Beer Classes

The Beer Classes at The Cannibal Hell's Ktichen

-Saturday, April 18th - Are wheat there yet? Germany vs. Belgium vs. America
-Sunday, April 19th - Beer 101

-Saturday, April 25th- Say what? Saison, it’s on and on.
-Sunday, April 26th-Beer 101

-Saturday, May 2nd- Belgian Abbey Ales- Blondes and Trippels
-Sunday, May 3rd- Beer 101

-Saturday, May 9th- Belgian vs. American; Stylistic differences between Old World vs. New World
-Sunday, May 10th- Beer 101

-Saturday, May 16th- British Invasion
-Sunday, May 17th- Beer 101

-Saturday, May 23rd- Is that Brettanomyces you have or are you just a sourpuss?
-Sunday, May 24th- Beer 101

-Saturday, June 6th- East Coast vs. West Coast, Hip and Hop wars
-Sunday, June 7th- Beer 101

-Saturday, June 13th- Excuse me sir, is that fruit in my Beer?
-Sunday, June 14th- Beer 101