Group Dining & Feasts

The Road Garden
European-inspired cobblestone leads you to our garden.  Vintage beer garden tables are just as good for snacks and for conversation as they are for a full-blown feast.  Open to views of the Empire State Building, the garden still remains secluded.  In winter, enclosures keep out the cold.  The garden seats 40 guests, and can be booked for brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

Food & Beverage Packages
$25 per person – Available Sat & Sundays 10:00am – 4:00pm

Plated dining: (required for parties of ten or more)
-Set two-course menu with two appetizers, and three entrees served family style
-Unlimited Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, coffee, juice $15 Per Person Supplement  

$30 per person – Available Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Plated Dining:  (required for parties of ten or more)
-Set three course menu with two appetizers, three entrees, and dessert served family style
-Beverage Package including Wine, Beer, & Spirits $35 & $65  

Charcuterie & Beer (oh we serve wine & spirits, but don’t tell anyone).  $55 per person

-This is a two-hour event that includes a chef selection of Charcuterie & Small Plates, unlimited draft beer, and wines by the glass
Plated Dining:  $55 per person (required for parties of ten or more)
-Three Courses selections from charcuterie, small plates, meats, vegetables, & Cheese
-Beverage Package including Wine, Beer, & Spirits $35 & $65  
Large Format Feast: (available for 8-40 people, requires at least one week advance notice)
-Three Courses 10-12 preparations out of the animal including every bit from head to tail. 
-Beverage Package including Wine, Beer, & Spirits $35 & $65  
Sunday Dinner Daily (available for 4-6 people requires at least two days notice)
-Set three-course menu Prime Rib – NEED INFO dessert plated family style.
-Beverage Package including Wine, Beer, & Spirits $35 & $65  
- Sunday Dinner Daily is a new program from The Cannibal beer and butcher.  Prime Rib is just the first in a series of new Large Format Feast’s by our new Executive Chef Preston Clark. So grab a few of your friends and join us any night of the week for this American classic. This serves four to seven guests and can be ordered with just 24 hours notice.