

Instead of having the typical kitchen sink overlooking your kitchen window, why not be daring and use the window as a cozy nook. Create a small island where you can enjoy your breakfast looking out of your kitchen window as seen in this picture.


13. Light it Up

Light it Up kitchen window ideas

You can never have too much light flowing through your kitchen. This picture illustrates the beauty of natural light flowing through the kitchen area.

They call it the Scandinavian kitchen because of the flawless white finishes. All you need is a stainless steel kitchen utensil set and a shiny kitchen faucet to round it off.


14. Get Your Herb Garden Going

Get Your Herb Garden Going kitchen window ideas

Use your exterior kitchen window to hang your herbs in a plant box as seen in this example. You can use old pallets to make the plant box and paint it to match the exterior of your house. It’s a smart little add on which can completely transform any dreary kitchen window.


15. Double Up

Double Up kitchen window ideas

When you have two windows to work with and run out of kitchen window ideas use this picture as inspiration.

Add texture to your space with wooden floors and add any bright color to emphasize an area. Reserve drawers for sharp objects such as your kitchen shear and kitchen knife sharpener.


16. Synchronize Your Space

Synchronize Your Space kitchen window ideas

Most kitchen window ideas we’ve listed so far work with large spaces. This is a closeup view of how you can synchronize even smaller spaces around your kitchen.

Your kitchen knife set and kitchen utensil set are items you use often so leave them out on the counter. Organize your space to make it convenient and efficient to work in.


17. Add Some Comfort

Add Some Comfort kitchen window ideas

Who said you can’t add a comfy chair in your kitchen to relax in? It might be one of the most daring kitchen window ideas to pull off but well worth the risk as seen above.

Imagine plonking into your favorite chair while the food is simmering away on your induction cooktop. Pure bliss, right?


18. A Homier Feel

A Homier Feel kitchen window ideas

Nothing says homey more than a country-style kitchen. It’s one of the most popular kitchen window ideas used in countless homes.

This example shows open windows overlooking a comfortable breakfast area. All you need to complete this picture is a mom with a kitchen shear in hand and an apron.


19. Time to Declutter

Time to Declutter kitchen window ideas

When you can’t locate a single kitchen towel or kitchen scale in your kitchen you know it’s time to declutter.

Open up some space so you can enjoy the view from your kitchen window without any obstructions as seen in this picture. The rule is: there’s a place for everything and everything has its place.


20. Interesting Fixtures

Interesting Fixtures kitchen window ideas

Another cool idea is to add interesting light fixtures in your kitchen. They work best hanging over a countertop or island as illustrated in this picture.

Place them strategically across from your kitchen window to give yourself something to look at. Keep the kitchen trash can out of sight.0


21. A Modern Twist

A Modern Twist kitchen window ideas

Most apartments have this narrow shaped kitchen that’s difficult to decorate. From all the kitchen window ideas we’ve used this one might be the trickiest.

You’ll need to utilize one side of the wall for all your cupboard space and leave the window open for some natural light to flow through. Dark colors combined with wood works well as seen in this example. Place your water filter next to the kitchen faucet to accentuate clean living.


22. All White

All White kitchen window ideas

This might be one of the strangest kitchen window ideas we’ve listed but hear us out. All white can be perceived as too clinical but this is the height of minimalist design.

The natural light flowing through the windows in this picture creates the impression of a timeless space. It’s hard to resist.


23. The Corner Window

The Corner Window kitchen window ideas

This picture shows how ideal a corner window is to create a breakfast nook. It’s a unique break-away space from the kitchen but still forms part of the kitchen. Always keep a kitchen towel in close proximity for any spills close to the garbage disposal system.


24. Bright and Cozy

Bright and Cozy kitchen window ideas

Most of our kitchen window ideas listed so far showed very little color. Here’s a treat for the bright and colorful at heart.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a splash of color to your kitchen as shown above but don’t go overboard. Allow the natural light from the kitchen windows to remain a focal point in your kitchen.


25. Multi-Dimensional

Multi-Dimensional kitchen window ideas

Flooring is key when creating a multi-dimensional effect in the kitchen as seen in this example. Zig-zag patterns are one of the best ways of creating the illusion of a 3D kitchen.

Frame it against a singular kitchen window with no blinds and you have a winner. Safety first, so stow the kitchen knife sharpener and kitchen shear in a drawer away from the kids.


26. Add Some Texture

Add Some Texture kitchen window ideas

Incorporate different materials and textures to give your kitchen some character. In this picture, the addition of skylights and leather bar stools creates a more textured feel to this kitchen. Don’t be scared to let your personality shine through.


27. The High-End Look

The High-End Look kitchen window ideas

To get that luxury look as shown in this picture you need quality finishes. Invest in an island with a marble countertop. An induction cooktop is a must as well as shiny wooden floors. Nothing screams luxury in a kitchen more than a window seat.


28. Follow Your Instinct

Follow Your Instinct kitchen window ideas

Our kitchen window ideas are here to inspire you not to box you in. Always follow your instinct and add your personal flair to any space as shown in this example. The only rule is to maximize natural light from your kitchen window because nothing beats natural light.


29. Smell the Roses Outside

Smell the Roses Outside kitchen window ideas

Plant your favorite flowers right outside your kitchen window and enjoy smelling & seeing them every day. This example illustrates it well.

It forms a beautiful backdrop to your kitchen interior on top of lightening your mood every time you step into the kitchen. Keep a kitchen towel handy in case you get too emotional about your view.


30. Be Bold

Be Bold kitchen window ideas

This is your space so own it. This is one of the best retro kitchen window ideas we’ve found. It’s quirky and we simply love it. Add a red brick wall close to your kitchen window and make it a talking point for visitors. Pack away the kitchen knife sharpener in case someone gets too prickly.


31. Curtains Still Rock

Curtains Still Rock kitchen window ideas

Curtains still work as seen in this picture. Pick a light color that doesn’t block the natural light from flowing through. It works perfectly if the kitchen sink and kitchen faucet are in front of the kitchen window as shown in this example. A proper homey feel, right?


32. Budget-Friendly Fixes

Budget-Friendly Fixes kitchen window ideas

If you’re working on a tight budget we’ve got something for you. This example is one of many kitchen window ideas that can be easily incorporated without breaking the bank. Simply use mirrors to create an interesting centerpiece around your kitchen.


33. Combining the Old with the New

Combining the Old with the New kitchen window ideas

Use some vintage cupboards or appliances to give your kitchen a retro look as shown in this picture. Color coordinate the window covers with some of the furniture inside to pull off the look.

Add a water filter close to the kitchen faucet and a kitchen utensil set on the countertops.


We love each and every one of these kitchen window ideas & we bet you do too! No matter which idea you run with, let your creativity flow just like light will through any of these wonderful windows.

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