31 Unique Kitchen Gift Ideas – Kitchen Gadget Gifts for Mom

Are you stumped for gift ideas for mom’s upcoming birthday? Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift? Did you get invited to a friend’s housewarming party? We’ve all been there, and if there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that kitchen gifts work best for these scenarios.

To help you come up with gifts that will be well-used and loved instead of being shoved deep in the cupboard, we have gathered 31 of our favorite kitchen gift ideas.

We made sure we covered all the bases from beginner home cooks to wine experts and from manual to electric gadgets. We even added in kitchen staples often overlooked as gifts.


1. Kitchen Knife Block

Kitchen Knife Block kitchen gift ideas

Save your recipient the pain of buying individual knives by giving them a kitchen knife set in a stylish knife block. They come in a range of designs and colors, which make them great accent pieces in the kitchen.

Pick sets that have both kitchen shears as well as a kitchen knife sharpener to keep all kitchen cutting equipment in one space.


2. Cheeseboard

Cheeseboard kitchen gift ideas

If your gift is intended for a person who loves entertaining and is fond of inviting people over for dinner, then they will surely love getting a cheeseboard. You will never go wrong with cheeseboards as they are one of the few kitchen items you can never have too much of.

If you want that added personal touch to your cheeseboard gift, check out these tutorials on how to craft beautiful wooden cheeseboards from scratch.


3. Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels kitchen gift ideas

Whether a kitchen is big, small, traditional, or contemporary, they will need kitchen towels. Because they are used primarily to dry hands and dishes, it’s best to choose kitchen towels that are soft and highly absorbent.

Select sheets that have unique designs to earn a beautiful display spot in your recipient’s kitchen, instead of being stuck inside the cupboards.


4. Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker kitchen gift ideas

Cocktail shakers are great for people who enjoy their mixes from the classic martinis to the millennials’ cosmopolitans. If you’re not too familiar with these cocktail gadgets, have a look at this recent review of the best cocktail shakers currently out in the market.


5. Salt and Pepper Mills

Salt and Pepper Mills kitchen gift ideas

There’s no other spice used most in the kitchen than salt and pepper, which is why the countertop usually has salt and pepper shakers for easy access. Give the gift of stylish accessibility with wooden salt and pepper mills that are perfect accessories to any kitchen design.


6. Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer kitchen gift ideas

Digital thermometers are one of the kitchen tools you don’t know you need until you have tried using one.

They’re used to indicate if food is indeed cooked to proper temperatures, and are especially helpful in cooking roasts and steaks. If you want your tenderloin cooked to perfection the next time you have dinner at their place, the digital thermometer is the way to go.


7. Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale kitchen gift ideas

If they love baking or cooking intricate dishes that require accurate measurements, help them achieve error-free gourmet preparations through the gift of a contemporary kitchen scale.

Depending on how frequently they cook or bake, they may keep their kitchen scales on their kitchen countertops. So make sure to also consider the kitchen scale‘s aesthetics in addition to its functional specifications.


8. Indoor Kitchen Plants

Indoor Kitchen Plants kitchen gift ideas

Indoor plants for the kitchen are incredibly multipurpose. They do more than just sit pretty on the kitchen sink or by the kitchen windows.

First, they add flavor and aroma to almost every food (think herbs and citrus trees). Second, they add color and life to the kitchen. Finally, they purify the air circulating the room.

If you want to explore more about what indoor plant works best as a kitchen gift, head on to this YouTube clip detailing 15 plants that you may want to consider as a kitchen gift idea.


9. Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors kitchen gift ideas

If you think kitchen shears are the only pair of scissors you need in your kitchen, experienced cooks might tell you otherwise. Herb scissors make chopping herbs a breeze. Give them the gift of hassle-free food preparations with herb scissors such as this.


10. Air Fryer

Air Fryer kitchen gift ideas

Air fryers are increasingly gaining popularity these days because of the belief that air fryer prepared food is healthier than traditional deep-fried food.

Most air fryers come in the usual black, white, and stainless steel colors. However, they also come in bright colors, just like this bold orange air fryer, which is a great way to inject color into a monochromatic kitchen.


11. Ramekins

Ramekins kitchen gift ideas

Ramekins are serving-size glazed bowls made from different materials. Their relatively small sizes make them popular serveware pieces. And because they are intended to withstand extremely high temperatures, they are also favorite additions to bakeware collections.


12. Tablet / Book Stand

Tablet Book Stand kitchen gift ideas

Referring to recipes when cooking is nothing new to home cooks, regardless of how experienced they may be. A lot of people use their tablets for this purpose, but there are also a few who still prefer using cookbooks.

If you’re unsure if they use the digital or hard copy version of recipes, play it safe and gift them a stand that can accommodate both.


13. Electric Juicer

Electric Juicer kitchen gift ideas

Juicing is a viral health trend these days. You see so many juice bars cropping up these days, making it almost hard to keep up with the pace.

Juice extracts reportedly have a lot of health benefits, but buying freshly squeezed juice daily can be quite expensive. Giving a juicer not only encourages them to be healthy, but it also saves them a lot of money!


14. Reusable Straws

Reusable Straws kitchen gift ideas

Reusable straws made of bamboo, stainless steel, titanium, or glass are becoming a quick trend, and for a good reason.

In a bid to reduce the global plastic pollution problem, a lot of cafes and restaurants have limited, if not banned, their use of plastic straws. If you are after an eco-friendly kitchen gift idea that is useful at home and on-the-go, reusable straws could be the answer.


