31 Stylish Kitchen Hood Ideas

A kitchen hood, also called a range hood, is a device that sits above your stovetop. It contains a mechanical fan that can remove grease, fumes, heat, and smoke from your kitchen.

Many people I know have one and don’t use it because they don’t know what it is for. However, once you start using one you will never go back.

There are many reasons I say this. Kitchen hoods can make cleaning your kitchen much easier. Because they remove a lot of the grease that gets in the air, it doesn’t end up clinging to your kitchen cabinets.

When you’re cooking, it can get really hot in there, right? It makes sense that having a fan on would cool you down. Another benefit is that it lets the airflow out of the kitchen, reducing strong cooking smells.

To attain all these benefits and more, keep reading for a list of kitchen hood ideas for your kitchen.


1. Keep Tools Handy

Keep Tools Handy Keep Tools Handy

If you have a kitchen hood that hangs up much higher than your stove, you’re in luck. This means that you have space to add your most-used kitchen utensils hanging between your cooktop and range hood.

You have no idea how often this will come in handy. Need the spatula quickly so your pancake doesn’t burn? It’s hanging right there.


2. Glass

Glass kitchen hood ideas

A kitchen hood that features glass on it can be hard to come by. If you do find one, snap it up. The sleek look of glass will add a modern feature to your kitchen. They are uncommon but very attractive.


3. Lights, camera, action!

Lights camera action kitchen hood ideas

Ensure that whichever range hood you purchase contains powerful lights. This will help you see what you’re cooking more clearly at any time of day. Check what kind of bulbs they use and how to replace them too. There is nothing more annoying than when a kitchen hood bulb blows, and you can’t replace it.


4. Sliding

Sliding kitchen hood ideas

My last apartment had one of these sliding kitchen hoods – and I loved it! It was great because it tucks away neatly when you’re not using it. It took me ages to figure out what it because the design is so sleek and unobtrusive.

Simply pull out the front and the fan and lights flick on. As you can see, this one tucks away neatly under a cupboard rather than having an obvious pipe sticking out.


5. White Kitchen

White Kitchen kitchen hood ideas

If you’re looking for a way to change up your completely modern white kitchen, silver accents can be a gorgeous finishing touch.

Consider adding in a stainless-steel range hood to get this going in your kitchen. Pair with a matching kettle and kitchen sink and you’re good to go. Added bonus – your garbage disposal is sure to match too.


6. Elegant Options

Elegant Options kitchen hood ideas

It took me a while to see the kitchen hood in this photo because it is so elegant. It kind of looks like a lampshade rather than anything else. A range hood doesn’t have to be a big metal thing in the middle of your kitchen. As you can see, you’ll be able to find lovely options to suit any kitchen.


7. Add an Interesting Touch

Add an Interesting Touch kitchen hood ideas

The contrasting gold and silver on this one of a kind kitchen hood make it out of the ordinary. The clever kitchen owner here has paired it with a silver oven and gold pot plant to create a unique choice in matching kitchens.


8. Burnished Metal

Burnished Metal kitchen hood ideas

Stainless steel is not your only option for kitchen hoods. This burnished metal hood is something different that would look great in many kitchens. It pairs well with old, rustic style kitchens.


9. Kettle

Kettle kitchen hood ideas

If you own a kettle, consider placing it near your range hood. These can cart away steam as well as heat. Therefore, it can stop your kitchen from getting too hot and damp if you are often using your kettle.


10. Flat

Flat kitchen hood ideas

Not all range hoods are the chunky beasts that you often see. If you look hard enough, you will find many alternative options. One such option is a flat hood, like this one. It is slimline and sleek, making it a great choice if you don’t want it to be a focal point for your kitchen.


11. Industrial Size

Industrial Size kitchen hood ideas

Maybe you have a massive kitchen with a double oven. One normal range hood won’t cut it, so what do you do? Installing two would look ridiculous. Luckily, there are massive industrial-sized kitchen hoods out there. Try installing one of these in your kitchen.


12. Professional Installation

Professional Installation kitchen hood ideas

Have your kitchen hood professionally installed. I cannot suggest this strongly enough. They are not something that you can install yourself. It is definitely worth paying a professional to do it, so you don’t run into any trouble in the future.


13. Rectangle

Rectangle kitchen hood ideas

You don’t need a massive pipe sticking up into your ceiling, as this range hood proves. It is a minimal style of hood, just a sleek rectangle between the cupboards. It is barely noticeable and matches the other stainless-steel items in the kitchen perfectly.


14. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel kitchen hood ideas

Yes, most range hoods are stainless steel, so this is nothing new at all. However, the way the hood in this kitchen is presented is unique. By having everything else all in completely white, it allows the silver oven and kitchen hood to become the focus.


15. Disguise

Disguise kitchen hood ideas

This one is in disguise as a kitchen cabinet! It perfectly matches the surrounding kitchen cabinets to blend in inconspicuously into the kitchen. If you’re just not a fan of the look of kitchen hoods, this is the ideal selection for you.


16. Wall Feature

Wall Feature kitchen hood ideas

If you feel like your awesome kitchen hood just isn’t getting enough attention, try adding a wall feature behind it. In this kitchen, the owner has added some patterned strips behind the range hood so that all focus is drawn to that.


