31 Stylish Kitchen Peninsula Ideas

Your kitchen is a very special place and as such, it requires careful planning in its decoration. Several factors are usually considered when the layout of the kitchen is being chosen. Homeowners find themselves having to choose between a Kitchen Island and a Kitchen Peninsula.

Kitchen Islands are free-standing counter spaces, usually located at the centre of the kitchen. The advantage the Peninsula has over the Island is its space efficiency. They act as an extension of the kitchen while providing lots of room for storage and countertop space.

Here are some kitchen peninsula ideas you can incorporate in your kitchen.

1. The Modern Peninsula

The Modern Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

This Kitchen Peninsula idea is perfect for a modern home interior. It gives your kitchen that modern feel you’ve always wanted. It comes with a clear panel glass feature. In addition to this, it has fixture lights that highlight the white colour of the peninsula.


2. The Marble Top Peninsula

The Marble Top Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

If you love marble designs in your décor, then this amazing kitchen peninsula is perfect for you. It comes with marble counters that are paired with white cabinets. It includes a kitchen sink for easy access and use.


3.  The Compact Peninsula

The Compact Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

For a more compact kitchen, this Kitchen Peninsula idea would fit very well. It has all the necessary features that fit neatly into a small space. Knowing how useful range hoods are, this peninsula comes with one, fitted above the cooker.


4. All-White Peninsula

All-White Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

The colour white symbolises wholeness, purity and completion. Including white in your décor could mean that you take these meanings seriously.

This idea of an all-white peninsula is paired with silver decorations such as the range hood, the vase, the oven, the kitchen sink and the stoves. The silver colour makes the peninsula even more aesthetic.


5. The U-Shaped Peninsula

The U-Shaped Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

This is appropriate for a modern residential kitchen. Peninsulas come in varying designs and shapes. They can be adjusted to fit the shape your kitchen has. This U-shaped peninsula brings definition to the U-shaped kitchen.


6. The Dining Area Peninsula

The Dining Area Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

This is appropriate for those who do not want a demarcation between their kitchen and dining area. It provides you with the comfort of having your kitchen and dining area in the same place. That way, you can cook while entertaining family and guests. The addition of chairs or bar stools could complete this look.


7. The Minimalist Peninsula

The Minimalist Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Who said embracing minimalism was a bad idea? This modern, minimalist peninsula brings beauty to your kitchen. Its white and grey colours add to the aesthetics of the wooden details that come with it. A parquet flooring pattern blends in perfectly with this minimalist idea.


8. The Wooden Peninsula

The Wooden Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

This modern kitchen interior has employed the use of wood in its peninsula idea. Wood adds its own beauty to the décor of your kitchen. The placement of the appliances in this design makes it easy for you to access them for use. You’ll agree with me that this idea is amazing.


9. The J-Shaped or L-Shaped Peninsula

The J-Shaped or L-Shaped Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

The J-Shaped or L-Shaped peninsula is another design that the kitchen peninsula could come in because one of its sides is longer than the other. The design of the kitchen faucet used in this peninsula idea makes washing easy.


10. Peninsula & Refrigerator Design

Peninsula & Refrigerator Design kitchen peninsula ideas

This kitchen peninsula idea allows you to fix your refrigerator close to it. The position of the refrigerator in this idea not only allows for easy access but also less space is used in its execution.

The black refrigerator pairs well with the white design of the peninsula. The handles of the ovens could be used to hold your kitchen towels. Therefore, there is no point in getting a towel rack, which in turn provides you with even more space.


11. Spice it Up with Some Marble

Spice it Up with Some Marble kitchen peninsula ideas

You could never have too much marble. Marble tabletops have a sort of class that it adds to your peninsula design. This marble top is paired charmingly with all-white cabinets, a white range hood, tiled floors and silver appliances such as the refrigerator and oven.


12. Small but Mighty

Small but Mighty kitchen peninsula ideas

The size of your peninsula does not limit its use. This modest-looking peninsula can still be used for your cooking and washing, while its cabinets can be used to store your pots, pans, kitchen utensil sets, amongst others. This peninsula is proof that you do not need to break the bank before your kitchen can look incredible.


13. The Birch Peninsula

The Birch Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Birch is a slender hardy tree with thin, peeling, silver-grey or white bark. This tree yields a hard, pale wood and it has been incorporated in the creation of this magnificent design. The birch cabinets have golden handles which add to its allure. Marble has been employed in the creation of the peninsula’s top.


14. The Glossy Top Peninsula

The Glossy Top Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

This idea makes use of a cream coloured template in addition to a glossy, wooden top. The smooth and sleek top makes for easy wiping and cleaning. Its top provides you with easy maintenance.


15. Make Use of Pendant Lights

Make Use of Pendant Lights kitchen peninsula ideas

A pendant light is any light fixture that is mounted to the ceiling. They are usually suspended by a cord, chain or rod. They are capable of enhancing the ambiance of your kitchen and improving the value of your interior design.

This kitchen peninsula, with its white shaker cabinets, grey marble counters and high-end steel appliances look even more beautiful under the pendant lights.


16. The Beige Peninsula

The Beige Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Beige, a slightly yellowish-grey colour has been matched with dark colours in this kitchen peninsula design. The colours here draw attention to each other.

In other words, while the beige colour highlights the dark tones (such as brown), the dark tones, in turn, highlight the beige colour. Beige is a colour that is welcoming as well as brilliant for your design.


