42 Popular Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Your kitchen is at the epicenter of family life. It is the very heart of the home. It’s the place where all meals are prepared from hurried bowls of cereal in the morning to delicious dinners as the sun goes down. That’s why extra care must be taken when decorating and styling your kitchen.

The farmhouse style of interior design is extremely popular these days because it exudes a sense of casual relaxation, understated elegance and pays tribute to the simple things in life.

Here are 40+ farmhouse kitchen ideas that will inspire you. Ready to get those interior designer juices flowing?


1. Luxurious Farmhouse Kitchen

Luxurious Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Starting off our list of farmhouse kitchen ideas is this stunning space that is the very definition of luxury.

Modern chandelier lights, marble countertops, a sleek induction cooktop and a mini-feature wall all make this design nothing short of award winning. Small touches like the curved kitchen faucet and wooden cupboards help drive home that farmhouse feel.


2. Elegant Farmhouse Kitchen

Elegant Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Of all of the farmhouse kitchen ideas you’re about to discover, this kitchen is one of our absolute favorites. Simple, yet oozing with elegance. We’re in love with the detailing behind the stovetop.

The marble countertops provide ample space for your kitchen utensil set and other accessories. Pendant lighting helps this design sing. The beautiful pop of duck egg blue on the kitchen island is the perfect finishing touch.


3. Modern Open Plan Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Open Plan Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This modern take on a farmhouse kitchen is as stunning as it is simple. We love how various design aesthetics are used here.

The exposed beam-style ceiling detail, open shelves and clever usage of wooden elements all lend a hand in achieving a modern farmhouse kitchen design. Interesting pendant lighting, a large rug and bar-seating complete the look perfectly.


4. Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen

Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This beautiful space manages to be minimalist without feeling sparse, cold or clinical. Hanging bulbs are covered by a simple clear glass shade while the kitchen faucet seen here is elegant and nods to the farmhouse theme.

But the beauty of this room would have to be the incredible barn doors that take this design to the next level. This space manages to be perfectly farmhouse and minimal at the same time.


5. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for traditional farmhouse kitchen ideas look no further than this. This rustic interior embodies the farmhouse style in an easy, comfortable and charming way.

An abundance of natural wood is used in this design and a classic range hood helps this room appear bigger than it actually is. This design brings with it open-shelving, pendant lighting and plenty of counter space.


6. Two-toned Farmhouse Kitchen

Two-toned Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

We cannot get enough of this truly spectacular space. This two-toned farmhouse kitchen uses stark white and striking black brilliantly. Its exposed beam ceiling, use of multiple lighting styles and unique approach to shelving is an interior designer’s dream.

No finishing touch could be as appropriate as this gorgeous black and white striped rug. We detect a slightly French feel, but that’s just us.


7. Country Farmhouse Kitchen

Country Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

How can one not instantly fall in love with this charming, quaint and cozy farmhouse kitchen? A stunning pale blue color palette coupled with the traditional wicker-basket island and rustic dining table are winners.

The range hood and delicate feminine touches lend this design an air of subtle romanticism. The finishing touch is the open shelving filled with mementos and kitchen accessories.


8. Futuristic Farmhouse Kitchen

Futuristic Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Filled with linear design elements, stark white and bubble-like pendant lights—we could very well be looking at the future of farmhouse kitchens right here.

White marble counters, white cupboards and smooth slate gray wall tiling lend this space a futuristic feel. Sleek appliances are strategically placed to further this futuristic design.


9. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with a Traditional Feel

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen idea with a Traditional Feel

If you like farmhouse kitchen ideas that are a harmonious blend of modern meets traditional, you’ll love this next kitchen. Dark wooden elements perfectly complement the stark white used throughout this kitchen’s design.

Traditional barn-style bar stools rim around the paneled kitchen island while sleek stainless steel appliances lend a modern hand to this design.


10. Scandinavian Farmhouse Kitchen

Scandinavian Farmhouse Kitchen idea

This stunning Scandinavian farmhouse kitchen is nothing short of a treat to the eyes. The color palette is a trio of whites, grays and beech.