17. Copper

Copper kitchen hood ideas

Copper kitchen hoods are all the rage at the moment. But it’s more than just a trend, copper is here to stay. To highlight the look of your copper hood, you can also get some copper pots and pans and kitchen utensils.

These are easily found at any kitchen store. In fact, copper pans are recommended for cooking certain types of food, such as those which need boiling or sautéing.


18. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island kitchen hood ideas

Even if your hob is on a kitchen island, you can still add a kitchen hood above it. This kitchen has done this by suspending one from the ceiling above the cooktop. The silver matches the rest of the kitchen which ties in well. Have it installed professionally, and it will be safely suspended for you.


19. Rose Gold

Rose Gold kitchen hood ideas

This unique circular rose gold hob is quite unusual. It is suspended above a kitchen island and the large tubular look is almost industrial.

However, the rose gold makes it more modern and matches the other kitchen accents. Overall, it is a very effective look. Rose gold looks great when you put it with white or pinks that are the right tone.


20. Bring the Eye Down

Bring the Eye Down kitchen hood ideas

If you want to distract the eye from your range hood, try using a unique pattern on your cupboards to draw the eye down. This kitchen demonstrates this technique with the solid black line featured on a white cabinet. You could try using wall decals on the kitchen island for a similar effect. Perhaps a trim of butterflies or flowers.


21. Go Minimalist

Go Minimalist kitchen hood ideas

This kitchen hood looks pretty much like a silver shelf, that’s how minimalist it is. If you like a clean and sleek look, you might be a fan of this range hood style. The blue lighting in this kitchen gives an otherwise stark room a new twist.


22. Rustic Country Kitchen

Rustic Country Kitchen kitchen hood ideas

Maybe you have a country, rustic-style kitchen. It can be tough to source the right appliances that will look good without overly modernizing your kitchen.

This kitchen seamlessly blends the kitchen hood into the rest of the kitchen by using a matching color scheme. The wood trim is a nice touch to really blend it in with the surroundings.


23. Go Gold

Go Gold kitchen hood ideas

This simple gold pipe is stunning in its simplicity. Gold and navy are so gorgeous together and this kitchen combines the two flawlessly. They have even sourced matching gold handles for the cupboards.

The pipe coming out of the roof is a minimalistic take on the classic kitchen hood while still performing the same function.


24. Black

Black kitchen hood ideas

Want to start the search for a black range hood but think it’s impossible? It’s not. Here’s a classic example of a black range hood that looks great in a white kitchen.


25. Combine with Backsplash

Combine with Backsplash kitchen hood ideas

If you are looking for a style to blend seamlessly with a backsplash, try this all in one option. The range hood, backsplash, and oven look almost as though they are all connected.

A stainless-steel backsplash is very easy to clean as well. Just clean them all at once. Many people don’t clean their kitchen hood often and this can lead to buildups of grease. If you leave it too long it is extremely tough to get off.


26. Find One with A Flap

Find One with A Flap kitchen hood ideas

Some kitchen hoods are a flat panel that lifts up on an angle to start functioning. These are generally pretty streamlined to match the cupboards around them but also come in contrasting colors. This one is a great example of that. The rounded edges add a point of difference as well.


27. Black Metal

Black Metal kitchen hood ideas

This kitchen hood is an unexpected addition to the kitchen island. It is made interesting by the use of black metal to create structures that support its suspension from the ceiling.

If you do use black in your kitchen, make sure that you are working with an open and airy space. It will look better if you have white or pale walls. Otherwise, your kitchen can quickly become very dark. You don’t want it to feel like a cave!


28. Add Shelves

Add Shelves kitchen hood ideas

Most kitchens don’t feature a lot of wall space. With the high up cabinets and range hoods taking up space, it can be hard to know where you can add shelves.

Consider adding them above your oven and below the range hood. Why? As in this photo, it’s a good place to put any items you may use. For example, the potholder certainly is useful to keep as close to your oven as possible.


29. Bring the Sunshine Inside

Bring the Sunshine Inside kitchen hood ideas

If you’re feeling like your kitchen is a bit drab and dreary, you can add a bright color to liven it up. My color of choice tends to be sunshine yellow. It can brighten up even the darkest spaces.

In this kitchen, they even have most of the range hood painted yellow in an unexpected twist. If you’re feeling really adventurous, go bold with your crockery. Multicolored plates in pink, green and blue can look very cool with a yellow backdrop.


30. Matching Light

Matching Light kitchen hood ideas

You may like to think about finding a light to match your kitchen hood. Yes, it is possible. This kitchen shows how some creative soul has managed to find a light that is the exact same shape as the range hood. Hang it at the same height for a matching effect.


31. A Modern Twist

A Modern Twist kitchen hood ideas

In this kitchen, the metal circular range hood adds a futuristic touch to an otherwise retro kitchen. Pairing it with 70s orange was genius on the part of this designer. It looks very unexpected but fresh and modern at the same time.

Adding in lots of orange with white into your home can give it a cool old-style feel. But make sure you add modern touches as they have in this kitchen. Consider adding stainless steel appliances to update the space.

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