17. The Spacious Dining Area

The Spacious Dining Area kitchen peninsula ideas

Do you have a whole lot of space in your kitchen and do not know how to design it appropriately? You should check out this elegant peninsula style.

This design is perfect for your modern kitchen. Its white cabinets go hand in hand with the other arrangements in this dining area. The steel appliances are also perfect for this idea.


18. The White and Brown Peninsula

The White and Brown Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Brown as a neutral colour works well with this kitchen peninsula idea because it encourages you to use patterns and textures, that is, without it becoming a distortion. The use of a brown colour scheme combined with the use of white countertops and cabinets gives the peninsula a modern touch.


19. Stainless Steel Styled

Stainless Steel Styled kitchen peninsula ideas

Stainless Steel, being an alloy, makes it long-lasting and resistant to tarnishing. It can also preserve against water damages and rust. For these reasons, using stainless steel in the kitchen for appliances and design of your peninsula is recommended.


20. Add Some Plants for Aesthetics

Add Some Plants for Aesthetics kitchen peninsula ideas

This attractively designed white peninsula has been accentuated through lots of greenery.  The use of plants in your décor adds colour and freshness to it. It is a creative and cheap way to adorn your peninsula. The wooden bar stools and hanging lights also help accentuate its aesthetics.


21. Black Beauty Peninsula

Black Beauty Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Black, they say, is beautiful. This all-black peninsula is indeed a beauty to behold. The colour black allows you to employ several colours, patterns or designs in your idea. This peninsula has a ceramic stovetop, black wooden cabinets and bits of gold.


22. Accessorize with Utensils

Accessorize with Utensils kitchen peninsula ideas

A kitchen peninsula may seemingly appear boring without the appropriate accessories. This peninsula idea is made up of black cupboards with a wooden tabletop.

However, the use of the red kitchen utensil set, such as the pots, pepper shaker, pans etc, brought colour to the ordinarily drab-looking peninsula. This idea encourages you to use your utensils to adorn your peninsula.


23. The White and Gold Peninsula

The White and Gold Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

The combination of white and gold colours in this design is fascinating. The two colours compliment each other excellently well and selecting them as your colour pattern would speak well of you.

The white cabinets of the peninsula are given golden handles, while the pendant lights also portray these colours. The gold hue of the oven/cooktop does its best to balance out this design.


24. Make it Cozy

Make it Cozy kitchen peninsula ideas

The colour layout you choose for your kitchen, and in turn, your peninsula could repel or attract your family and guests.

The creamy white cupboards and brown countertop of the peninsula, against the grey walls, makes the kitchen comfortable and easeful. The inclusion of the seats adds to the coziness of the kitchen.


25. Style with Some Stools

Style with Some Stools kitchen peninsula ideas

The time when kitchens were just used for cooking has passed. Nowadays, kitchens are used to welcome and entertain guests, and for this reason, it is important that chairs or bar stools be incorporated in your design.

This idea allows you to carry on with your kitchen duties, while still having time for your family and guests.


26. Think Simple

Think Simple kitchen peninsula ideas

Sometimes, going simple in your décor could be the best choice. Choosing simple and straightforward designs for your peninsula gives you the opportunity to accessorize in any way you like. Also, simple ideas are sometimes more affordable if you’re working on a budget.

This kitchen has a dainty looking peninsula. The wooden ceiling and flooring match suitably with the wood design on the peninsula. Your kitchen’s design should be given due consideration before the peninsula is chosen. This can motivate your design.


27. The Brown and Cream Peninsula

The Brown and Cream Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Who knew brown could look so classy? This brown peninsula with its cream, marble top adds just the right amount of classy needed for your kitchen.

With a kitchen like this, your guests would probably find it difficult to leave.  Including some bar stools or chairs would make it easier for your guests to hang around and admire your kitchen.


28. The One-Wall Peninsula

The One-Wall Peninsula kitchen peninsula ideas

Peninsulas were traditionally either U-shaped or L-shaped, but these days, peninsulas could appear in just one file; the I-shaped peninsula, if you please. This idea could be propped up on just one side of the wall, providing you with more room in the kitchen.


29. Match with your Range Hood

Match with your Range Hood kitchen peninsula ideas

Range hoods are electrical devices used in the kitchen for sucking off any vapour produced during cooking. The range hood present in this design goes with the colour scheme of the peninsula. The white cabinets, black oven, black range hood and brown countertop blend together nicely.


30. Add Shelves for Elegance

Add Shelves for Elegance kitchen peninsula ideas

A shelf provides you with a surface for the storage and display of objects & other décor. They are an important part of style.

Using shelves in addition to the cabinets that come with your peninsula adds to its functionality and elegance. Be sure to use strong and sturdy materials for your shelves.


31. Colour Touches

Colour Toucheskitchen peninsula ideas

A splash of colour could really enhance things in your kitchen. Your colour could be from the cabinets, your utensils, carpets or rugs, picture frames, amongst others. So, involve some colour touches in your kitchen peninsula idea today.


The importance of a kitchen cannot be overemphasized. Apart from producing meals, the kitchen could serve several other purposes, such as the entertainment of guests or a dining area.

It deserves to be exquisitely designed, and interior design is a serious business. From choosing the colour scheme for your kitchen to choosing the appropriate kitchen peninsula, it can be tasking.

This article acknowledges this fact and has therefore provided you with a variety of kitchen peninsula ideas to choose from. What you need to do now, is to choose the style which works best for you.


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