A long farmhouse dining table, unique lighting, range hood and induction cooktop all make this kitchen what it is. A barn-style pantry door and dedicated wood storage shelf help this space achieve its status of fantastic farmhouse kitchen.


11. Shabby Chic Farmhouse Kitchen

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This gorgeous farmhouse kitchen simply screams shabby chic. Bare brick walls, open shelving and various wooden design elements are simply stunning.

A much-needed pop of color is provided by the pale blue pendant lights and accessories like the toaster, oven mitts and kitchen towel hanging over the oven’s handle.


12. Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

We simply had to include a traditional design in this list of farmhouse kitchen ideas. An abundance of space for hanging utensils as well as under-bench storage is presented by this old-school design.

The floor is made from natural stone and the workbenches are all made with reclaimed wood. This traditional space is truly accessories galore! Admittedly, this style isn’t for everyone but we love it.


13. Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Who says the old and the new cannot work together? This kitchen design certainly proves otherwise. An ultra-modern kitchen faucet and stunning usage of white cabinetry achieve perfect balance with the antique glass-paneled wood cupboards.

The white wall tiling and shiny marble countertop helps to further soften the effects of the wood.


14. Craftsman Meets Farmhouse Kitchen

Craftsman Meets Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Deep, dark wooden tones sing through the kitchen’s design while a white counter provides relief. Modern appliances blend in beautifully with the elements of reclaimed wood, rustic bar stools, a traditional kitchen sink and a unique window frame.

We love how instead of removing the old telephone pole the designer worked around it—and the results of this decision are beautiful.


15.  Sophisticated Farmhouse Kitchen

Sophisticated Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Are you looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas that are synonymous with sleek, stylish and sophisticated? Look no further than this awe-inspiring modern farmhouse kitchen.

Shaker-style cabinetry is paired with an induction cooktop and double-door fridge. Marble countertops, gray brick tiling and a double kitchen sink make this design what it is.


16. Apartment Farmhouse Kitchen

Apartment Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Don’t think that just because you live in an apartment that these farmhouse kitchen ideas don’t apply to you.

This farmhouse kitchen design is perfect to implement in apartments, studios, bachelor flats and smaller houses. It’s all about the usage of black marble countertops, plenty of cupboard space and white, white, white!


17. Luxurious Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen

Luxurious Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This interpretation of farmhouse style lends a luxurious feel to a traditional farmhouse kitchen design. This kitchen is a white oasis with small splashes of color.

The legs of these barstools tie in perfectly with the dark hardwood flooring. What we love is that the fridge is concealed behind cabinetry—does it have a water filter or an ice dispenser? We’ll never know.


18. Classically Designed Farmhouse Kitchen

Classically Designed Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Are you looking for classic, understated farmhouse kitchen ideas that you can incorporate into your existing design scheme? You may just have found it in this stunning design.

Stark white cabinetry with black accents help this space feel classic yet modern as well as farmhouse yet chic. The kitchen trash can is hidden away from sight behind cupboards as is the refrigerator for a clean, clutter-free appearance.


19.  French Farmhouse Kitchen

French Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This space is a thing of beauty. Distressed wooden cabinetry, naked brick walling and the clever usage of shutters make this French-inspired interior is one of the most interesting farmhouse kitchen ideas around.

The traditional kitchen island provides plenty of storage space for crockery while the marble countertops offer plenty of space to house your kitchen scale and other frequently used accessories.


20. Open Plan Provincial Style Farmhouse Kitchen

Open Plan Provincial Style Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

How is it possible that one room exudes such a quiet confidence? As far as farmhouse kitchen ideas go, this one is up there with the greatest.

This kitchen manages to achieve softness with its curved furniture and plush bar stools, yet harshness with its structured light fixtures & linear range hood. We adore the effect that the multi-tone wooden flooring has on the space.


21. Angular Farmhouse Kitchen

Angular Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This farmhouse kitchen proves that you can truly use every angle of your kitchen to hone in on that desired farmhouse style.