15. Reusable Beeswax Wrap

Reusable Beeswax Wrap kitchen gift ideas

In line with the reusable straws mentioned earlier, another kitchen gift idea is beeswax wraps. If you haven’t heard of them, they are eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic wraps.

Beeswax wraps are washable, and reusable food storage solutions made of cotton infused with food-grade beeswax.

They’re meant to last 6 to 12 months and are compostable and breathable, maintaining the freshness of food longer. They come in different designs and sizes, so you are sure to find one that will suit the character of your giftee.


16. Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter kitchen gift ideas

Are you looking for a kitchen gift idea for a wine enthusiast? We’ve just made your search easier. Wine decanters separate sediments formed in wine and also aerate the wine, supposedly making it more aromatic and flavorful.

Pick a wine decanter that has an artistic flair – it not only serves its purpose, but it will also steal the show at dinner parties.


17. Stand Mixer


Stand Mixer kitchen gift ideas

Stand mixers are heavy-duty alternatives to the standard handheld mixers. If you’re gifting a person who loves to bake and is fond of making bread from scratch, you can’t do better than stand mixers.

In terms of design, this kitchen appliance is perhaps the most adaptable. Did you know they come in different colors, like guava glaze to sea glass? We didn’t either until we saw this page featuring a variety of stand mixer colors.


18. Olive Oil Dispensers

Olive Oil Dispensers kitchen gift ideas

Also known as olive oil pourers, these containers with attachments control the amount of oil you dispense. It also prevents those drips along the side that you usually get when you pour olive oil straight from the bottle.

For best results, purchase an olive oil dispenser with a dark color as this apparently maintains the freshness of the oil longer.


19. Kitchen Aprons

Kitchen Aprons kitchen gift ideas

Do not underestimate the value of aprons in the kitchen. Aprons serve so much more than just protecting your clothing from being wet or getting dirty. Aprons double as kitchen towels, and depending on how many pockets they have, can also serve as kitchen utensil holders.

If the recipient is someone close to you, add sentimental value to your gift by personalizing the apron with photos, quotes, or even messages from you and other loved ones.


20. Spiralizers

Spiralizers kitchen gift ideas

Kitchen spiralizers are one of those tools you wouldn’t buy for yourself, but can’t stop using once you’ve tried it, which is what makes them a simple yet perfect kitchen gift idea.


21. Kitchen Utensil Set

Kitchen Utensil Set kitchen gift ideas

Kitchen utensil sets are perfect gifts for newlyweds or for those that are moving into a new home. They come in various materials from wood, stainless steel, silicone, aluminum, clay, plastic, glass, copper, and so much more.

There are really no strict criteria as to what a kitchen utensil set should contain. So, when picking a kitchen utensil set, take into consideration your recipient’s level of cooking and take it from there.


22. Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle kitchen gift ideas

When picking out mortar and pestles, ideally, the heavier, the better. The weight helps the process of grinding the spices or pastes better. Go for materials that would look good sitting on a kitchen countertop.


23. Cast Iron Saucepans

Cast Iron Saucepans kitchen gift ideas

Cast iron saucepans are great for cooking elements that require even heating. Contemporary cast iron saucepans come in beautiful bold colors so they can also be great decorative pieces to your recipient’s kitchen.

Because they are also heavy-duty, you can be sure that they will remain in their kitchen for years to come.


24. BBQ Set

BBQ Set kitchen gift ideas

We all know barbeque utensils are a mission to clean. Keep the daily kitchen utensil sets pristine by gifting a dedicated BBQ set to your grill-loving loved one.


25. Exquisite Placemats

Exquisite Placemats kitchen gift ideas

Exquisitely designed placemats not only protect the dinner table from damage, but they also add to the beauty of your table setting and make for fascinating conversation pieces at dinner parties.


26. Milk Frother

Milk Frother kitchen gift ideas

Has your recipient posted something about the new “Dalgona Coffee” craze? If so, spare them the agony of having to do the recipe-mandatory 400 manual whisks by getting them a milk frother.

It creates that viral coffee fluff over ten times quicker, and it also makes a beautiful milk froth for your daily latte.


27. Food Processors

Food Processors kitchen gift ideas

A food processor is the food prepper’s best friend. They come in varied sizes, so if you plan on giving it to someone with small kitchen space, go for the handheld and compact processors.

On the other hand, if they have a larger kitchen area and you don’t mind the extra spend, go for the bigger electrical food processors.


28. Cookbooks

Cookbooks kitchen gift ideas

Cookbooks make the perfect gift for someone learning to cook, but they are also great gift ideas for experienced cooks as long as you ensure the cookbook contains recipes new to them, or something they’ve always wanted to learn.


29. Fondue Set

Fondue Set kitchen gift ideas

A fondue set is a particular type of kitchen utensil set used primarily for creating cheese and chocolate dips. Don’t worry if your recipient is not familiar with fondue.

It is one of those gifts where they can have fun experimenting and mastering the fondue making technique themselves.


30. Double Wall Mugs

Double Wall Mugs kitchen gift ideas

These are fantastic gifts for lovers of drinks, hot or cold alike. The double-wall design keeps the temperature of your drink as it is for more extended periods.


31. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring Cups and Spoons kitchen gift ideas

If they love to bake, they will love having measuring cups and spoons, even if they already have their own. Go for materials that last long, such as stainless steel or wood, to ensure that your gifts outlast even the measuring tools already existing in the cupboard.


Have you found one that might be your perfect gift? Did any of our kitchen gift ideas inspire you to get one for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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