Beer Classes

Who loves beer more than we do? No-one that’s who. It runs deep in who we are, it’s what we do.

We want to share that passion, we want everyone who comes into The Cannibal to love, appreciate, and understand our delicious frothy obsession just as much as we do.

So starting soon, every Saturday and Sunday, at The Cannibal Hell's Kitchen, we’ll be hosting two different styles of beer classes. Both glorious...

The first will focus on breaking down the world of beer from the very beginning, starting with the basics: what beer is, the brewing process, and will cover the more usual styles of beer.

The second class will focus on a specific style of beer and will feature in depth discussions on the nuances and characteristics of that particular style.

Classes will be led by our Beer Directors of The Cannibal, Bill Brooks and Julian Kurland. Because they love food as much as they love beer (never let beer hear you say that), they'll be providing snacks too.


All classes start at 3:30pm and run until 5pm. The cost is $35 per person. Please call Emily at 212.685.5585 to reserve your spot, or email

  • Saturday, April 18th - Are wheat there yet? Germany vs. Belgium vs. America
  • Sunday, April 19th – Beer 101
  • Saturday, April 25th - Say what? Saison, it’s on and on.
  • Sunday, April 26th - Beer 101
  • Saturday, May 2nd - Belgian Abbey Ales- Blondes and Trippels
  • Sunday, May 3rd - Beer 101
  • Saturday, May 9th - Belgian vs. American; Stylistic differences between Old World vs. New World
  • Sunday, May 10th - Beer 101
  • Saturday, May 16th - British Invasion
  • Sunday, May 17th - Beer 101
  • Saturday, May 23rd - Is that Brettanomyces you have or are you just a sourpuss?
  • Sunday, May 24th - Beer 101
  • Saturday, June 6th - East Coast vs. West Coast, Hip and Hop wars
  • Sunday, June 7th - Beer 101
  • Saturday, June 13th - Excuse me sir, is that fruit in my Beer?
  • Sunday, June 14th - Beer 101