The oak wood flooring is highlighted by the exposed shelving and barstools while the rest of the kitchen is covered with stark white—resulting in a perfectly balanced room. The angled corner of this kitchen has been turned into a coffee nook which we love.


22. Transitional Farmhouse Kitchen

Transitional Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This transitional farmhouse kitchen is perfect for those who have hefty storage requirements. If ever there were an optimized farmhouse kitchen, it’s this.

Every inch of space can be used as a worktop and you’ll never have to worry about where to store items like your kitchen scale ever again. Ashwood, sleek stainless steel and terrific usage of tiling all form part of this kitchen’s color palate.


23.  Ambient Farmhouse Kitchen

Ambient Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Never underestimate the effect that clever lighting can have on your interior.

This farmhouse kitchen is elevated to an ambient space flooded with warm lighting. Beautiful hues of white, gray and green provided by fresh pots of herbs is the color palette that works surprisingly well with the bright wooden flooring.


24. Accent Focused Farmhouse Kitchen

Accent Focused Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

For many people, farmhouse kitchen ideas are all about the accessories. And this next kitchen speaks perfectly to this. Open shelves, linear spaces and stark white provide the perfect backdrop to highlight your most prized accessories & utensils.

Keep your surfaces white and stick to one accent color. Make sure that everything from your kitchen scale right down to your kitchen trash can matches to properly achieve this look with aplomb.


25. Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This kitchen ticks all of the boxes. Open shelf storage, hanging storage and cupboard space all come hand in hand with this marvelously rustic vintage farmhouse kitchen.

This kitchen is a true testament to the beauty of wood. Contrasting the wooden elements is a black kitchen faucet as well as black accents on the white paneled cupboards. Plus, how adorable is that black chalkboard?


26.  Subtle Farmhouse Kitchen

Subtle Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

If you’re looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas that merely nod to the style, consider this simple barn-inspired interior.

While it doesn’t immediately scream farmhouse kitchen, take a look at the smaller details such as the farmhouse kitchen sink and the barn-door inspired woodwork on the kitchen island. Pendant lighting and clever wicker touch further cement the gentle farmhouse feel.


27. American Farmhouse Kitchen

American Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This American farmhouse kitchen is a wood-lover’s dream. Everything about this design sings the praises of wood and its natural beauty.

All sorts of different types of wood are used to achieve this look and even the walls are painted with woody colors. The simple lighting is complemented by the eye-catching utensils hook.


28.  Grayscale Farmhouse Kitchen

Grayscale Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

We feel relaxed just looking at this grayscale farmhouse kitchen, don’t you? It’s simply stunning. This design is achieved through various shades of gray, a range of light fixtures and a paneled kitchen island on which a traditional kitchen sink is housed.

The pantry door is a combination of barn-door meets bank vault door and we couldn’t love it any more than we do now.


29. Industrial Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

Industrial Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

You won’t often find industrial designs featured in farmhouse kitchen ideas because the two design aesthetics seem so far removed from one another.

While this design teeters more on the industrial side as opposed to the traditional farmhouse side it is nonetheless fabulous. Raw, exposed bulb lighting coupled with seamless cabinetry and intricate cable work make this design stand out.


30. Open Plan Luxury Farmhouse Kitchen

Open Plan Luxury Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

We can’t get enough of this open plan farmhouse kitchen design. Various design aesthetics have been utilized to achieve this striking look from industrial touches to craftsman finishes.

Everything in this room, from its charming wood-framed windows to its industrial looking bar stools work together in perfect unison.


31. Quaint Farmhouse Kitchen

Quaint Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Every inch of this tiny kitchen is utilized perfectly, which is an old-school farmhouse principle in itself. A soothing color palette is achieved thanks to the usage of multiple soft-stained woods and the legs of the island provide the splash of color this room would otherwise cry out for.

The finishing touches include fresh herbs, baskets and a proudly displayed kitchen utensil set.


32. Casual Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

Casual Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This casual farmhouse kitchen has a vintage feel about it, don’t you agree? We adore the long pendant lights, exposed shelving and the wonderful kitchen window seat incorporated in this design.

