31 Eat-in Kitchen Ideas that Will Excite You

An eat-in kitchen allows you the luxury of cooking your food without having to transport it to another dining room. The close proximity makes for a stress-free, intimate, and risk-free dining experience.

Surely, we must’ve seen too many incidents of trays and bowls getting accidentally broken while being carted off to a separate dining room.

Eat-in kitchen ideas range from simple countertops that match the sheen of your cooktops to lovely upholstery made to fit into a larger kitchen. Below are 31 eat-in kitchen ideas to make your cooking and dining experience a magical one.

1. Double deal pleasure

Double deal pleasure eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen boasts of two eat-in kitchens– A round table with seats that match the cosmopolitan whites of the kitchen, and bar stools on the countertop. The latter can serve for a quick bite in the kitchen while the round table makes for more exquisite dining.


2. Cozy Center

Cozy Center eat in kitchen ideas

These wooden tables and chairs are centred in the kitchen and contrast beautifully with the white cabinets. The kitchen utensil sets are steered away from that epicenter, taking their place in the cabinets. Additionally, there’s not a garbage disposal or kitchen trash can in sight. How cozy can it get?


3. White Kitchen Luxury

White Kitchen Luxury eat in kitchen ideas

These white stool bars with a white leather cover are the perfect fit for a smaller kitchen without sufficient space for a complete dining set. The fresh bowl of fruits obscuring the kitchen faucet is a nice touch that adds zest and colours to the sterile white.


4. Minimalist Elegance

Minimalist Elegance eat in kitchen ideas

We are reminded of the beauty of small things with this really petite but artsy table with the basket style seats.

Put away your kitchen utensil set, knife sharpener, kitchen shears and other cooking objects and grab a cup of coffee, because an eat-in Kitchen of this type can also serve as the perfect spot for a little chit chat with a friend.


5. Super Rustic Setting

Super Rustic Setting eat in kitchen ideas

Rustic farmhouse styles will always appeal to that side of you that yearns for country life. The exposed wooden beam ceilings and the black furnished wood on grey may add to the authenticity of the idea.  See the bar stools under the countertop. Amazing, right?


6. Natural Luxury Defined

Natural Luxury Defined eat in kitchen ideas

Spice up your eat-in kitchen with these communal table-style chairs. The different colours and pendant light make for a wonderful dining experience.

Homegrown flowers beside your kitchen metal scale, the aroma of food filling your nostrils and the comfort of a well designed eat-in kitchen with great seat paddings? That’s one way to define luxury.


7. Create Your Private Bar

Create Your Private Bar eat in kitchen ideas

This high stool bar with seats and a colored counter adds an artistic statement to your kitchen. Grab a seat and water purified by a suitable water filter and have a drink. This style is wonderful for creating a mini bar in your own home. It’ll fit well for having friends over, or small birthdays.


8. Something to Catch Your Breath

Something to Catch Your Breath eat in kitchen ideas

This Scandinavian interior boasts of a dining table with chairs, coloured cabinets and low hanging lights. The low hanging lights are reminiscent of the range hood over the induction cooktop. The symmetry of it all creates an architectural beauty that is difficult to overlook.


9. Well Lit Eat-in kitchen

Well Lit Eat-in kitchen eat in kitchen ideas

The extra lighting that is present in this eat-in kitchen bounces off the cute chairs and complements the perfect finish of the wooden dinner table. Your dining is at the center of the room, which means no barging into the kitchen equipment and supplies.


10. Polished Peak of Enjoyment

Polished Peak of Enjoyment eat in kitchen ideas

This is a combination of long table and chairs to create a real, cool bond between diners. Large overhead lamps lighten up the room to create a bar atmosphere that is great for drinks and talks. Plates and bowls can be kept in the wall cabinets above.


11. Nice and Easy

Nice and Easy eat in kitchen ideas

The Scandinavian style is all about simplicity and elegance. Everything, including the kitchen towel, is carefully selected to achieve its overall beauty.

The use of neutral colors of white, grey and black with touches of green revs up the endearing aura of nature and home. The utensil set can be placed within close proximity for easy use.


12. Black and Brown Sleekness

Black and Brown Sleekness eat in kitchen ideas

The modernity of this design is a point of attraction in this style. Enjoy the sleek and suave combination of rich black and brown to make a welcoming atmosphere that has you gawking.

Ever fancied eating super hot food? This design helps you to achieve quick service keeping everything within reach so you can grab and serve as soon as you want.


13. Nature-View Kitchen

Nature-View Kitchen eat in kitchen ideas

An amazing view is everything. In this kitchen, you are sure to have your best times with the amazing view that looks right outside! With everything properly stored in place, you can enjoy the view and you can enjoy your mealtimes.


14. A Mix of Practical and Sleek

A Mix of Practical and Sleek eat in kitchen ideas

Cheerful colors? You’re welcome home. If you want, you can have your utensil set in full view while the table looks right over a thoughtfully designed kitchen area. The dining stools can tuck conveniently under the table. See? Easy peasy to manage and enjoy.


15. Large Table, Large Comfort

Large Table, Large Comfort eat in kitchen ideas

The large kitchen slab is the centre of attraction. It can hold a stylish basket where you can place bread and goodies.

The kitchen trash can is out of your view and you can concentrate on your well-arranged kitchen while munching on something to eat from the goodies bowl. It is easy to wipe down with your kitchen towel for easy cleaning.


16. Smart and Creative

Smart and Creative eat in kitchen ideas

If you’re pressed for space or you just want something really creative, this design is for you. Run the kitchen work table, kitchen sink and kitchen faucet in a smart U-design.

There’s room for you to use your kitchen shear, induction cooktop and kitchen knife set. Then there are also avenues to feed family & friends in your eat-in kitchen with plates full of food for enthusiastic eaters.  It’s genius.


17. Nothing Short of Stylish

Nothing Short of Stylish eat in kitchen ideas

Your set of overhead bulbs drop right down to lighten up your dining table. Place your water filter at a strategic position for ease of access and enjoy your time in the kitchen. The dining chair with convenient backrests makes the meal a combination of nutrition and rest.


18. All-Round Perfection

All-Round Perfection eat in kitchen ideas

Your tabletop is a long tempered glass slab that brilliantly reflects the design on your wall. Everything is perfect with a working range hood that overlooks your induction cooktop.

The nice floor tiles add the finishing touch of sparkling grace and create a peaceful atmosphere that suggests that all is well with the world.


19. Nature Attraction

Nature Attraction eat in kitchen ideas

The novelty of this kitchen makes it stand out. A combination of rustic and modern. You can feel like you’re embraced by nature and in touch with the forest. Meals are easy to grab and the kitchen trash can can be tucked in a corner where you won’t be bothered.


20. What’s your pleasure?

What's your pleasure eat in kitchen ideas

This kitchen has a counter reminiscent of a bar with high chairs to match, and yet, with the finesse, it could also pass for the central kitchen area of a small restaurant.

Whether your preference is drinks mixed with discussions or a dash to the kitchen to get a quick bite from the cook, this kitchen is tailored to suit your every need.


21. The Elegance of Simplicity

The Elegance of Simplicity eat in kitchen ideas

Simple is not always classless or plain. The kitchen is bathed in pristine white and features a flawless silver kitchen faucet and a range hood. The sleek high chairs complement the wide counter and make this an eat-in kitchen like no other.


22. Family Friendly

Family Friendly eat in kitchen ideas

Space is not an issue for the design of this eat-in kitchen, and this alone makes the kitchen an attractive prospect. Throw in the artfully designed bar stools and the minimalist appeal of the counter table and you have a design worth a second look or third.


23. The Art of the Snazz

The Art of the Snazz eat in kitchen ideas

There are quite a number of spots that bring out the snazz in this kitchen; the kitchen faucet just below the window,  (fancy doing the dishes and looking out through that window), the transparent chairs that sit by the counter and also the sheer length of the kitchen counter means more room for other kitchen equipment & utensils.


24. Breakfast before the School Bus is gone

Breakfast before the School Bus is gone eat in kitchen ideas

The kids finally have an eat-in kitchen designed for them. The school bus won’t have to wait because the kids won’t be able to resist a cereal and milk breakfast at this kitchen, and neither will you.

The kitchen is artfully designed. There are two counters, one for the cook and one that sports three chairs. The furniture fittings for the eat-in nook should be suited to be comfortable enough for the kids to use. This eat-in design is essential for the kids and should be designed as such.


25. A Kitchen for Every Space

A Kitchen for Every Space eat in kitchen ideas

We get it; you have a small apartment, and maybe you’re thinking an eat-in kitchen may not be possible. However, this design is space friendly and can accommodate your needs just fine. The presence of a small kitchen does not mean you have to forego your taste for nice things, yes?

Tucked in very nicely, this kitchen features a plant where a lesser-spaced kitchen might have sported garbage disposal, and it also features an induction cooktop.


26. The Eat-In Expanse

The Eat-In Expanse eat in kitchen ideas

Decked in brown with ample room to spare, this kitchen wouldn’t look out of place either in a restaurant or a condominium. It features a fairly long stretch of counter space that also includes a vast range of other kitchen equipment.

The sleek counter is supported by four bar stools in a demonstration of capacity.


27. The Cozy and the Captivating

The Cozy and the Captivating eat in kitchen ideas

Whatever white means to you, this kitchen’s design ensures that captivating is part of it. The deliberate arrangement of two chairs at the counter echoes the saying that “three is a crowd”.

On the other hand, the relative ease of access of the cook to the kitchen island suggests a coziness that most kitchens simply cannot manage.


28. Designed for Love

Designed for Love eat in kitchen ideas

A simple table for two by the window. Either you’re empty nesters or you have not even begun at all, this design will be great to bond at meal times! Items you don’t need can be stored away in the wall cabinets, and of course, it’s great that you can move this dining set around.


29. Perfect Simplistic Blend

Perfect Simplistic Blend eat in kitchen ideas

What’s so special here is that everything blends. Nothing peeks out of the design to put you or any of your fellow diners off.

You can also move this set around to turn your back on the kitchen sink or to be closer to the water filter. It’s a minimalist style with very smooth attention to detail.


30. Ease in Paradise

Ease in Paradise eat in kitchen ideas

How would you like it if your kitchen faucet is right where you can wash your hands as many times as needed during a meal? Every other thing is hidden away in the hardwood cabinets and you can enjoy a great view of the outdoors while you eat.


31. White is Bright

White is Bright eat in kitchen ideas

This Colombia style kitchen will remind you of sparkling white lights that are friendly to the eyes.

The little white chairs are stationed right beside the induction cooktop whose secondary function is to ensure the targeted dispersion of heat so as to leave the kitchen feeling cool, outside of the area of the oven.

A Final Note

There is no rule that says you can’t move things around and shake things up to perfectly suit your taste. These eat-in kitchen ideas will give you a wealth of options to choose from or inspire more creative ideas that will give you your best dining experience yet. Happy dining!

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