The color palette of blues, greens, whites and natural wood tones are a visual delight. We also love the exposed beam ceiling, colorful accessories and the effortlessly chic throw rug.


33. Cheery Farmhouse Kitchen

Cheery Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Who doesn’t love a splash of sunshine yellow in their kitchen? If a bright, cheery farmhouse kitchen is what you’re after take a look at this bespoke kitchen design.

The walls are washed with a beautiful shade of yellow that complements the gray and white elements echoed throughout this kitchen. The cabinets feature stunning detailing and we love the incorporated plate holder.


34. Charming Farmhouse Kitchen

Charming Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

We just adore the usage of pale blue in this charming farmhouse kitchen design. This color is a brilliant match to the white walls and flooring. We love the simple nature of this design that places a focus on functionality. The cabinetry work is also marvelously understated.


35. Simple Farmhouse Kitchen

Simple Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This simple farmhouse kitchen proves that you don’t need to go all out. A classic kitchen faucet, a simple wooden kitchen island and range hood help this kitchen feel truly farmhouse style. The key to achieving this look lies in the accessories.

Exposed shelving and innovative wall storage rack will allow you to perfectly display your go-to gear like your kitchen knife sharpener and Instagram-worthy crockery collection.


36. Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This farmhouse kitchen is the perfect representation of modern meets rustic. We love everything about this design.

Its shiny white finishes, variants of lighting and black countertops achieve its modern feel while its rustic island, hardwood rugged flooring & large oriental rug add a whimsically rustic touch.


37.  Retro Farmhouse Kitchen

Retro Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

No roundup of farmhouse kitchen ideas would be complete without a retro design. This farmhouse kitchen design features a discrete in-counter garbage disposal panel, open shelving, traditional cooktops, a range hood and beautifully retro mini-tiles on the walls.

A wonderful combination of wood and marble help solidify this as a retro space.


38. Modern Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

How beautiful is this farmhouse kitchen that exudes a combination of modern meets industrial? We love it.

Its long bench seating, kitchen sink and range hood ensure this room remains farmhouse in nature while its marble countertops & pendant lighting lends this kitchen a modern, almost industrial, feel.


39. Country Farmhouse Kitchen

Country Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

This farmhouse kitchen would fit in any country style home. The combination of poplar wood and stark white cabinetry is heavenly. We also love the silver element that runs through various elements of this design from its accents to its kitchen garbage disposal and lighting.

Overall, we absolutely love this modern rendition of the country farmhouse kitchen.


40.  Small Farmhouse Kitchen

Small Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

Again proving that you don’t need to live in a mansion to implement these farmhouse kitchen ideas in this small farmhouse style kitchen.

Soft wooden elements are present all throughout this kitchen’s design which fit in seamlessly with the sleek modern appliances. Wall hanging space and an induction cooktop make this kitchen as practical as it is pretty.


41. Simplistic Farmhouse Kitchen

Simplistic Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

We’re in awe of this strikingly simple farmhouse kitchen design. No frills, no fuss—just understated beauty. This kitchen design just proves that all you need to achieve farmhouse status is an induction cooktop, accessories, shelf space, seating and a keen eye for farmhouse design nuances.


42.  Modern Pastel Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Pastel Farmhouse Kitchen ideas

What better way to end our list of farmhouse kitchen ideas than this? This beautiful interior approaches farmhouse style with the utmost respect. Hues of white, pale mint green and gentle pine flooring make this kitchen a haven.

A unique take on barn lighting, traditional kitchen sink and plenty of natural light make this a wonderful environment to cook up a storm.



And there you have it: a roundup of 42 of the most beautiful farmhouse kitchen ideas that will match any design aesthetic you have in mind.

We’ve covered absolutely everything from marvelously modern farmhouse kitchen ideas right down to farmhouse kitchen ideas that don’t stray too far from what the kitchens of the yesteryears looked like.

We hope you feel well and truly inspired to turn your kitchen from a place of pure purpose to a place of functional beauty. Which of these farmhouse kitchen ideas will you be implementing? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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